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The Best Stove Locks for Seniors With Dementia

The Best Stove Locks for Seniors With Dementia

Controlling access to the stove might be necessary to decrease the chance of a kitchen fire. Use these stove locks for seniors with dementia to lock out the stove or turn it off completely in the event of an emergency.
Scott Grant, CSA®, SHSS®
Scott Grant, CSA®, SHSS®
Scott Grant, CSA®, SHSS®

Scott Grant, CSA®, SHSS®

With over 20 years of experience and certifications as a Certified Senior Advisor (CSA)® and Senior Home Safety Specialist (SHSS)®, Scott Grant provides reliable recommendations to help seniors maintain independence through informed product and service choices for safe, comfortable living.

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Best Stove Locks For Seniors
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Cooking causes 172,900 household fires per year in the United States alone . Older adults are at greater risk of dying in house fires. Indeed, fires are the sixth most common cause of death for seniors in the U.S.

If you care for a senior citizen and are worried about their safety in the kitchen, you’ll be glad to hear that there are several simple things you can do to make cooking a safer activity for those with dementia .

These stove locks help reduce the risk of a kitchen fire for seniors. Some are ‘smart’ locks that will shut off the stove if a fire is detected, while others prevent seniors from accidentally activating the stove while leaning against the front of the stove or reaching for items at the rear of the stove.

The Best Stove Locks and Stove Shut-Off Devices

Consider installing a set of stove locks for seniors with dementia to give yourself peace of mind that your older loved ones are safe in their kitchens.

FireAvert Automatic Shut-Off Device for Stoves and Microwaves

1. FireAvert Stove Fire Prevention Lock

from $124.99

This is our top pick for stove safety, being a smart lock that will shut off the gas or electric stoves if a fire is detected.

The lock has a 30-second delay on it, which is enough time for someone to clear any smoke if they’ve accidentally burned some sausages, but still fast enough to stop a fire from getting worse if they’ve left the stove on and went out to run some errands.

The idea behind the FireAvert stove lock is simple. If something does catch fire on the stove, this lock will turn off the heat, letting the fire burn itself out without getting worse.

This is an affordable, easy-to-use option for people who want peace of mind that if something goes wrong, the stove’s power will be cut off quickly without the seniors needing to take action themselves.

Gas Stove Baby Proof Knobs Locks (6 Pack), Aukfa Child Proofing Oven Knob Lock – No Tools Need(Red)

2. Stove Stoppaz Universal Kitchen Stove Knob Locks

as of 02/29/2024 1:10 pm

These simple stove locks are designed to prevent the stove from being accidentally turned on if someone leans on it or accidentally “plays with it.”

They’re primarily aimed at parents who want to child-proof their home, but they may also be useful for seniors who find that they lean against the stove while moving around the kitchen.

Stove Stoppaz is simple to operate, assuming that the person cooking has sufficient dexterity to manipulate them. The downside of these is that they only offer protection from accidental stove operation. They do not ensure that the stove is deactivated in the event of a fire.


3. Knob Stopper

The Knob Stopper is another good choice for stopping the accidental operation of the stove.

Unlike the Stove Stoppaz, which requires some manual dexterity to operate, the Knob Stopper uses magnets to hold the ‘blockers’ in place, so it’s easier to operate and may be good for seniors who do not have strong grips.

Again, this prevents the stove from being activated by accident, it doesn’t help with the issue of someone falling asleep while they’re cooking or forgetting to turn the stove off when they’re done.

As a low-tech, simple solution, it’s a great starting point for kitchen safety for seniors with dementia.

Simple Touch 2-Piece Combo Pack 30 Minute Auto Shut-Off Saftey Timer & Multi Setting Auto Shut-Off Timer

4. SimpleTouch Auto Shut-Off

as of 02/29/2024 1:10 pm

This safety outlet is designed to automatically shut off the stove (or other appliance plugged into the outlet) after 30 minutes.

It’s easy to use, simply requiring a push of a button to turn on the appliance. This auto shut-off switch can be used with small stoves (up to 1000W) and allows them to run for 30 minutes before they will automatically switch off.

The features of the unit are limited. It can only operate for 30 minutes at a time and won’t power a full-sized, high-powered stove.

However, it is simple to install. All the user has to do is plug it into an outlet and then plug the appliance into the shut-off unit.

It’s also inexpensive. This can offer a temporary fix if you save up for a more sophisticated safety appliance.

Wallflower Smart Plug Converts Electric Stove Into A Smart Oven: Smartphone App, Connects Stove To WiFi, Smart Home WiFi Plug Alerts You If You Forget To Turn Off Stove Or Leave Home With The Stove On

5. Wallflower Smart Monitor

This smart device allows the owner to monitor the status of the plug/appliance remotely using a mobile app.

The monitor connects to the household WiFi connection and allows the user to check whether the device is pulling power. This means they can check whether the stove has been turned off, even if they’re no longer at home.

It’s important to note that the monitor can only send out alerts; it does not allow the user to control the appliance remotely. This is a frustrating oversight for many reviewers, especially given the comparatively high price.

This can be a good choice for those who want the peace of mind that they can double-check that the oven is off while they’re out of the house.

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Keeping the Kitchen Safe for Seniors

Making sure that the stove doesn’t get accidentally turned on, or left on, is an important part of kitchen safety, but it’s not the only thing that seniors and their loved ones should be thinking about.

Ensure the kitchen is properly equipped with a smoke and carbon monoxide detector. If the stove is gas-powered or the property has a gas supply for any other reason, consider getting a detector that can also pick up gas leaks.

Every kitchen should also have a fire extinguisher and, ideally, a fire blanket and a well-stocked first aid kit as well.

Talk to the seniors in your life and impress upon them the importance of having these things and keeping them in a good state of repair, replacing anything that gets used immediately.

It is common for fire extinguishers to be supplied in rented accommodations, but they are something that homeowners frequently forget about.

With proper care, thought, and implementation of stove safety tips, you can keep the kitchen a safe place for the senior citizen in your care, allowing them to retain their independence and stay in the community, avoiding the need to move to assisted living accommodations.

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Scott Grant, CSA®, SHSS®

Scott Grant, CSA®, SHSS®

With over 20 years of experience and certifications as a Certified Senior Advisor (CSA)® and Senior Home Safety Specialist (SHSS)®, Scott Grant provides reliable recommendations to help seniors maintain independence through informed product and service choices for safe, comfortable living.

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  1. Lonnie Janszen

    We have a propane kitchen stove with electric spark to work. How do I prevent him from unplugging the stove which will cause the gas to leak. This has happened before.

    • Scott Grant

      Hi Lonnie! If the stove uses a standard 110 3 prong plug, look for a “locking outlet” that will keep the plug from being removed. This will have to be installed in place to the current outlet so you might need to consult an electrician. Hope this helps!

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