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10 Best Podcast Apps For Seniors: Easy Entertainment for Older Adults

10 Best Podcast Apps For Seniors: Easy Entertainment for Older Adults

Podcasts offer both education and entertainment to their listeners. And most podcasts, depending on your interests, are accessible online. Here in this article, we share with you the 10 best podcast apps for seniors to try now.
Best Podcast Apps For Seniors
Best Podcast Apps For Seniors
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Most seniors and the elderly have a problem accessing both entertaining and educative platforms. Do not worry anymore.

Podcasts are here to offer you continuous education and entertainment. That’s why they are one of the most popular entertainment apps for older adults.

You can access podcasts through a variety of podcast apps. Different apps offer you different experiences and features, which you should consider before subscribing to an app. With podcasts, it is never too late to learn.

What Is A Podcast? 

A podcast is a digital audio program that allows you access to audio files through the internet. You can either listen in or download the audio. A podcast focuses on a particular theme or topic. Here is what you ought to know about podcasts.

1. You Can Use Several Devices To Help You Listen To A Podcast

You can listen to a podcast from your car, phone, or on the computer. They offer you a variety of topics and themes to choose from. The best device to use is the phone. It offers you several ways to listen in.

If you are using an iPhone, you are at an advantage since iPhones come with built-in podcast apps. All you need to do is subscribe and begin enjoying the podcasts. 

If you are an Android user, you also get the chance to enjoy a built-in podcast app. You can opt to use the built-in app or download one from the play store. 

2. In Some Instances, You Might Need To Subscribe To A Podcast

Here are some advantages of making a subscription. 

First is that when you subscribe to a podcast, you do not need to keep track of your activities on the app. Instead, the app keeps track of your favorite episodes and anything related to your favorite show. 

Then, new episodes come directly to your phone upon subscription. In other cases, you will have your favorite episodes auto- downloaded if you allow for it on the settings. 

Podcast apps offer you quick ways to make your subscriptions for easier following and listening. You should reject any app that gives you a hard time subscribing; these apps are likely to cause you a hard time even in their usage. 

Different podcast apps have different ways of making subscriptions. If you are not familiar with any, consider asking for help from a friend or relative.

Using a long-term subscription will give you an easier time accessing the app without repeating the process now and then. 

3. Podcasts Have Become Very Popular In The Modern Day

Here are some reasons behind its popularity.

Podcasts provide you with spaces where you can have in-depth interactions with the podcaster. They give you a chance to have a behind the scene experience. You also build a sense of community, absent in most entertainment and learning platforms.

Podcasts allow you to interact with an actual host where they are nonfictional. It offers you the chance to hang out with friends and discuss virtually. 

They also give you the chance to multitask. It is easy to listen in when driving, cooking, or cleaning. 

With podcasts, you have the liberty to listen to what you love. You can also change your favorite shows if your listening needs and interests change. You have the choice to choose to listen to either fictional or nonfictional stories.

best podcast apps for seniors bestsPin
Choose a podcast app that suits you best.

Best Podcast Apps For Seniors

Seniors, like other people, have different preferences and tastes. You should not assume that another should love an app loved by one senior.

Here are some of the best podcast apps a senior can choose from. 

1. Spreaker Studio

Spreaker Studio offers seniors the opportunity to listen to other hosts, record, and publish their podcasts. It has a chat function that allows interaction with other users. It also offers you a chance to add sound effects and play background music when listening. 

2. RSSRadio 

It is both an audio and video podcast app. RSSRadio’s search section makes it easy for seniors to use by offering search options using keywords. However, it only gives recommendations depending on the subscriptions one has made. 

3. TuneIn Radio 

The TuneIn Radio app allows a senior to access over 4 million podcasts worldwide. It is also compatible with Apple watches. It has easy-to-use features. 

4. Procast

The Procast podcast app is for seniors who love to talk about previous episodes and share their experiences with other viewers. It also allows you to share episodes with families and friends. It has an inbox that gives you access to all previous episodes. 

5. Podcast Republic

Seniors love to use this app’s car mode. With Podcast Republic, you can access several features, including customizable storage, download, and streaming support. Some seniors may not love it since it supports ads.

6. RadioPublic

RadioPublic offers features for use by both authors and listeners. Seniors who are creators could use its ad-supported model that pays creators. It allows you to play songs, stream playback, and auto-download. 

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7. Himalaya

This podcast app offers you features for both creation and listening. Himalaya is a free podcast streaming app. It offers you the rare opportunity of transferring subscription services from other podcast apps such as TuneIn Radio and Spotify

8. Laughable

Laughable best suits seniors who are lovers of comedy (available on the Google Play Store). It offers the largest database of comedians in the world. It also gives you access to non-comedy performances on other shows. You can also opt to listen offline. 

9. Castro

The Castro app offers seniors simplicity. It also has a stylish design and a crisp sound. Using Castro, you can download episodes in the background. You will love its dynamic storage management, easy streaming, and automatic download.

10. Overcast

The Overcast podcast app offers seniors excellent sound management features. It gives notifications whenever a new episode is uploaded. It gives you the chance to choose whether to stream or play videos offline. 

With the abovementioned podcast apps, you can never go wrong. From time to time, you can change the app you use to avoid the boredom that comes with using a single app for a long time. You have the choice to either make subscriptions or not. 

If podcasts might not be your thing, check out my other recommended entertainment apps for seniors here.

best podcast apps for seniors elderlyPin
You can pick a podcast or podcasts to listen to based on your interests.

Best Podcasts For Seniors & Elderly 

It would be best if you chose a podcast based on your interests. Podcasts that offer you a good laugh should be considered. The best podcasts provide education, entertainment, and motivational value.

Some of the best podcasts for seniors and the elderly include the following:

1. Planet Money

The Planet Money podcast meets your money knowledge interest. Its producers ensure the economy is easy to understand. It does not require you to have foreknowledge about money to draw lessons from it. It also offers you high-quality production. 

2. Radiolab

The Radiolab podcast is the best for understanding human experiences, science, and philosophy. It makes sure your curiosity is fed. It covers topics such as heroism, the origin of football, and the second amendment. 

3. Car Talk 

Car Talk is good for seniors and the elderly since it is a comedy podcast. Its comedy is related to cars which offers you a smooth way to learn car operations.

4. The Mike Lupica Podcast

The Mike Lupica Podcast offers you content on politics and sports. It has insights from Mike’s, the creator, own experiences. 

5. Dirty John

Dirty John offers the senior and elderly a chance to listen to stories on love, deception, denial, survival, and forgiveness. Its lessons are intense compared to other podcasts. It is also one of the most entertaining podcasts. 

6. The Art of Charm

The Art of Charm podcast offers seniors and the elderly ways for self-improvement. Though its focus is on working individuals, it also has endless lessons for the retired.

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7. Aging In Full Bloom

Aging In Full Bloom gives seniors and the elderly the opportunity to learn about their wellness. It also offers you entertainment and empowerment. 

8. This American Life

It is the leading podcast in America. This American Life allows you to learn about the daily lives of the American people. You get the chance to see both the upside and downside of America. 

9. Guided Meditations

The Guided Meditations podcast helps you to reduce anxiety and stress. It also gives you the chance to develop skills during moments of calmness and quietness. 

10. In Our Time 

This podcast offers you an opportunity to explore a wide range of topics on science, history, philosophy, and science. In Our Time has a catalog that allows you to pick topics according to your interest. 

Do Seniors Listen To Podcasts? 

Seniors and the elderly listen to podcasts. Their numbers, however, are fewer compared to those of younger persons. Statistics show that since 2020, more than 20% of them in the United States have been listening to podcasts. 

Why Be Torn Between Learning And Entertaining Yourself When You Can Use A Podcast?

Podcasts offer you the chance to learn and get entertained simultaneously. Most podcasts are easy to access online. You can have access to more than one podcast according to your interests. It is possible to outgrow a podcast that gives you a chance to explore another.

You can access different podcast apps according to the device you prefer to use when listening in. Podcasts are never a waste of time. 


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