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Helpful Apps for Seniors Looking to Make New Friends

Helpful Apps for Seniors Looking to Make New Friends

In order to thrive, healthy social relations are important to each individual regardless of age. Here are the best apps for seniors who are looking to make new friends and acquaintances.
Apps For Seniors Looking Make New Friends Featured Image
Apps For Seniors Looking Make New Friends Featured Image
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It has been estimated by the National Institute on Aging1 that three out of every 10 seniors in America live alone — that’s more than 13.8 million people.

While there is absolutely nothing wrong with the elderly maintaining their independence, it is equally important to fully understand the importance of socializing for seniors and the risks of neglecting this important human activity.

In the following article, we will take a closer look at the importance of socializing for seniors, and how seniors can use these social apps as advanced ways of making new friends and acquaintances.

Why is Socialization Important for Seniors?

Humans are social beings. Our earliest ancestors created strong bonds with their communities, and this allowed us to survive our harsh environment and conquer the planet.

Modern science and research have done much to establish the importance of society on the individual and vice versa.

Despite a considerable amount of evidence that highlights the importance of being around others, elderly people tend to be more alone than most.

A study2 performed by the UCSF Geriatric Division observed that over 43% of seniors are likely to experience loneliness — even though only about 18% live alone.

The important takeaway here is that humans rely on healthy social relations for their capacity to survive and thrive. However, seniors have a strong tendency toward isolation and can suffer the associated risks.

Your senior relatives must remain proactive about being engaged. Here is where technology has arrived with some valuable solutions for seniors looking to remain social.

The Best Apps for Seniors to Make Friends

One of the best ways to get social is to join a club or society where there are plenty of interactions and new people to meet. But this can sometimes be hard if you live in a rural area or simply prefer to stay at home.

So, here are a few social networking solutions that can allow you to begin establishing valuable relations with people near and far.

apps for seniors to make friends StitchPin
Stitch is a dating app for seniors that connects its users through their similar interests.


This is a dating app designed for seniors looking to spark a new relationship. Stitch focuses on helping seniors find companionship rather than love and romance.

Connecting through similar interests, seniors can find a companion with whom they will share travel, events, interests, hobbies, activities, and, who knows, perhaps even love and romance.


This app was designed to allow seniors to make connections with their more tech-savvy friends and relatives of the younger generations.

Tapestry is not designed to meet new friends and spark romantic relations, although who knows what can happen when two like-minded people connect through a social media channel.

Rather, it was made to allow seniors a highly-intuitive platform with a simplistic interface through which they can connect with friends and family to share pictures, talk about life, and share posts.


For those who will not “go quietly into that good night,” the party goes on and on on this lively social connection for the young at heart.

Silversurfers is an entertaining and engaging place where seniors can take part in forums and chat rooms and make connections with like-minded individuals.

There are many communities where you can post your poems, photos, stories, and more.


What could be better for grandparents than hooking up with other grandparents to swap tales, tips, and yarns?

Gransnet is a platform filled with resources on the art and science of healthy elderly living and many other topics as well. Some forums and communities provide valuable support for many aspects of life as a grandparent.

Senior Chatz

Are you ready to make friends and have relations with people in far-off lands? Senior Chatz is a platform designed for chat rooms and allows you to connect to a community of elderly folk from across the world.

There are plenty of opportunities for high adventures and even travels as you learn about a new culture, practice new languages, and discuss the topics of the greatest importance for those born in the 40s, 50s, and 60s.

Best Apps to Make Friends Locally

While meeting people online is fun and can do much to decrease a sense of loneliness, meeting up with people face-to-face is an even better way to fully engage the mind, body, and senses in your interactions.

Here are some sites that allow you to meet people in your local community that can potentially lead to personal engagements.


For those older folks looking to make friends in their local community, Meetup provides a very straightforward directory of events and activities organized by genre, time, and location.

When you need a good reason to get out of the house and meet someone new, take a chance of a lifetime and set off in a new direction. Or look for things you are interested in and meet up with people who think and enjoy life like you.

Meet My Dog

Nothing can bring two people together like a common friend. Thus, it is only logical that our canine companions can help their human counterparts meet the right kind of people for them.

Dogs are highly social, friendly, intuitive, and perfect for breaking the ice and making a natural connection with other people. Besides, who can resist an invitation to the dog park?

This app is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

apps for seniors to make friends NextdoorPin
Nextdoor aims to support the local community and culture.


This community-based social networking app allows you to make connections with people in your local area. The objectives of Nextdoor are to support local culture, community, and even economy.

If you are looking to get involved in creating a stronger and healthier community, there is an opportunity for you here. Currently, this app offers services in over 11 countries, and the number is increasing.


Looking to make a romantic connection with people in different locations. This is the ultimate dating app for the 40+ age bracket.

DateMyAge allows singles of all ages to make connections by reading about each other’s lives and viewing photos and other posts. Users can also connect through chat and video calls. Keep in mind that this is not a FREE app.

Safety Tips for Seniors Using Social Apps

Dating is always fun and can lead to wonderful encounters. But if you think that in the golden years there are no risks involved, think again. Being elderly makes a person a prime target for villainous activities.

Here are some ways you can keep yourself or your aging relative safe while they explore new relations.

  • Virtual Date – always begin with a virtual date where you can see the person and get a feel for their nature. Beware of anyone who avoids video chatting.
  • Stick to a Plain Backdrop – don’t provide too much information on who you are or what you are doing. Use a plain backdrop for your video calls.
  • Meet in Public – never meet someone in the privacy of their home. Meet in a public place where you can enjoy the safety of numbers. Furthermore, don’t let anyone drop you off or pick you up at your home unless you really trust them.
  • Safety Buddy – if you will be meeting up for a date, always let a safety buddy know where you are and where you will be. Then, make plans to check in with each other at certain times during the date.
  • Know Your Limits! – never drink too much, as being inebriated can place you in a vulnerable situation. Your primary objective is to get to know each other, so you need to stay sober but relaxed to do this properly.

Final Notes on Apps for Seniors to Make Friends

Seniors need to remain engaged in their social circles and community to remain happy and healthy for the remainder of their years.

If you feel that loneliness could be an issue for yourself or certain elderly relatives that you know, consider using a technological solution. But use these apps carefully, and always remember to apply intuition to making new relations.


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