The Top Five Beach Cruiser Bikes For Seniors

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If you're a senior who enjoyed biking when you were younger you might think that climbing on a bike now is a bit of a risk. That may be true for the average bike, but there are some bicycles designed with safety and stability in mind. Beach cruisers are an excellent choice for seniors who want to continue cycling.

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Despite the name, beach cruiser bikes don’t require a sandy beach to be useful. Cruiser bikes sacrifice speed for stability and style. They have heavy frames and balloon tires that keep them upright. They use high-quality shock systems to absorb impact, which allows them to cruise smoothly on a variety of surfaces.

Best Beach Cruiser Bikes

It’s an all-around great style of bike for seniors but, of course, some of them are better than others. Here are my recommended cruising bikes for older adults.

Viribus Single Speed Beach Cruiser Bike

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  • High-carbon steel frame
  • Front and read brakes for maximum control
  • Stylish, vintage frame
  • Comes partially assembled


  • Some reviewers state that brake adjustments are difficult to make

This is one of my favorite choices because it’s simple, safe, and affordable. The frame is built from high carbon and weighs slightly less than 40 pounds altogether. It’s strong enough to support a maximum weight capacity of up to 275 pounds for people who stand between 5 and 6 feet tall. It operates at a single speed, which makes it easy to ride and control without needing to change gears.

The style is classic and will be familiar if you have a history of cycling. There’s a wide, padded seat reinforced with a thick cushion and spring suspension to absorb shock damage. A large basket at the front is perfect for carrying your items while you ride from one destination to another. This is a great choice for seniors who like to ride their bikes to the local grocery store for exercise or just to enjoy the scenery.

Overall, this is not a flashy bike and doesn’t come loaded with features. But that’s sort of the whole point. It has a vintage style with a single drive speed, a large cushioned seat, and dual braking mechanics. It’s a beach cruiser that’s meant to look good and ride comfortably. It’s also incredibly easy to get on or off of the bike without the risk of falling over.

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Schwinn Sanctuary 7 Comfort Cruiser Bike

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  • The seven-speed derailleur is easy to control
  • One of the best bicycle brands in the business
  • Full fender system to protect your clothes while riding


  • No front basket or lights

When it comes to cycling, few brands are as well known as Schwinn. The company was founded in 1895 and they have manufactured some of the best bicycles to ever hit the streets. Luckily, with the Sanctuary 7, you never have to worry about actually “hitting the streets”. This sturdy frame likes to stay upright and is easy to dismount without putting yourself at any risk.

The Sanctuary 7 has large, 26-inch wheels to fit riders up to 74 inches tall. It doesn’t have a basket in the front, but it does have a rear cargo rack that can be used to carry various goods. Unlike the Viribus, this bike is designed more for casual riding in comfort than for hauling groceries in the front and back.

Both wheels are protected from mud and debris with full fenders. Those fenders also keep your clothing safe and clean while riding. The padded seat is built atop a high-quality spring system to ensure maximum comfort on all sorts of terrain. Unlike many beach cruisers for seniors, this bike has a seven-speed derailleur system. This gives you more control over the speed and power of the bike. It uses a twist shifting system to keep control easy so you can focus on the ride and not the gears.

The frame has that classic Schwinn appearance that always looks good in red. The rims are designed from aluminum alloy to remain lightweight yet durable. This is an excellent choice for seniors who want a little more speed from the beach cruiser without sacrificing the comfort and reliability they require.

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Electra Cruiser 1 Step-Through Cruiser Bike

Cruiser1Ladies_19_24428_F_Primary (1)
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  • The unique position of the pedals increases stability
  •  The step-through design is easy to mount/dismount
  •  The bike is mostly assembled


  •  No fenders to protect the wheels or your clothes

This is another single-gear beach cruiser, which makes it a simple ride for seniors who don’t want to fight with shifting mechanisms. The lack of shifting mechanisms also makes long-term maintenance much easier. The Electra Cruiser implements a few unique design choices that make it an ideal beach cruiser for seniors.

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First, they have moved the pedals to the front of the seat post. This changes the center of gravity for the entire bike. It makes it much easier for the bike to remain in an upright position. We believe that’s a very important feature for seniors who are at risk of serious harm if the bike should fall over. The step-through design of the frame also makes mounting and dismounting a very fast and easy process.

The braking system doesn’t require the use of your hands. This is ideal for seniors who have weakened grip strength. You simply need to pedal in reverse to activate the rear coaster brakes. The tires are 26 inches across and more than 2 inches wide. The wide tires help add even more to the stability of the ride.

Kulana Lakona Wave Adult Beach Cruiser Bike

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  • Lightweight frame is easy to move by hand if needed
  • Smaller wheels are ideal for shorter seniors
  • Multiple variations for riders who are interested in a few additional features


  •  The bike isn’t designed to handle tough hills or inclines

While technically marketed as a beach cruiser for “youth riders”, this small frame of the Lakona makes it ideal for seniors who are shorter than five feet tall. Many beach cruiser bikes targeted at adults have large wheels that are designed for riders above 5’1″. The standard Lakona has smaller wheels and thus is viable for shorter adults. There’s also the added benefit that you can let the grandchildren ride it as well if you feel inclined.

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The Lakona comes in three variations, but the standard “Wave” model is the best at providing a clean and simple ride. It has a single-speed drivetrain that doesn’t require any shifting. It also has rear pedal brakes, which means your hands will focus entirely on steering the bike while your feet control the acceleration.

This particular beach cruiser is designed with beaches in mind. That might sound intuitive, but many beach cruisers are designed to ride equally well in a variety of terrains. You’ll find that the Lakona struggles on hills or uneven terrain while cruising smoothly on the sand against the waves. If you’re a senior who wants to enjoy riding in the sand in style, then this is a great selection.

Sixthreezero EvryJourney Step-Through Beach Cruiser Bike

evryjourney cruiser bike
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  • Extra-wide saddle with a thick foam cushion
  •  The forward pedal position increases stability
  •  Dual brakes on the front and back for maximum control


  • A bit more expensive than many other beach cruisers

The Sixthreezero brand has become synonymous with high-quality beach cruisers. They are a little more expensive than other bikes, but they make up for it with a variety of high-quality materials and smooth design choices. The EVRYjourney is one of the best beach cruisers they have at the moment, but there are certainly other models available if you’re interested in a different look or set of features.

This model is considered a hybrid and can handle alternate terrains just as well as a sandy and fun day at the beach. It uses the same forward pedal position as the Electra 1 Cruiser to maintain balance and stability at all times. The bike frame is also much lower to the ground than normal, which can prevent some pretty nasty falls.

Important Features of Cruiser Bikes for Seniors

When shopping for a beach cruiser for seniors you’ll be bombarded by feature lists and specs that cover all sorts of details related to the bike. But which of these stats are the most important for the elderly? Here are just a few of the important features you should always keep an eye on when purchasing a beach cruiser.

1. Tires

The material and size of the tires are very important. The size of the tires is going to influence how tall the bike is and thus how tall the rider should be. Thick, balloon tires are important on beach cruisers for seniors. The thicker tires decrease the maximum speed of the bike making it more stable and improving bicycle safety for seniors.

2. Saddle

Most of your time spent with the bike will be sitting on the saddle. It’s definitely important to find a saddle that is sturdy and comfortable. Wide saddles with extra cushions and reinforced springs are an ideal choice. A wider saddle helps spread pressure around and reduce pain during long rides.

3. Transmission

The ideal type of transmission comes down to personal choice. If you want a smooth, simple ride, then opting for a single-speed drivetrain is the best choice. You won’t need to waste time shifting gears and can focus entirely on the ride. However, if you want control over power during rough terrain, then a multi-speed transmission is a better choice. Consider where you’ll be riding your beach cruiser and how much control you want.

Summary and Final Recommendations

There are dozens of excellent beach cruisers for seniors on the market today, but we believe these are five of the best. They tend to have comfortable seats, reliable brake systems, wide tires, and low-maintenance transmission systems.

There is some flexibility in the options listed for seniors who prefer a little more power or control with their rides. What’s most important is that these bikes will help you stay upright and stable while you enjoy your cruise.

If your stability and balance are a concern, check out my recommended three wheel bikes for seniors. Because these bikes have three wheels you are much less likely to tip them or turn them over. Plus, no kickstand is required!

Certified Senior Advisor (CSA)®
Assistive Technology Professional

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