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How to Adopt an Elderly Person for Christmas (Make Their Holiday Season a Little Brighter)

How to Adopt an Elderly Person for Christmas (Make Their Holiday Season a Little Brighter)

Make a huge difference in an elderly person's life and take advantage of programs such as the Adopt-a-Senior Organization or the Be a Santa to a Senior program. You can also create your own care packages for seniors, bake treats for them, and offer companionship by visiting facilities regularly to spend time with the seniors.
How To Adopt An Elderly Person For Christmas
How To Adopt An Elderly Person For Christmas
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Have you thought about adopting an elderly person for Christmas? When you adopt a senior for the holiday season, you are doing a wonderful thing for someone who could use the extra help.

It is quite common for elderly people to feel like they are alone. They might not have many friends or family members that can visit them at the nursing home.

When you decide to adopt a senior, you can ensure this person receives special items from the heart. Different programs make it easier and more convenient for people to adopt the elderly for Christmas.

The Adopt-A-Senior Organization

The Adopt-A-Senior organization lets seniors know that people care about them and want them to feel special. If you want to make an elderly person feel good while putting a smile on their face, you can donate $50 to the organization.

When you donate this amount of money, one senior will receive a special gift on their birthday and several gifts during the holiday season. You can even have a special card attached to the gifts with a sweet message inside.

Donating to the organization is something you can do when you want to make a senior’s day. Unfortunately, many elderly people that are living in nursing homes do not receive regular visits from loved ones. Their loved ones may be deceased or live too far away to visit.

When they are not receiving calls or visits, seniors start to feel depressed, but you can bring some happiness into their lives by donating to the organization and adopting a senior for the year. You can always adopt more than one senior if you have extra money.

Be a Santa to a Senior Program

Most seniors live on a fixed income and cannot afford more than the necessities, such as food, toiletries, and housing costs. These individuals may request certain items just like the rest of us. If they do not have loved ones who can purchase these items, they may never receive them.

However, you can ensure that several seniors get some of the items on their Christmas lists this year by participating in the Be a Santa to a Senior program. The program is fun and enjoyable for everyone involved.

When you participate in the program, you will select a bulb from the Christmas Tree. The bulb will contain a list of items that a senior has on his or her wishlist. You can purchase the items on the list and then drop them off in the donation box, where they will be wrapped and handed over to the senior who requested them.

It is a great way to anonymously provide a gift to a needy senior who could use a bit of extra help during the holiday season.

giving the perfect gift to an elderly manPin

Create Care Packages for the Seniors

Aside from the two convenient programs that will make it easy for you to donate to seniors during the holiday season, you can do several things on your own.

For example, you can create care packages for several seniors living in your neighborhood. Not sure what to include in these care packages?

These are a few great items to give to the seniors:

  • Scarves
  • Bags of chocolate
  • Blankets
  • Socks
  • Books
  • Puzzle books
  • Gift cards

You can collect these items, place them in a basket, and then wrap the basket with the holiday gift wrap. Seniors that receive these baskets will appreciate the thought that went into them. They can put these items to good use.

Along with the items mentioned above, you can come up with other great ideas to add to the basket for the seniors. You might want to ask several seniors about the specific things they want or need for Christmas because that will help you figure out what else you should add to the gift baskets.

Bake Tasty Treats and Hand Them Out

If you are a good baker, you might want to prepare some of your favorite treats and then bring them to a nursing home or assisted living facility where the seniors can snack on the items during the holiday season.

You can choose from all kinds of tasty treats to prepare for the elderly, including:

  • Apple pie
  • Pumpkin pie
  • Strawberry Cheesecake
  • Chocolate chip cookies
  • Gingerbread cookies

While these are some great ideas, you can bake anything that you believe the seniors will enjoy. It shows that you care about them and want them to enjoy Christmas and the full holiday season.

When you put in the effort to bake treats for these individuals to eat as a snack, they will feel loved and happy.

Offer Companionship

If you have time to volunteer at a senior living facility, you can become a companion to many of the elderly people that live there. You do not always have to donate money, gifts, or food because your time is just as valuable.

If you take the time to visit these seniors, have conversations with them, and engage in activities with them, it will make them feel good. When a senior does not have anyone that visits, knowing that you are there to make them laugh and talk to them will improve their mood and reduce some of their feelings of loneliness and sadness.

Summary and Final Recommendations

You can adopt an elderly person for Christmas and make their holiday season special. Unfortunately, many seniors do not receive visits or calls from their family members, which means they will often feel lonely.

If you would love to have the opportunity to make a huge difference in someone’s life, you can take advantage of some of the available programs, such as the Adopt-a-Senior Organization and the Be a Santa to a Senior program.

Along with using these programs to contribute to seniors, you can create care packages for seniors, bake treats for them, and offer companionship by visiting facilities regularly to spend time with them.

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  1. Frank esquibel

    Would appreciate some help at x-mas live on fixed income have caregiver ; son ; but alone most of the time – see Dr. For depression but holidays hardest always alone in my room , most of the time; a friend would be a blessing and prayers ; getting ready to go for surgery after new year ” cyst , behind rt. Leg ; thank you for all you do !

  2. James Nicholson

    Looking for assistance with my group 60 residents at Morada Assisted Living Senior. They are all on government assistance with little to no funds left after rent is paid. Some have family support but the majority are here alone with little to no family contact. This will help me make sure all my little Angels have something under the tree. Thanks for any and all help. James Nicholson(Director Of Celebrations)

  3. Linda E Barnes

    I will like to adopt a senior citizen for Christmas

  4. Roslyn Trout

    Would love to be adopted for Christmas, I raised my five children and I gave them wonderful Christmas. But now they have their own kids and I don’t hear from them much. I’m always alone on Christmas and no gifts whatsoever ?

  5. Tina Berry

    i would like to adopt 5 senior for Christmas.

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    Hello Roslyn. Where do you live?

  7. Cassie little

    I would really like to be adopted for x-mas

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