Top 5 Bedpans for Bedridden Patients

By: Scott Grant, ATP, CRTS®

Bedpans are a necessary evil for seniors who spend most of their time in bed. You want to choose a high quality item that will minimize the chance of a mess and is easy to empty and clean. Here are my top picks.

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Does your journey from your bed to your toilet seem like a cross-country trek? In fact, even when you reach the destination, your limited mobility doesn’t allow you to sit down on the toilet.

Not fun and perhaps even a bit embarrassing, huh?

In this situation, your caregiver would turn to what many people call unappealing, a bedpan.

Bedpans are ideal if you have someone clean them from time to time. It saves you the pain of getting up from your bed and heading to the bathroom.

With limited mobility, you would want to move as little as possible. Getting up to go to the toilet isn’t an exception. When you have a bedpan by your side, you know that you can take care of “your business” whenever you want without anyone’s help.

But how will you choose the best bedpan? Let’s find out.

Factors to Remember While Buying a Bedpan

Choosing a bedpan depends on the period for which you will need it. If you need the bedpan for a significant amount of time, you should look for something durable. Bedpan liners or disposable bedpans are for temporary use as they make cleanup easier.

But suppose you can’t lift your hips because of a hip fracture. In that case, you should choose an ergonomic design that you or your caregiver can slide into the appropriate place easily.

In addition to the bedpan, you will also need a small washbasin that can hold warm water, your caregiver’s disposable gloves, washcloths, powder or cornstarch, absorbent padding, soap for hand-washing, and toilet wipes.

Best Bedpans for Elderly Seniors

Considering you are bedridden and you won’t need disposable bedpan liners, here are some of the best bedpans that you can choose from:

This bedpan is ideal for patients who have a caregiver at home. It comes with a contoured shape and large profile, making it easier to use both for men and women. The bedpan has a wide rim around its perimeter. This makes it suitable for heavier patients.

Best features

• Bariatric bedpans come with a tapered front. This makes it easier for caregivers to slide the bedpan underneath the patient.
• You can choose from regular size to extra-large depending on your body structure. Females can use the extra-large bedpan as a bariatric urinal.
• It has a non-stick surface. This makes it easier for your caregiver to clean your dump with standard household cleaners.


• It is easy to clean.
• It is one of the most affordable bedpans available right now.
• It is durable, making it suitable for long-term use.
• The rounded edges and large profile make it easier for you to place your bottom on it.
• It is latex-free.


• Some patients with a considerably big bottom may require more depth and a slightly bigger size.

The Medpro Fracture Bed Pan with Plastic Guard and Built-In Handles is another bedpan that considers both the patient and the caregiver’s convenience. This, too, has a tapered front that allows the caregiver to slide the bedpan easily under you. There is also a handle and splash guard that prevents any splatter on your bed. It is one of the best bedpans for patients with little to no mobility.

Best features

• It is made with hospital-quality durable plastic, meaning it would last long and be cleaned easily.
• The small tapered front helps caregivers to slide the bedpan under your body quickly.
• The plastic guard prevents spills and splatters, thus keeping the surrounding areas clean.
• The built-in handles, together with convenient design, makes this bedpan easy to place and remove.


• It is a convenient bedpan both for the caregiver and the patient.
• The handles allow your caregiver to place and remove the bedpan once you finish.
• You can also use disposable liners on it.
• It is suitable both for adults and children.


• It may not be the ideal bedpan for heavier individuals.

As the name suggests, the Conva Tec Stainless Steel Bed Pan is made from stainless steel. This means it is the most durable bedpan that can last for years without any signs of scratch or dent.

Like the other models, this bedpan also has a tapered front. A 2.5-inch tapering in the front and 4-inch tapering at the back is suitable for both lightweight and heavy patients with limited mobility. The size is also large enough for most patients.

Some of the smaller individuals may find this bedpan too big.

Best features

• It has a weight capacity of up to 350 pounds.
• It is resistant to cracks, stains, and dents, making it highly durable.
• It has tapering both at the front and the back so that you can place your bottom on it comfortably.


• It is rust-resistant.
• Its 350-pound weight capacity is higher than most bedpans.
• It is easy to clean because of its stainless steel finish.


• It is quite expensive compared to its competitors.
• Some small individuals may find this bedpan too big.

The AliMed Bariatric Bed Pan isn’t like the regular bedpans that you usually see.

It has a triangular design with a large back rim. The low and sleek profile makes it ideal for patients who live alone. This means you can use it alone or take your caregiver’s help.

The best part is it can support weight up to 1200 pounds! This also means that this model is one of the most durable bedpans available right now. And not just the amazing weight capacity, this bedpan has a 3 to 0.5-inch slope, making it easier for heavier individuals to use the bedpan without twisting and turning too much.

Best features

• Large, flat supportive area helps to accommodate larger patients.
• It comes with an autoclave feature.
• The low back rim has a height of just 0.5 inches, thus allowing the patient to glide on to the pan easily.


• It is comfortable to use.
• You can use it alone.
• It is highly durable.


• Some may still find the surface too shallow.

How To Use a Bedpan With a Bed Bound Senior

To make you bedpan use a bit easier, here is a great training video for caregivers who may have to deal with bedpans.

Now that you know the five top bedpans available on the market choose one that suits your budget and preference. They are excellent for daily use and would come in handy whenever you need to go to the toilet.

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