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Are Raised Toilet Seats Safe? (Absolutely! When Used Properly)

Are Raised Toilet Seats Safe? (Absolutely! When Used Properly)

Raised toilet seats are absolutely safe for seniors and the elderly to use when they are installed and used properly. Most accidents come from poorly installed seats or because people don't use them for their intended purpose.
Are Raised Toilet Seats Safe
Are Raised Toilet Seats Safe
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Summary & Highlights

  • Yes, raised toilet seats are safe to use. They actually increase safety by providing a stable base for sitting, making using the toilet easier, and aiding people in avoiding falls and slips.
  • Raised toilet seats are reliable, providing a firm base and relieving pressure on joints such as the knees. Caregivers can also benefit from the reduced distance between standing and sitting when assisting patients.
  • It is important to install raised toilet seats properly. They should be secured firmly with adjustable or fixed handles to ensure maximum stability. This is particularly important for elderly people and those living with a disability to ensure their safety.
  • Additionally, raised toilet seats should be cleaned regularly with an antibacterial wipe or disinfectant to maintain hygiene.

Are Raised Toilet Seats Safe?

Raised or high toilet seats are generally safe to use if all relevant instructions are followed accordingly.

These types of toilet seats are actually known for their convenience and safety because they provide a stable base for sitting, making using the toilet easier and assisting you in avoiding falls and slips.

Raised toilet seats are often used alongside grab bars that are installed close to the toilet to help you navigate the bathroom with maximum ease and convenience.

When used in this way, raised toilet seats greatly improve a person’s independence as they engage in their personal activities.

You can even take the time to measure your elderly loved one for a raised toilet seat to get the best one for them.

raised toilet seats safe are theyPin
In general, raised toilet seats are safe to use.

Other Features Of Raised Toilet Seats

Raised Toilet Seats Are Reliable

The extra height offered by raised toilet seats helps you to sit and stand with minimal effort. Raised toilet seats are reliable because they offer a firm base for you to sit on every time you use the bathroom.

You can get a raised toilet seat with or without handles or armrests.

However, I recommend elderly people use raised toilet seats with these additional support options because they offer an added degree of security and a handhold to push up from.

Raised Toilet Seats Provide Relief

Raised toilet seats relieve pressure on your joints, especially the knees.

People who suffer from arthritis often have difficulty bending joints because of severe pain and discomfort.

With a raised toilet seat, you don’t have to go into a full squatting position to use the toilet. Instead, your thighs should be parallel to the floor, relieving pressure on your knees.

raised toilet seats safe easy to installPin
Raised toilet seats are both easy to install and clean.

Raised Toilet Seats Are Easy To Install and Maintain

In general, raised toilet seats are easy to install and do not require much work.

Some models clamp right onto the existing toilet seat. But, I recommend you use the ones that replace the current toilet seat instead.

To install this option, you remove the existing toilet seat and attach the new one in its place. This setup provides a more stable connection.

Raised toilet seats are not only easy to install, but they are also easy to clean as well. You need to give it a quick wipe down with an antibacterial wipe or toilet disinfectant, and you’re good to go!

Better Caregiver Safety

It’s not just the person who is being cared for that is at risk of harm when using the bathroom. Caregivers or people who occasionally assist people with mobility issues may also fall or slip while assisting a patient.

With a raised toilet seat, the distance between standing and sitting is significantly reduced. This makes it easier for caregivers to assist patients more easily and safely.

Why Use a Raised Toilet Seat?

Studies show that about one in every three adults above the age of 65 who live independently have a minimum of one fall each year.

The bathroom is one of the most common places where falls occur at home. It’s not uncommon for someone to fall, especially when they are using the toilet.

Having a toilet with a low seat means that a person has to lower themselves further to use the toilet. This also means they will have to stand from a lower position which requires more effort, balance, and flexibility.

So, what is the best toilet seat height for people with mobility problems? Most experts, including myself, recommend heights between 17 and 19 inches.

Whether you or someone you are caring for has a mobility issue that makes it hard for them to use the toilet, there are various ways to reduce the risk of falling in the bathroom.

Some common solutions for this problem include adding non-slip mats and grab bars around the toilet. Another great solution is to include a raised toilet seat in your bathroom. Learn more about them in my guide to the best raised toilet seats for seniors and the elderly.

Making a senior’s current toilet taller with a raised seat is a perfect solution as it reduces the risk of falling, giving the person a higher level of independence when engaging in normal day-to-day activities.

It shouldn’t be a luxury to feel safe and confident when using the bathroom, so a raised toilet seat is a must-have for anyone with mobility issues.

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Summary And Final Recommendations

Raised toilet seats are highly recommended for people with mobility issues, especially elderly persons, arthritis patients, and people living with a disability.

Raised toilet seats are not only safer for these groups of people. They are crucial in boosting individuals’ overall confidence and independence as they go about their personal activities.

We hope that you now know more about the safety of raised toilet seats and you understand the benefits they offer older adults.

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If you have any questions or experiences with raised toilet seats you’d like to share, please do so in the comments below.

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