Best Bible Apps For The Elderly (Study, Reading, Devotions & More)

Your senior loved one will have an easier time studying the word of God with the help of bible study and devotional apps. So make sure to choose a bible app that will meet their needs and wants. And in this article, we have gathered and listed some of the best bible apps for the elderly.

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Bible Apps For The Elderly
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Product recommendations are based on my personal experience working with seniors. I may earn a commission on items purchased from affiliate links in this guide. 

Are you searching for the best bible app for seniors?

Seniors and older adults need access to bible study and devotions apps like others. Many elderly people even read and study their bible as a form of entertainment. They, however, have to deal with different dynamics that make the use of the apps challenging. 

Elders need access to bible apps that will provide them with simplicity, universality, scalability, audio options, and easily adjustable display settings. It

Do you want to help your senior or elderly have an easy time with their bible study or devotions? Are you a senior or elderly looking for a better experience?

This article gives you a list of bible study and devotional apps that will make that a reality. 

Top Bible Reading Apps 

Different bible study apps meet different needs and wants. You can decide to use a free app or one that requires you to pay. Here are some of the bible study apps you can use. 

1. Park Bible App

This app offers you the opportunity to learn from famous pastors and scholars. It has hundreds of audio-video resources. It also contains short stories to help you better understand the portion of scripture you read.

It allows you to add personal notes, highlight, select, and save readings. It is available online for free. The Park Bible App is available on the Google Play Store.

2. Bible Gateway App

The Bible Gateway app offers you bible access free of charge. It has several modern international language translations. It allows you to highlight messages, add bookmarks, and share through social networks.

It offers you the option to set up a bible plan and access several bible versions. Unfortunately, it is an advertising-supported app, which causes disruptions during study time. 

3. ESV Bible App

The ESV Bible app offers you an excellent platform for daily reading. It is available online for free. The app, however, is a combination of so many resources that make it overcrowded.

It has sermons, virtual tours, photos, maps, and artworks. It also has a three and a half hours documentary on the life of Jesus.

4. The Bible Hub App 

The Bible Hub app is part of the bible hub study website. It will cause you to feel the need to access their study’s website.

To use it, you must have an internet connection. It offers topical bible verses, dictionaries, and old and modern translations. The app is accessible online. 

5. NIV Quest Study Bible App

The NIV Quest Study Bible app offers detailed and colored maps, photos, and more than 20,000 notes. This study app is free. It is best for family bible study where you might need to show kids places on the map. 

6. She Reads Truth App

The She Reads Truth app was designed for women. It offers them a platform to read God’s word together daily. Both the free and paid versions are accessible online. It is mainly used by women who have difficulty studying the bible alone. 

The above-mentioned bible study apps suit different bible reading needs. You are at liberty to choose the app that best suits your bible reading needs and wants. You should always consider convenience when choosing a bible reading app. It is available online for free.

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Bible apps for the elderly study
The ideal bible app would be one that has easy-to-access features and without interruptions.

Bible Study Apps For Seniors 

Seniors and the elderly should look for bible study apps that allow them to access different versions parallelly. They also need apps whose features do not allow interruptions. Whether online or offline, features that enable easy access are great choices.

Below is a list of bible study apps you can choose from.

1. NET Bible App

The NET Bible app is a great use for all ages. It offers the seniors and elderly a personalized experience. It also helps them have a deeper study through Lumina where they can parallelly access different versions and verses. 

2. The Blue Letter Bible App

The Blue Letter Bible app allows seniors and the elderly to do topical studies and offers devotion options. It has maps, diagrams, and charts for in-depth analysis.

It is also equipped with original meanings of Greek and Hebrew words which make it easy to understand the bible’s original context. You can access this app online. 

3. App 

The app offers the seniors and elderly a chance to listen in if they have difficulty reading. It is a simple bible study guide that gives them highlighting, bookmarking, and sharing options. The most significant advantage it offers to them is its simplicity.

4. Olive Tree App

The Olive Tree Bible App offers seniors and elders the cleanest and easy-to-use interface. The app does not need you to be online to access it. It has both well-known and less-known translations. It allows you to make inexpensive purchases. 

5. Bible Resources App

Its most unique feature is the ability to play hymns that keep the senior and elderly entertained during their studies. The Bible Resources app has both audio and video features.

The app also has a kid’s section in case one joins them for the study. It functions parallel with other apps and only stops when there are incoming calls.

6. Accordance Bible Software

The Accordance Bible Software has features that allow the senior and elderly to make comparisons between two bible versions.

It requires you to register and offers you the chance to install reference materials and commentaries that can be used offline. It requires you to be online for the best experience. 

Any bible study app that offers a senior or elderly the opportunity to read the bible in their native language is a great choice. Apps used by the seniors and elderly should either have easy-to-use features or fewer features to enhance usability. 

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Devotion Apps For Seniors 

Are you a senior who enjoys reading devotions? Are you interested in using a devotional app but have never gotten one you enjoy? Here are several devotional apps that you might want to consider. 

1. Our Daily Bread App

The Our Daily Bread app provides you with daily readings in a variety of languages. It allows you to share your daily lessons on social platforms and bookmark your daily readings. You can also download a month’s daily readings and access them offline.

The app also helps you set reminders, so you do not forget to spend time on God’s word. The app has a comment section where you get to discuss your daily readings with other users. 

2. Solid Joys App

The Solid Joys app offers you brief but substantial readings. It has a favorite list where you can add your star devotionals. You can use it to share devotionals on social media platforms. You can get this app for free and is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Using the app, you can browse devotionals using scripture passages. You also get the chance to adjust the font for easier reading. It increases your comfort when used at night through the night reading mode. It is available in Korean and English languages. 

Bible apps for the elderly iDiscipleship app
The iDiscipleship app has content from top Christian authors, ministers, and speakers.

3. iDiscipleship App

This app offers devotionals, music, sermons, and growth plans. Its content is from top Christian authors, ministers, and speakers.

The app only allows access to three pieces of free content in a day. You need to subscribe to get unlimited access.

The app is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

4. He Reads Truth App

The He Reads Truth app was designed for men. It offers men a platform where they can virtually meet and read the word of God. It provides men with supplemental scriptures to help them understand biblical contexts.

 It has bible quotes in images that are easy to share. It also offers you the opportunity to access multiple bible translations. Men get to access a free bible reading plan. It has customizable notifications that help men remember your devotion time. 

5. YouVersion Bible App 

The YouVersion Bible App offers you hundreds of reading plans and devotionals. It also allows you to view and share clips with your friends and relatives. It gives you an exciting experience by allowing you to share your devotional progress with your friends and loved ones. 

6. She Reads Truth App

She Reads Truth was created to allow women word wide to have a platform where they can read God’s word and encourage each other. It has customizable notifications that remind them about devotion time. It also offers them a variety of Bible translations.

It has daily scripture content in shareable photos. You also get to choose whether to use a free or a paid devotional. The app also offers women journaling and bookmarking features. 

7. First 5 App

The First 5 app allows you to focus on a single chapter of the bible each day. The app also allows you to set reminders about your devotion time. You have the opportunity to highlight, share and save portions of scripture.

Through the profile, you can track your daily devotional activities on the app. 

With a wide variety of devotional apps, you should never miss out on devotion. The apps mentioned above offer you diverse options to choose from. You should consider your most urgent devotional needs when choosing an app. 

Can Elderly People Use An Audio Bible Version?

Older adults may or may not be in a position to use audio bible versions based on a few factors. These factors include the following:

  1. Features of the audio version – The features of an audio bible version could be easy or too complicated to use by an older adult. Audio versions designed for the elderly should embrace simplicity.
  2. Individual capability – With age, older adults may lose certain abilities such as hearing that could deter them from using audio versions.
  3. Scalability – Older adults can gradually learn to use audio versions. Apps that allow them to add more resources over time provide the comfort and usability they need. 

Other Ways To Use Digital Devices To Enhance Bible Study

  • Using different bible study devotionals
  • Join a remote bible study
  • Buy an e-book
  • Sharing videos on bible study groups
  • Using different bible versions

Create A Lifetime Experience When Studying God’s Word

When studying God’s word, your aim should be to understand God’s word better. Using the best bible study apps tailored for seniors and older adults will help you extend your bible knowledge. Bible apps also allow you to study with others without meeting physically.

To choose an app that best suits you, consider analyzing its features. You can also check what your friends and families prefer using. Studying the word of God without incurring extra costs is possible through free apps.

If you are an elderly or senior person and cannot choose an app that best suits you, use the help of a friend or relative.

It is okay to narrow down on an app but later change it if it no longer fits your bible reading or devotional needs. Consider using apps that are available offline if you need to minimize disruptions from other apps.



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