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How Do You Wipe Someone on a Bedside Commode?

How Do You Wipe Someone on a Bedside Commode?

It is important to ensure that your elderly loved ones are adequately taken care of at all times. So keep reading for helpful tips on how to wipe someone on a bedside commode correctly.
Wipe Someone On Bedside Commode
Wipe Someone On Bedside Commode
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Elderly care isn’t always easy, but it’s an important part of making sure older family members are properly taken care of and can live with as much dignity and respect as possible.

Bedside commodes are toilet chairs with a bucket underneath (sometimes out in the open, sometimes hidden in furniture) that can become important for elderly individuals with limited mobility.

If you’re an at-home caretaker for someone, then learning the proper way to care for someone when using a commode and cleaning them after using a commode is very important.

How To Wipe Someone on a Bedside Commode

Proper wiping is important for good health and cleanliness. If you are caring for someone who is using a bedside commode, you will need to know how to properly wipe them.

Here are some tips to help with this very important care.

1. Make sure to wear gloves. This is very important for sanitary reasons.

2. You need to use something soft and gentle like a wet cloth or wet wipes. Avoid anything that can be grating, harsh, or abrasive to sensitive skin.

3. If the patient in care is female, wipe from front to back.

4. If the elderly individual has diarrhea, additional cleaning may be needed to help.

5. Help the patient back to bed.

6. Clean out the commode’s bucket.

7. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water after wiping the person.

Serious care needs to be taken to make sure the person is fully cleaned and wiped for health reasons to prevent infection and other serious issues. Take extra care after someone has pooped in a bedside commode.

By following these tips, you can help ensure that the person you are caring for stays clean and comfortable.

Another option is to use the bedside commode in the shower if it fits. Then, you can spray off the perineal area with a handheld shower head which is a bit easier than repeated wiping.

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As they stand up, make sure you hold onto the person securely for steady support.

Help Someone Off a Commode Safely

If you are helping someone off a commode, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

First, make sure that the person is in a comfortable position and can support themselves before attempting to stand up. The commode should still be locked into place, allowing it to stay in place even as the person moves.

Second, use your legs to lift the person rather than your back. This helps you to give all the support that the individual needs while also helping you to prevent injury.

Finally, be sure to hold onto the person securely as they stand up, as they may be unsteady on their feet. By following these tips, you can help make sure that both you and the person you are helping stay safe and comfortable.

This is an important part of the process to make sure that the living conditions are in the best possible shape for the patient.

More information on how to clean a bedside commode can be found here.

In Conclusion

Cleaning someone fully after commode use is an important part of elderly care, whether at an assisted living facility or helping them live from home.

Doing this as part of care is important and taking care of the patient professionally is important to allow them to maintain the dignity and respect they deserve at that stage in their life.

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