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Some Of The Best Vacations With Little Walking Required

Some Of The Best Vacations With Little Walking Required

Travel needs change as we age. These vacations with little walking required still offer new places to visit without having to walk much. Plus, there are opportunities to rest.
Best Vacations With Little Walking
Best Vacations With Little Walking
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Just because you have reached your glory years doesn’t mean the fun has to stop. In fact, your senior years can be some of your best.

While it’s true, many forms of traveling will require you to have optimal mobility, there are plenty of ways to enjoy travel with little walking required.

You know what your current walking challenges are but you might not know how much walking is expected at your destination.

Plus. I’ll give you some options of the best vacations with little walking required.

Best Vacations With Little Walking Required

Cruises Offer Lots of Options For Seniors with Mobility Problems

senior couple posing in front of a cruise shipPin

A cruise is a top options for those that are looking to travel to different places without having to worry about constantly moving around and walking.Many cruise lines offer various accessibility features that can accommodate guests with all kinds of disabilities including seniors with limited mobility.

However, you do want to look ahead of time to ensure that you are choosing a cruise line that has the right accessibility features that you or your loved one requires. Many of them rent mobility scooters and wheelchairs with advance reservations.

Any cruise that departs from a U.S port is required to adhere to the Americans with Disabilities Act. So, you’ll find that most them are really accommodating to those that can’t walk far.

Disney Cruise Line offers a lot of accessibility features that can really help those with limited mobility. Plus, other popular cruise lines like Royal Caribbean and Princess Cruises are also good choices and gifts for those that want to travel and experience a cruise.

See the Many Accessible Attractions in Las Vegas, Nevada

las vegas strip at night from abovePin

Believe it or not, but Las Vegas is one of the best places to travel as a senior who is not looking to walk a lot while on vacation.

Vegas is an incredible place to experience at any age. Vegas has excellent accessibility ratings at its attractions – from the museums to fountains at the Bellagio. There are plenty of benches scattered around the city where you can rest if needed.

Ideally, if you are going to head to Las Vegas, you should consider checking out a complete family all inclusive resort. There, you’ll be able to have everything that you need in close proximity. This includes everything from fantastic dining experiences to hanging out poolside.

The Accessible Beaches of San Diego

San Diego Beach and Pier

San Diego is another excellent option for those that want to take a vacation without a lot of walking required.

There you’ll find some of the most stunning beaches you will find anywhere. Plus, there are free beach wheelchairs that you can use at just about every one of their beaches. Many of the main attractions in the San Diego area also have accessibility options.

San Diego offers a lot of mobility friendly options. You can really enjoy yourself while you are out in the sun at the accessible beaches. Or, you can take in any of the many accessible attractions like the Birch aquarium, the Fleet Science Center, or famous San Diego Zoo.

No need to constantly worry about walking around or even moving around.

Daytona Beach, Florida With Little Walking Needed

daytona beach with hotels in the backgroundPin

This is another excellent place to visit if you are looking to come up with a vacation that you can have fun with that won’t require a lot of walking.

The atmosphere incredible with palm trees and windy beaches. And, the many of the beaches are accessible too. There are accessible ramps to the beach and surf chairs at no charge throughout the city. The boardwalk and pier are mobility friendly too.

But Daytona offers a lot more things that you can do without having to walk around a lot.

There are also a lot of little cafes you can check out while you are out and about. Plus, just about every place you will find has tables and benches to take a rest. As always, the malls offer good accessibility options too.

Train Journey Offer Vacations With Lots of Rest Breaks

amtrak train in Santa Fe stationPin

This is another great option to consider for either yourself as a senior or your older loved ones.

A train trip can offer an extremely fun and rewarding adventure for those that don’t want to have to walk around a lot during the trip.

Criss-cross the US on an Amtrak train trip. The entire experience offers incredible dining opportunities, bedroom suites, and just about everything else that you would want to find in a relaxing and exciting vacation.

Best Vacations With Little Walking Required Summary:

There are plenty of things to do and places to see when looking for vacations with little walking required.

You don’t have to end your adventurous spirit simply because you’ve become older (and wiser). In fact, when you are older with more time, it can be considered the perfect time to explore the world and reflect on your life and get excited about seeing new things. Just because you might have a hard time moving around doesn’t mean the fun has to stop.

There are plenty of places to see and things to do that won’t require you to move around like you were 20 again.

A cruise is easily one of the best options to consider. Simply because you can go see different places and have new experiences with virtually no walking required. Because the entire cruise experience is designed to keep you entertained while on-board, it can be a great place for seniors to really enjoy their vacation without requiring a lot of walking or moving around at all.

Do you have other suggested vacations with little walking? Please share in the comments below and share this post on your favorite social media too!

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  1. I disagree with you regarding Vegas. Just getting from the hotel room to the body of the casino takes a lot of steps and then getting thru the casino to the outside is like doing a triathlon for someone who has a bad foot or leg. My GS ended up renting a motorized contraption for me but the crowds were so thick that I had a difficult time getting around. Also, there was only one taxi that could transport the scooter so we waited a long time coming and going. That was my first and only time for Vegas. I would like to go back but it was too hard and cut into my enjoyment to the point of pointless. However, if all you want to do is sit at a machine I think walking would not be an issue.

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