Tub Transfer Bench: What Is It And What Are Its Benefits?

A tub transfer bench is an extended shower chair that sits both inside and outside of the bathtub that makes getting in and out easier. Here are more benefits of using a tub transfer bench.

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What Is Tub Transfer Bench
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Tub transfer benches are among many bathroom safety devices that help persons with disabilities and mobility issues take a bath. Bathroom safety devices prevent slips and fall that could have serious consequences.

However, the wide variety of bathroom safety devices can be a bit confusing. Continue reading to find out more about the tub transfer bench and the benefits it offers. You can check out our guide to the best tub transfer benches here.

What Is a Tub Transfer Bench?

A tub transfer bench is a long shower chair helps persons with limited mobility get in and out of bathtubs by giving a sturdy base for the user to sit on before sliding into position.

It allows the user to first sit on the bench and safely turn and enter or exit the tub with ease. It’s also known as a transfer chair or shower bench.

Benefits of a Tub Transfer Bench

Adding a tub transfer bench to the bathroom enhances the bathroom’s safety and helps simplify the showering experience for seniors with mobility challenges. Here are some other benefits.

1. Reduces Slip and Fall Risk in Bathtub

Tub transfer benches eliminate the need to step over the tub’s edge, which can be risky. They come equipped with anti-slip sitting surfaces and rubber stops fitted on the legs of the chair.

Combined, these features ensure that the transfer bench remains firm and steady at all times, guaranteeing the user’s safety. This safety improvement helps reduce the risk of falls and slips further while using the bathtub.

2. Makes Showers More Comfortable

The loss of flexibility and stiffness through the waist, hips, and back make it difficult for seniors to stretch, get over the bathtub, stand for long, and many other issues. It, therefore, makes taking a bath uncomfortable.

A tub transfer bench, however, goes a long way in adding to senior comfort when showering. Sitting on the tub’s chair while taking a bath allows seniors to release pressure from their backs and joints and delight in a more comfortable experience.

what is a tub transfer bench eases
A tub transfer bench eases the process of getting in and out of the bathtub.

3. Eases the Process of Getting In and Out

Bathrooms contain many hard and slippery surfaces that are enough to intimidate most seniors when showering.

Luckily, a tub transfer bench chair allows the user to safely lower and lift themselves whenever they wish to take a bath. When combined with a grab bar, transfer benches ease the process of getting in and out of bathtubs.

4. Provides Support for People With Mobility Problems

If you have ever experienced back pain or had difficulty with movement, you will understand the risk of taking a shower without safety aids. Unfortunately, seniors have to contend with this daily.

However, having a tub transfer bench in the bathroom takes the weight off you and provides much-needed support when taking a bath.

5. Helps With Bad Balance

For persons unable to maintain their balance when standing, convincing them to get into the tub may become a source of quarrels and fights. How do you avoid the exhaustive back and forth?

Get them a tub transfer bench and see the immediate difference. Tub transfer benches work miracles as they come fitted with rubber stoppings that help seniors maintain their balance while making a splash.

Final Thoughts

Safety in the bathroom is critical when you need to accommodate seniors. The installation of a tub transfer bench offers this and many more benefits to ensure that they are comfortable and enjoy a delightful experience at all times.


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