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The Best Apps For Seniors (Communication, Productivity, Safety, & More)

The Best Apps For Seniors (Communication, Productivity, Safety, & More)

App usage is increasing significantly among older adults. And with that, there are numerous apps available to help our aging loved ones with their daily tasks. Here are some of the best apps for seniors and the elderly!
Best Apps For Seniors
Best Apps For Seniors
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Nowadays, technology use has increased immensely among seniors and the elderly. They use this type of technology to become more productive, stay connected with friends and family members, and assist them with day-to-day tasks.

In this article, we will take a closer look at many of the most beneficial apps dedicated to seniors and their caregivers.

Best Apps for Seniors

Here are the best apps for older adults, seniors, and the elderly by category. Check out the supplemental articles for more details on each category.

Senior Safety Phone

Senior Safety Phone (available on the Google Play Store) was created with the intention of replacing the “standard screen” on Android-operated devices.

Rather than several small icons made up of unnecessary and uncountable apps, the senior user will rather view larger color-differentiated buttons, clear text along with easy-to-understand icons.

There is nothing excessive about this app which is especially good for partially sighted individuals. In addition to the handy “Text” and “Call” buttons, there is also an option to send a panic SMS by just clicking the “SOS” button.

It can also help the user to identify their location should they get lost. The user can also choose to add new modules such as a magnifier, music player, and calculator.

Productivity Apps For Seniors


Lumosity is one of the web-based applications that use different games to enhance cognitive abilities. It also provides essential information about brain health, cognition, and memory.

Lumosity is a great smartphone app to help elderly people since it helps them to exercise their own memory and mind, which can help them to become more productive.

Assistive Apps For Seniors


As we start getting older, there many eye conditions that we can develop. One of the common ones is known as presbyopia, which involves losing the ability to see close objects or small print clearly.

This often makes it harder to read newspapers, menus, documents, or books, particularly in an area that isn’t well lit.

EyeReader (available on the Apple App Store) is an app that can help a senior to manage the most common visual challenge that they are probably facing, and this includes trying to read small print or trying to read in a low-lit area.

With this app, the user can easily enlarge and zoom in on any printed text. The app includes an LED light that can be turned off and on or dimmed. 

Safety Apps For Seniors

Here are a few of my favorite safety apps for seniors and the elderly.

Senior Safety App

The Senior Safety App is an unobtrusive, FREE app designed to keep the elderly safe. The app monitors the location of the phone remotely and can also be used for protection against wandering, falls, and online scams and abuse.

Senior Safety App is a platform used by thousands of users to keep their elderly loved ones safe.

The app configures in seconds which enables caregivers to easily monitor reports, location, and alerts remotely by either using their computer or a smartphone.

When the app is active, the caregiver will receive an instant alert for phone inactivity (over an extended period of time), falls with a phone, or requests for emergency assistance. 

It also tracks app uninstalls or installs and entry and exits from different geo-locations such as neighborhoods, cities, streets, or buildings, a low battery alert, or even a network change (change of a sim card). The app also receives new features regularly.

Advertised and recommended as one of the best emergency alert apps for seniors, it can become a life-saving tool for a care plan for a senior.

best apps for seniors caregiverPin
A check-in service app specially made for seniors living alone is Snug Safety.

Best Caregiver Apps

Snug Safety

Snug Safety is a free and friendly check-in service app dedicated to seniors living alone. This application is easy to understand and simple, regardless of how uncomfortable or comfortable the senior might be with the latest technology. 

The process to set it up is pretty simple and involves these steps:

  • The first step involves setting up the account, which will require the user’s email address and name, and then choosing emergency contacts, followed by a check-in deadline (daily). 
  • The app then sends a reminder before the chosen time for each day, asking the user to push on a green button to complete the “check-in.” 
  • Once the user has checked in, the app shares an inspirational quote before resetting the 24-hour cloth. 
  • If the user fails to check in, the app initiates an alert to ensure the user is ok. 

On the free plan, a message will be sent to one of the emergency contacts to alert the contact that the senior has missed their check-in. 

On the paid plan, one of the Snug dispatchers will call the cell phone number to make sure the person is ok. If the person fails to pick up, a voicemail will be left with a number to call back. From here, the dispatcher will call each emergency contact in order.

If the person still doesn’t check in, or the dispatcher cannot confirm that an emergency contact is going to check on the person, they will initiate a “wellness check” to check the phone’s last-known location. 

Health Apps For Seniors

Mighty Health

This application is for older adults and seniors. It offers fantastic diet plans, a highly supportive community, and personal coaching.

Founded in 2018, Mighty Health has taken advantage of the latest trend toward wellbeing and fitness at home.

With more people looking for ways to work out and exercise from home, Mighty Health is positioned perfectly to support adults over 50 who are interested in on-demand associated exercises and workouts.

Mighty Health provides very practical solutions for seniors who may feel a bit excluded when it comes to the generic types of workout applications and might have a problem with high-intensity style workouts.

While Mighty Health is my favorite health app for most seniors and older adults, there are others worth considering too.

This Health App Gets Seniors Active and Moving

99walks Transparent2Pin

Physicians commonly encourage their older adult patients to walk more as a form of low-impact exercise. So, if your doctor told you to start walking, take a look at the 99 Walks app.

This app provides seniors with a virtual walking challenge backed up by encouragement and fun. Plus, if you meet your monthly goal, you even get a free bracelet as a reward. There is a monthly fee after a free trial period.

Entertainment Apps For Seniors

Check out my full list of entertainment apps for seniors here.

Fun Bridge

Fun Bridge is one of the best apps for Bridge players who are no longer able to meet with friends for a game. This app is simple to use and allows users to play Duplicate Bridge from either their laptop, tablet, or phone, where they can play in the online tournaments or challenge their friends.

This application is also great for newcomers, where it easily teaches the strategies and rules of this game. Fun Bridge can be downloaded on either an Android or iPhone device.

Best Dating Apps For Seniors

There are various dating apps suggested for seniors (age 50 and older). For instance, is an app that is highly suitable for this particular age group. This popular dating application also boasts the highest user number when compared to other dating apps. 

The users on range from 20 to 60, making it a popular website and app for the elderly that are in search of people that are either younger or similar in age. 

Seniors might also like, which offers an excellent opportunity to meet a new partner. This app is designed especially for seniors by providing a positive and user-friendly experience. 

It is easy and free to open an account, and seniors can also choose from other activities every month to help alleviate loneliness. 

For adults over the age of 60, SilverSingles (available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store) and are the most popular.

These are apps suggested for singles that would like to meet up with like-minded people. Seniors use these apps for dating or to find a companion or friend.

best apps for seniors retireesPin
There are apps that can help keep track of retirement goals.

Best Apps For Retirees

Retirement Planner

This is one of the free Android apps that is a very tool for those that are making choices on how to plan or structure their retirement savings. The Retirement Planner app (available on the Google Play Store) provides a way to compare different projections when it comes to investing in Roth IRA, Roth 401(k), traditional IRAs, or 401(k).

It also allows the user to see when they have reached their retirement goal or whether they should be reevaluating their long-term plan.

Vanguard Retirement Nest Egg Calculator

The Vanguard Retirement Nest Egg Calculator is also one of the free online apps for those that are close to or who have already entered retirement. It helps with determining whether their portfolio is going to cover expenses for the “number of years” they expect their retirement to last.

The app uses a rigorous Monte Carlo analysis which determines if the retirement portfolio and savings of the user will be enough to last their retirement.

My full guide to the best apps for retirees can be found here.

Alexa Apps For Seniors 

More older adults are using smart devices like Alexa to automate tasks at home. Learn more about this in my guide to Alexa apps for seniors.

Alexa IS For Seniors

Alexa, also known as Amazon Echo, and some other similar products such as Google Home can be very useful for seniors, their caregivers, or younger seniors that are about to hit retirement age. 

Echo Dot, Echo Plus, Echo Show, and Echo Tower are all Amazon products that can be used to make a home safer, regardless of your age.

Some of the best Alexa Skills for seniors when using this app include:

  • Check the Weather
  • Call 911
  • Get News Updates
  • Make Phone Calls
  • Alert A Buddy When You Need Help
  • Find Your Cell Phone
  • Ask For The Time or Date
  • Keep A Calendar On Alexa
  • Notifications and Reminders
  • And so much more

Social Apps For Seniors

The best social app for a senior will provide an easy way to get in touch, improve social connections and decrease loneliness. Today, these factors are even more important than before. 


WhatsApp has become one of the most frequently used social media apps on the planet. What began as a “regular” messaging application has evolved into a highly multi-purpose medium for virtual interactions thanks to its outstanding video and audio capabilities. 

With the more recent updates, WhatsApp has now introduced a feature that allows 8 participants to join in on the same video or voice call.

With a stable Internet connection, WhatsApp is the best choice for seniors looking for a way to remain in touch with either people abroad or in their same city or country. WhatsApp is also very affordable, with call costs remaining the same for both international and domestic calls. 

For seniors that don’t have a WhatsApp account, the process to get started is relatively simple:

  • The first step involves downloading WhatsApp on iOS or Android device. 
  • To contact other people on WhatsApp, either call or text, the number has to be saved in the contact list on the phone. 
  • At the same time, it is only possible to start chatting with contacts or to call them if they also have WhatsApp installed. 

WhatsApp also offers a handy feature that includes accessibility to PC users. This app is accessible on a PC when using the WhatsApp web service. 

Since this app is very easy to use, it is one of the best choices for the elderly looking for a way to communicate or keep in contact with loved ones or friends without the hassles involved with the regular costs of international or domestic calls. 


Skype is one of the video-calling services that has been in use for many years now. The user interface is a bit different when you compare it to WhatsApp.

Unlike WhatsApp, Skype is not a messaging application, and its main function has mainly been geared toward offering high-quality video-conferencing experiences for users. 

The process involved in getting Skype set up is relatively straightforward:

  • Once again, the user will need to download this application on his/her device. There is also a Web version available for Skype on a laptop or a PC. 
  • The following step involves registering a new Skype account by using an email address. 
  • The user will now be able to use Skype’s video-calling service for free to call people that have their own Skype accounts. 

Skype also allows calls to cellphones or landline numbers, but this is a paid-for service. 

best apps for seniors how to helpPin
Senior-friendly launchers ease the use of smartphones by the elderly.

How To Help Seniors And The Elderly Choose Apps

Use Senior-Friendly Android Launchers

One of the easiest ways to help seniors choose apps is to turn an Android smartphone into something that is easy for an older person to use by installing a senior-friendly launcher.

Yes, there are quite a few to choose from. One of the best examples would be Simple Launcher, which is a top-rated senior-friendly Android launcher and is available on the Google Play Store.

Simple Launcher will allow the user to add a maximum of 9 important apps on their home screen. These icons will be larger, with bigger text sizes.

The interface is very easy to use, combined with a control center that will allow a senior to easily operate their smartphone or any other Android device. 

The control center allows for a simple and uncomplicated way to install or uninstall apps, an easy way to lock notification and ring volume, and a safety lock that locks the home-screen edit mode. 

Simple Launcher also includes “special folders” dedicated to adding emergency or important contacts that will feature on a second home screen that includes 2 distinct folders: Friends and Family.

For emergency purposes, this app also includes a big SOS button on the second home screen. 

Some of the other Android launchers that are regarded as friendly for seniors include Senior Safety Phone, BIG Launcher, Square Home, and Help Launcher. These are all available on the Google Play Store.

It is suggested that you try a few out to see which one your loved one feels most comfortable with. Most of these apps are free and provide an easy way for seniors to choose the apps that they really like.

How To Make Downloading Apps For Seniors Easier

To make a phone or device easier for seniors to use when it comes to downloading apps, first install a senior-friendly Android launcher. You can also activate Easy Mode if your loved one owns a Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

You can also enlarge the height of the keyboard and make sure the font size has been increased across the system. The last step involves reverting back to a classic 3-button navigation style. 

How Can Apps Help Seniors In An Emergency?

Technology has provided a way for older adults to age more comfortably and with dignity in their homes while giving reassurance to families that their loved ones remain secure and safe. 

Emergency alarm apps are especially useful when it comes to this. Aging often causes deterioration when it comes to stamina and physical strength, which can cause a senior to lose their coordination or balance. 

In fact, fall and slip accidents happen to be one of the top reasons why people over the age of 65 end up visiting emergency rooms. Risk factors for certain conditions and diseases will also increase as a person gets older.

The latest emergency alarm applications allow the elderly to call immediately for assistance when they need it. 

For caregivers and family members that are interested in emergency alarms for a senior or one of the emergency buttons for the elderly, today, it is no longer necessary to buy a device. There are now apps that you can download, such as the Senior Safety App.

These apps offer all the advantages relating to senior-tracking technology in an easy-to-use and cost-effective package. This is a popular emergency-alarm application that is very useful for a senior who already owns and uses a smartphone. 

What Are The Most Helpful Apps For Seniors?

From ride-sharing services to grocery pickup to medication management, there are now so many productivity apps for seniors on the market designed to make life a little easier for the elderly.

Some of the most popular helpful apps include:

best apps for seniors FAQsPin
There are various apps that assist both the seniors and their caregivers.


Is There An App To Check-In On The Elderly?

Snug Safety is a useful “daily check-in service” for epileptics, seniors, and other seniors that have conditions but live alone. Snug Safety is a very easy app that checks on the person daily.

When they respond, the app shares a motivational quote. If Snug does not hear back, it will send a message to the emergency contacts on the phone, alerting them that the person may need help.

Which App Store Is Easier For Seniors To Use?

With over 5 million apps available on Google and Apple’s stores, it is difficult to come up with functions that fall outside this purview.

Gaming, banking, medication reminders, and shopping is now possible to accomplish with this type of software, and there are now so many that are helpful for seniors. Both the App Store and Google Play are easy for seniors to use and to find apps that they really like. 

Are There Apps To Help Caregivers?

There are several applications to assist caregivers along with their loved ones.

Whether this includes shopping for supplies, tracking someone, managing medication, looking up trusted and reliable information, booking transportation, scheduling appointments, joining a support group, or finding specialty doctors or pharmacies, there is now an app for just about everything.

These types of apps can make the life of a caregiver much easier to deal with. 

Are Free Apps Really Free?

Just because apps are advertised as “free” to download, it does not mean they won’t cost you anything. There is usually a small text line next to these app listings that state “In-app purchases.”

The apps in every category on either the Google Play or App Store will have these in-app purchases. This could mean subscriptions, premium features, game add-ons, and more. 

These additional costs are “supposedly optional” but can go straight onto a credit card without even alerting the owner of the card.

Fortunately, Google Play and the App Store clearly state when apps have these in-app purchases. This means you are aware of this before you even download the app. 

What Are The Best Free Apps For Seniors?

Most of the apps on the App Store and Google Play are free to download. But to make the most from many of these apps, it is advisable to upgrade to the premium versions to cut out annoying ads or to take advantage of other features. 

What Are In-App Purchases?

An in-app purchase relates to any fees that the app might ask for. Most of the in-app purchases are usually optional or give the user additional features.

Others can serve as a subscription which will require the user to first sign-up and then pay fees to use an app (often after an initial free trial). 


Technology and how apps are used today can enable seniors and the elderly to lead more fulfilling and productive lives while allowing them to keep in contact with family members and friends, even when they live abroad or miles away.

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