What Are The Best Wallets (and Wallet Alternatives) for Arthritic Hands?

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These wallets for seniors with arthritis help reduce the pain associated with removing a stuffed wallet out of a tight pocket. I have also listed several alternatives to wallets that you might want to consider too!

What Are The Best Wallets for Arthritic Hands
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While there’s a lot of wisdom that comes with aging, there are certain parts of aging that aren’t quite as sweet. For many of us arthritis is going to become part of daily life to some extent. Whether from genetics, “walking off” injuries and not caring for ourselves enough when were young and felt invincible, or from just the long-term affects of living long enough, arthritis can make once simple things difficult and that can make life extremely frustrating.

For men, the fact that opening a wallet (or even putting on a belt) can cause a flare up often comes as a surprise. This isn’t the type of thing that is often talked about and such a simple action that they’ve done since early years as a teenager can be really frustrating and bring home a lot of sadness.

And who has time for that?

The good news is that there are some excellent options when it comes to finding good wallets for arthritic hands that are friendly to arthritic fingers. There are also some great wallet substitutes that work well and don’t have the stigma of “man purse” or “fanny pack,” which if you don’t give a flip about what other people think, are both good options.

Best Wallets and Wallet Alternatives for Arthritic Hands

The following are six of the best options for those men who feel the need for an arthritis friendly wallet.

Timberland Men’s Blix Slimfold Leather Wallet

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If the traditional wallet design is a must then the Blix Slimfold from Timberland is a great option. This is made from genuine leather which feels good on the hands in addition to looking good, features a clear plastic window that makes it easy to see a license or ID without having to remove it, and it is bi-fold which is definitely what you want when looking for a wallet that is easy on arthritic hands.

The slim setup also means you need to be picky about what gets stuffed in the wallet and that means less pressure on the wallet and on the hands every time you pull out your wallet. If you simply can’t go with a non-traditional design, or just refuse to, then you want a very high quality leather bi-fold wallet and this one if the prime example of an outstanding option.

Leather Messenger Bag

Admit it: deep down you want to pull off the Indiana Jones look. No shame in that.

One of the best ways to circumvent the problem of arthritis that steals away dexterous fingers is to avoid wallets that require a lot of finger movement. The leather messenger bag has been incredibly popular with students not only because it looks good but it is an easy way to carry around laptop, notebooks, phone, wallet, purse, etc.

In other words, there’s plenty of space in the inside which includes open interior pockets where you can place a billfold, a money clip, or even just have some open cash since that is in the inside of the bag. The bag looks good, and has that feeling with being inspired by Harrison Ford’s satchel in Indiana Jones.

This is a great alternative option to a wallet and is incredibly great gift for people with arthritic hands. Excellent option.

Otto Angelino Leather Envelope Style Wallet

These are wallets that use the envelope style of setup, which along with bi-fold is far more friendly to the hands than a tri-fold. While these won’t be the first choice of everyone, and they are a bit unconventional when it comes to color/style, these are potentially a great option.

The envelope style makes it easy to open, easy to access all the interior pockets, and is minimalist in design which means you take the time to decide what you really need to carry and what you don’t.

This means less weight, easier carrying, and less pressure when unfolding the wallet. This means a lot less pressure on your hands. For men who need to carry a lot more around, this won’t be the best option but it is an excellent arthritis friendly option.

MALEDEN Sling Bag & Shoulder Backpack

Why deal with a hard to grab wallet that stretches out your fingers or knuckles when you can go with a shoulder backpack or sling bag that takes away that pressure? The zippers are extra large and easy to open for all three compartments. There is plenty of carrying space here, in fact more than what you can possibly hope for with a simple wallet.

This can provide all the needs that a wallet covers while also offering more carrying capacity in a model that is also chronic pain friendly.

In other words, this is a potential winner all the way through.

See Best Purses for Arthritis for more information.

Maxpedition BFW Bi-Fold Wallet

Going back to the more traditional wallet option, the BFW bi-fold wallet from Maxpedition is made from a soft nylon material that is soft to the touch yet durable. These wallets will help you carry around anything you need while taking it easy on your joints.

While these might look a little bit flimsy at first glance, don’t let that appearance fool you. These are built to last and will hold up to the beating of everyday use just as well as any conventional bi-fold wallet and better than most tri-folds. A very good option for individuals who appreciate what non-conventional options bring to the table but also really want more of a conventional wallet.

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In Conclusion

You have a few options when it comes to finding a great bi-fold wallet or alternative that is easy on arthritis while still getting the job done. Each of these helps ease the pain while giving all the utility and functionality that a man expects from a good wallet. These are excellent options and show that arthritis doesn’t mean the end of a good wallet.

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