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Earth Throne Portable Toilet Seat Makes Sitting & Standing Easier for Seniors

Earth Throne Portable Toilet Seat Makes Sitting & Standing Easier for Seniors

The Earth Throne portable toilet seat securely adds 4 inches of lift to make sitting down and standing up easier for elderly users, while its lightweight foam cushion provides comfortable support and its no-tools removable design enables use at home or when traveling.
Earth Throne Portable Toilet Seat
Earth Throne Portable Toilet Seat
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Disclosure: Thanks to Earth Throne for providing me a demo product for this review.


Earth Throne Raised Toilet Seat


  • Adds needed lift for seniors
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Easy installation without tools
  • Provides stability and security
  • Made in USA with warranty


  • Can have minor gaps on elongated toilets
  • Not as wide as some permanent seats
  • Foam surface can stain if not cleaned

The Earth Throne is a game-changing portable raised toilet seat for elderly and senior users needing extra lift, comfort, and safety when toileting.

Weighing just 4 lbs, it adds 4 inches of height to make sitting and standing easier, while the soft foam cushion provides a comfortable place to sit securely.

The seat stays firmly in place on the toilet bowl thanks to a grippy bottom surface and requires no tools to install – just pop it on and off in seconds!

Ideal for travel or home use, the Earth Throne improves accessibility and dignity with its elevated design, cutouts for hygiene access, 400 lb weight capacity, and ease of use.

Our hands-on testing confirms it delivers exceptional stability and comfort for aging users and exceeds expectations for a portable option.

Struggling With Toilet Transfers? The Portable Earth Throne Toilet Seat Can Help

If you are a senior, elderly person, or caregiver struggling with toilet transfers, the Earth Throne could be the solution you’ve been searching for. This innovative portable toilet seat aims to make toileting easier and more dignified.

Who Needs the Earth Throne?

The Earth Throne is designed for:

  • Seniors with limited mobility or flexibility
  • Those recovering from hip, knee, or back surgery
  • People with arthritis, joint pain, or balance issues
  • Individuals with incontinence requiring urgent access
  • Anyone needing extra lift to get on and off the toilet

It provides independence, security, and comfort for those who find it difficult or risky to use a standard low toilet.

Earth Throne toilet seat features and benefitsPin
This gives seniors security when sitting down with its grippy bottom surface.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Adds 4 inches of lift – Raising the seat height to 18-19 inches makes it easier for seniors to sit down without bending as far or lowering themselves as much. It also reduces the distance and effort needed to stand back up from the elevated toilet seat.
  • Lightweight and portable – Weighing just 4 lbs, the Earth Throne can easily be moved between bathrooms or taken along when traveling. The light weight makes it simple for seniors or caregivers to lift on and off the toilet.
  • Stable, secure fit – The grippy bottom surface prevents sliding or movement on the toilet bowl. This gives seniors confidence and security when sitting down, using the toilet, and standing back up.
  • Comfortable cushioned toilet seat – The soft EVA foam cushion makes the seat more comfortable for seniors to sit on versus hard plastic seats. This helps reduce pain or discomfort, especially for those with arthritis.
  • Easy to clean – The smooth surface can be wiped clean with disinfectants, ensuring proper hygiene. Keeping the seat clean is essential for incontinent users.
  • Hygiene access – The elongated shape and cutout provide easier access for cleaning after using the toilet. This improved hygiene access helps seniors maintain independence.
  • No tools installation – Popping on and off in seconds without tools makes it simple for seniors and caregivers to install the seat. No need to deal with bolts or hardware.
  • Tested for safety – The maker states it is tested to support up to 400 lbs, giving peace of mind for larger individuals. Proper safety testing ensures seniors can use it without fear or risk of breakage.
Earth Throne toilet seat reviewPin
The Earth Throne portable toilet seat fits securely on standard bowls.

First-Hand Review Highlights

I tested the Earth Throne personally and found it performed better than expected. The grippy bottom holds it firmly in place on the toilet bowl without any slipping or movement. The comfortable foam cushion feels stable and allows you to sit securely.

The added lift makes all the difference in standing up pain-free. This product could be a game changer for seniors or post-surgery recovery for boosting independence and dignity when toileting.

While it may have some small gaps on elongated toilets, it fits securely on standard bowls. The Earth Throne solves so many concerns around toilet transfers for seniors and caregivers.

See the video review for an in-depth look at the features and installation.

Conclusion and Recommendation

The Earth Throne is an excellent choice for seniors and others needing a portable, removable raised toilet seat. It is comfortable, secure, and, most importantly, boosts toilet height by 4 inches for safer, easier transfers.

The ability to pop it on and off any toilet makes it ideal for travel and uses where you need a temporary raised seat.

While a bit pricey, it outperforms most other portable options for comfort and security based on first-hand testing. Highly recommended for improving toilet accessibility!

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