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Best Health Apps For Seniors: A Healthy Lifestyle Using Technology

Best Health Apps For Seniors: A Healthy Lifestyle Using Technology

Many seniors struggle with keeping up with their exercise, meditation, prescription, and their overall well-being. Fortunately, there are now many health and wellness apps that make life easier to manage. So read further for a detailed list of some of the best health apps for seniors available today.
Health Apps For Seniors
Health Apps For Seniors
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According to studies1, meditation and exercise must be incorporated to keep the body fit and healthy. It can be challenging for seniors to keep up with exercise, meditation, doctor appointments, prescriptions, and their overall well-being.

With memory and mobility issues posing additional challenges, more caregivers and seniors are turning to mobile apps to make life easier to manage. 

There’s a myriad of apps for seniors and the elderly to help maintain, monitor, and guide seniors in various aspects of their health and wellness. Below are the best health apps for seniors to make life easier for older adults and caregivers.

Mighty Health: The Best Health App for Seniors… Period!

The Mighty Health team gave me free access to this app, and I have been using it personally for the last month or so. I have been extremely happy with it – mainly because it helps manage all aspects of an older adult’s health.

Mighty Health provides seniors with virtual classes that help them work out at home. All its low-impact workouts can be adapted based on your fitness level. But the app is so much more than just an exercise app!

Total Body Chair Workout

Plus, you can use the same app to track your eating and food intake to monitor your nutrition plan. The app provides personal feedback for you based on what you are eating.

My favorite part of the Mighty Health App is that you can also access a personal health coach. These coaches check in with you frequently to ensure you get everything you can from the service. My coach

Finally, there is a social and community aspect to Mighty Health. Seniors get to interact with others taking the journey with them. There is a group board where you can post your successes and challenges and discuss them with others with the same life experience.

If you’d like to try Mighty Health, you get one week free to explore the service. Plus, they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee too! If you have any fear of getting started, don’t worry. They have a simple onboarding assessment you can take that will start you off based on where you are now…. and where you want to be in the future!

Top Exercise Apps For Seniors

The lack of proper guidance on exercise can easily cause seniors to give up on their exercise goals. It is also easy for seniors to lack the motivation to exercise. The following exercise apps will help seniors keep up with their exercise needs.

So, check with your doctor about which exercise is safe for you, then choose one of the apps on this list to keep you motivated and active.

1. 99 Walks

Walking is an effective and easy exercise for most seniors and elders because it is lower intensity than many other forms of exercise.

The 99 Walks app encourages seniors to walk more often by providing motivation, encouragement, and rewards for getting moving. For example, if you make your goal each month, you will receive a bracelet that you can show off for your hard work.

Also, the app allows you to take classes and participate in a community of like-minded women. This community will encourage you to keep walking and help you improve your overall health!

The app runs $16.00 per month after a free trial period. They also run periodic specials which you can find here.

2. C25K Trainer 

The C25K Trainer app can change the minds of seniors who hate running. It offers workouts that are 30 minutes long. Seniors only need 3-4 sessions per week to begin noticing improvements. 

3. was explicitly created to help senior women. It focuses on maintaining a woman’s shape and losing weight. It offers users workout plans and meal plans.

The app also gives seniors a 28-day reshape challenge at the beginning and features an integrated health kit that helps them track their progress.

4. Johnson & Johnson Official 7-Minute Workout

It is an intense seven-minute workout designed to help seniors who do not want to spend a lot of time on exercise. Seniors can carry out this workout equipment for free.

The J&J Official 7 Minute Workout app offers seniors more than 72 different workouts. You will love using the 22 additional workouts that can be customized. 

5. FitOn 

This app helps seniors access workouts that celebrity trainers have created. It keeps seniors attracted to it by offering a variety of workouts to choose from.

Some of the workout routines available include cardio, dance, and pilates. You can access FitOn for free. 

These top exercise apps are available on Android for free. Seniors will love the flexibility of exercising offered by these apps. You will also love the access to various workouts that prevent boredom when working out. 

Yoga Apps For Seniors

Research has shown that seniors reap several benefits from using yoga apps. 80% of the seniors using yoga have better mobility, reduced stress, and lower chances of suffering from depression.

1. Down Dog

The Down Dog yoga app offers seniors personalized sessions that they can do at home. The app allows seniors to customize the sessions according to their needs.

You will love this app since it offers music to distract you when exercising. Using this app, you never feel you are repeating the same exercises. 

2. Pocket Yoga 

Pocket Yoga offers classes for all different levels. Seniors will love its pose dictionary that gives them illustrations of the right pose and alignment. The app does not need connectivity. It will only cost you $3 to download the app.

3. Daily Yoga

On top of exercise, this app offers you access to pilates and guided meditation. It has seven different languages. These include English, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, German, Japanese, and French. Seniors will love having access to Daily Yoga’s free seven-day trial. 

4. Bulldog Online

This app is perfect for seniors who do not love yoga. It allows seniors to develop their own 30 day working-out plan. Seniors choose to have quick 10 minutes of exercise or sweaty one-hour workouts.

Seniors will love Bulldog Online’s flexibility which helps them pay attention to their needs. 

Yoga apps are good for seniors who do not feel motivated to exercise. The above yoga apps offer seniors flexibility and simplicity. You have the chance to make use of the free trials before deciding on the best app. 

health apps for seniors mental healthPin
Mental health apps can help relieve stress and anxiety among the elderly.

Mental Health Apps For Seniors

Most mental health apps focus on relieving stress and anxiety among seniors. At least 34% of older adults have used mental health apps. More than 70% of those who have used health apps share health information with caregivers and healthcare providers.

1. Gratitude

This app was created based on the positive health outcomes related to gratitude. It helps seniors to keep a gratitude journal that helps reduce stress symptoms. The app allows seniors to stay in tip-top shape by providing daily gratitude prompts. You can get the Gratitude app for free. 

2. 7 Cups 

7 Cups is loaded with volunteer listeners. All seniors need to reach out to the listeners who offer them a hearing ear and empathy when they have no one else to talk to.

It is important to note that the listeners are only there to listen and show compassion and are not qualified therapists!

An individual who wishes to act as a listener on the app is always welcome to sign up. 

3. Rain Rain Sleep Sounds

This app is full of mentally healing nature sounds. According to studies, nature sounds to reduce stress and anxiety and help seniors get better sleep. The Rain Rain Sleep Sounds app is available on Android and Apple devices. 

4. SuperBetter

SuperBetter is similar to a mobile phone game. It works based on behavioral activation. It offers seniors coping strategies that help them control their emotions and build resilience. 

Seniors must be trained to take charge of their mental health. You might not always be available or access a therapist to provide this form of help to a senior. Apps work as affordable substitutes since you can access them for free.

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Health Apps For Chronic Illness

Unfortunately, only 14% of seniors with chronic illnesses use health apps. Health apps offer different ways of managing chronic illnesses according to the addressed chronic conditions.

Are you a senior living with high blood pressure, cancer, asthma, or other chronic diseases? Here are apps for chronic health issues that can help you manage your health more easily. 

1. Manage My Pain 

Pain is a common factor in most chronic diseases. The Manage My Pain app helps seniors record when they felt pain and how long it lasted.

It also helps loved ones, caregivers, and seniors to keep track of the medication used for pain and its use. All recorded information is available through a report that can be shared. Seniors can get this app for free. 

2. Pathways Pain Relief

Pathways Pain Relief is dedicated to helping seniors manage pain using activities such as meditation and isochronic sounds. You will love this app’s ability to monitor your journey to pain relief. Seniors will find this app suitable since it offers a good way of soothing their pain. 

3. Cozi Family Organizer

Cozi Family Organizer helps you keep a proper record of your schedule. It automatically updates your calendar whenever you add an event. It offers the best way to let family and friends know what they are supposed to do and when they should do it.

4. Meditation 

This app helps seniors achieve a balanced lifestyle. It allows you to pick the areas you feel you are not doing very well. It uses articles, breathwork, and guided meditation.

This app offers all its essential features to seniors with chronic illnesses and is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Seniors with chronic illnesses will need help managing different aspects of their lives. You can use all the above-mentioned apps to take care of their mental wellness, schedules, and pain. 

Health Apps For Diabetes

Today one of the popular health tools available to seniors is their cell phones. Seniors with diabetes can now take advantage of management apps that will allow them to manage their condition better.

Here is a list of some of the popular apps to manage diabetes:

Fooducate: Best For Healthy Eating

Knowledge is power when managing a condition like diabetes. Fooducate is one of the best apps to work out what types of food a person should be eating to maintain a healthy blood sugar range since not every food is created equal.

Many people enjoy this app since there are over 300,000 foods programmed in. The user scans one of the barcodes, and it will come up with an A, B, C, or D “grading,” which determines whether the food is healthy or not.

If the item fails to “make the grade,” the app provides alternative suggestions of options that are more nutritious. 

mySugr: Best For Comprehensive Diabetes Management

mySugr does everything for type I, type II, or gestational diabetes management. It provides glucose tracking, bolus-dose calculation estimates, and carb counting. It can also provide reports on the patient’s blood glucose levels over a week, months, or even a year.

One of the bonus features of this app is that it estimates the user’s hemoglobin A1C according to their tracking.

Diabetes:M: Best For Tablet Or Phone

Diabetes:M is a logging app for diabetes that contains many useful features. Some of these include blood-sugar trend mapping, integration with a fitness app, test-time reminders, and a nutritional tracking and log system.

This app is also both tablet and phone-friendly. This is one of the best apps for seniors with diabetes since it also includes an insulin-bolus calculator according to any nutritional information that is added. 

health apps for chronic illness hypertensionPin
Health apps that support self-managing hypertension have the potential to lower the blood pressure of their users.

Health Apps For Hypertension

Hypertension is one of the chronic diseases that not only affect seniors. In fact, it is now regarded as a public health problem that requires an effort on the patient’s part to self-manage their condition.

The growth globally in tablet and mobile phone use has also been linked to a sharp increase in using health apps. Many of these health apps support self-managing hypertension and, for this reason, have the potential benefit of lowering blood pressure.

Here are some of the popular apps that caregivers and seniors can use to help manage a condition such as hypertension:

Blood Pressure Diary

A free and simple blood pressure app that can be used to log and track pulse and blood pressure (found on the Google Play Store).

Blood Pressure Tracker

This is also a free app on the Google Play Store that helps people easily manage and monitor their blood pressure. 

Blood Pressure

Also available on the Google Play Store, this app can be used to prevent hypertension and as a tool to improve overall health. 

Blood Pressure Tracker – Cardio Journal

Blood Pressure Tracker – Cardio Journal is a handy app that allows seniors or their caregivers to track pulse and blood pressure and to monitor and log cardio. 


This is one of the helpful health apps that can serve as an efficient hypertension tracker app. CareClinic includes an activity and symptom tracker for conditions such as hypertension, where the information is stored daily.

In addition to monitoring hypertension, this app also includes medication reminders to help patients to avoid missing doses. 

Has Your Doctor Prescribed Walking For Your Chronic Health Condition?

99walks Transparent2Pin

If your doctor has recommended that you start walking to combat your chronic health condition, take a look at the 99 Walks app. This app provides a virtual walking challenge that encourages you to get walking in fun ways. Plus, if you meet your monthly goal, you even get a free bracelet as a reward. There is a monthly fee after a free trial period.

Health Apps For Chronic Disease Management

Managing chronic illnesses is not easy, especially for the elderly. Fortunately, in the era that we live in today, apps serve as tools to help seniors manage their chronic illnesses. Below is a list of some of the popular apps to choose from.


Medisafe is designed to assist patients when it comes to managing their medications. It assists with a reminder and the required dosage the patient needs to take, which helps increase adherence rates.

This type of information can also be shared with a pharmacy or healthcare team. 

My Pain Diary

This is a useful app for any person suffering from a chronic illness. My Pain Diary allows the person to score and chart their pain and track and record other symptoms relating to the illness, such as mood swings and fatigue. 


This is a useful app for patients that have just found out that they have a chronic illness since the first step that needs to be taken is to find the right doctor to provide a treatment plan.

Zocdoc searches for specialist doctors in a local area. This app can even tell the patient when a doctor can see them. 

My Medical Info

My Medical Info is a very useful app that stores the patient’s insurance details and health history. This can make filling out forms a bit less challenging since the patient won’t need to rely on their memory for every detail.

This app also allows users to program their doctors’ appointments along with the medications they are currently taking. 

Sleep Cycle

Sleep Cycle is one of the best apps to ensure quality sleep. This clever app analyzes the quality of sleep and how much sleep the person gets every night.

There is also an option to use the alarm, which will wake the person up when they are in their lightest sleep, which means they will feel more refreshed and less groggy each day. 

health apps for chronic illness trackingPin
Apps that track chronic illnesses can be very helpful to seniors.

Best Apps For Tracking Chronic Illness

Apps for mobile phones or tablets to track chronic illnesses can be very useful to a senior since many of them help to track overall progress. These apps also help patients share relevant and important information with their healthcare providers.

Without it, it can become much harder for patients to see what medications, lifestyle issues, or treatments may require adjustments or the best actions to take. 

Below is a list of some of the best apps for tracking chronic illnesses:


As the name suggests, Symple is easy to use and simple. It also features a great user interface since it is fast to use and easier on the eyes. It is also not one of those apps that requires the person to spend many hours logging their symptoms. 

It has a list of symptoms for the person to choose from. In this way, when the person is asked to choose the ones they are suffering from, they are less likely to leave any symptoms out. 

It can link to Apple Health to monitor various daily habits such as heart rate, body temperature, and sleep. 

Allows the patient to send important reports to their health care provider directly and to export their data to a CSV. When choosing the paid-for premium subscription, patients can add entries to a journal and document their symptoms photographically. 


This is one of the easiest health-symptom tracker applications to use. This app is designed specifically to help patients manage their symptoms alongside their medications. HealthTrak is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

It is an app that is extremely simple to use, which means minimal time is required when it comes to working out how to use the app. In fact, the patient will only have four options to choose from. 

This app allows users to track their medication and symptoms, view their history, and create to-do-list notes. 

The app can also provide an overview of the patient’s symptoms using a timeline format in either a list or a graph. The information on the app can also be downloaded as a CSV to be kept in a journal. 


This is one health information sharing app where the user gets to use their health data to gather information about their condition or the symptoms they are experiencing.

PatientsLikeMe also allows users to connect with others that are experiencing the same or similar issues. 

It is simple to create profiles with helpful timelines and charts to monitor symptoms, meds, and the person’s overall health over time. 

This app is also helpful for patients to discover they are not alone. It allows for a way to contact others that are faced with the same issues or those that are experiencing the same symptoms. 

It also allows the users to automate reports from doctor’s visits by adding the health data they have gathered over a specific time frame. 

health apps for seniors weight lossPin
Pick the most user-friendly weight loss app for your use.

Best Weight Loss Apps For Seniors

Are you confused about settling down on a weight loss app? Narrow down by downloading several apps and choosing the most user-friendly one.

To get you started, here are some of my favorite weight loss apps for seniors:

1. Cronometer

Cronometer helps seniors who would love to lose weight by being on a diet. It allows seniors to go into their foods and watch out to avoid nutrient deficiencies. It also allows you to log your meals from restaurants and your favorite recipes. You can only access a few of its features for free. 

2. My Macros+

My Macros+ focuses on helping seniors to watch their food intake. It allows you to set a micro goal and use a micro calculator. Seniors are presented with graphs that help them keep track of their progress.

3. Strava: Run, Ride, Hike

Strava: Run, Ride, Hike helps you to track your running, riding, and hiking activities. It connects seniors to people who enjoy the same activities to encourage each other. Seniors will also find the app’s ability to allow them to compete with other users interesting. 

4. Nike Training Club

It is the best app for seniors interested in improving their flexibility and muscle strength. It grants seniors flexibility through the different ability levels. The Nike Training Club app is easy to use. 

Research has shown that excess weight is the leading cause of chronic diseases among seniors. Most seniors have a hard time paying attention to their weight. Allow seniors to choose their weight loss journey by choosing between dieting and exercising.

Best Stretching Apps For Seniors

Most seniors spend their time seated and need to stretch to retain their flexibility. Stretching also helps seniors to relieve pain. Stretching also helps improve a senior’s posture, blood flow, energy levels, and mental health.

1. Yoga For Beginners

This app is suitable for seniors whose focus is on their flexibility. It also helps them to improve muscle tension. Seniors will love it since it allows them to exercise in the comfort of their homes.

This app only requires you to spare 10 minutes for stretching every day. And the Yoga for Beginners app is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

2. Stretch And Flexibility At Home 

Most seniors can barely reach their toes. This app will help such seniors begin their journey towards flexibility from home and are available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

It also offers seniors stretches aimed at pain relief and correction of posture. It has a library full of routines that allow you to stretch before or after jogging. Seniors get to choose the stretching timeframe. 


STRETCHIT is an easy-to-use stretching app that offers seniors a variety of routines. The app allows you to choose the type of stretches you prefer from various challenges.

It also allows you to filter classes by fitness levels and duration. It also gives you the advantage of excellent visuals.

Seniors who have stayed for long or have never done stretches before should consider using the beginner’s levels. Seniors should also pay more attention to daily achievement than the long-term goal.

It is always good to revisit the record of your progress. It is best if seniors get to choose the stretching timeframe.

Health Apps For The Disabled

Heath apps for the disabled focus on supporting individuals with various disabilities – you can use all available features or just a few that suit you.

Below are some of the best health apps for the disabled: 

1. Wheel Fit

This app is great for wheelchair users (available on the Google Play Store). It provides seniors with a workout plan that requires minimal use of equipment. It allows seniors to choose between workouts for beginners or more advanced athletes. 

2. Be My Eyes

This app is designed for seniors who are visually impaired or blind. Be My Eyes connects seniors to volunteers who help them accomplish their tasks. Seniors also get to access specialized help for complicated tasks. 

3. Speak For Yourself

The Speak For Yourself app was designed to help seniors with disabilities communicate their health and other needs effectively.

It is an excellent choice for seniors who have trouble with their speech. Seniors with disabilities will love this app for its features that help them develop their language. 

4. Assistive Touch 

It is designed to help seniors with physical disabilities access their health needs through their devices. It allows them to use Siri, swipe, and touch. You must activate the app before use, and is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Health apps for the disabled do not offer treatment. Seniors with disabilities have more difficulty managing their health than those who do not. Endeavor to help them access apps that will help them have an easier time. 

health apps for seniors meditationPin
Meditation can help prevent or lessen depression and dementia symptoms among older adults.

Meditation Apps For Seniors

Research has shown that meditation alleviates anxiety and depression among older adults. Seniors are more prone to stress due to shrinking networks and losing loved ones. Meditation also can offset factors that lead to the development of dementia.

Some of the meditations apps that seniors can make use of include the following:

1. Headspace

Headspace offers seniors easy-to-follow instructions. It also gives you the advantage of excellent visuals. It is suitable for seniors, whether beginners or pros at meditation. Seniors can use it for both short-term and long-term mediation.

2. Ten Percent Happier

Ten Percent Happier allows you access to lighthearted mediation. Seniors who love a sense of humor will love using this app. It also allows seniors to get help from experienced meditation teachers. 

3. Sanvello

The Sanvello app goes the extra mile to provide seniors with tools to manage anxiety. It helps seniors to track their moods, thoughts, and goals. Seniors will enjoy using its easy-to-nurse interface. Seniors also have the privilege of keeping journals on the app. 

4. Calm

Seniors who are seasoned mediators will love using this app. Calm offers open-ended sessions with very little guidance. It is excellent for sleep guidance. It also allows you to use breathing exercises and visualizations. It has an easy-to-use interface. 

5. Waking Up

The app was created for seniors who want to take a secular approach to their meditation. Seniors have an easy time navigating this app and enjoy its sleek design. Waking Up allows seniors to go through a self-discovery journey. The app has both long and short sessions. 

Get one of the best apps today to help your senior have an easy time meditating. If they are new to mediation, consider choosing an app that offers guidance. If you are in a position to, you can help them learn how to navigate the apps. 

Top Medical Apps for Seniors

Most seniors have difficulty keeping up with their prescription drugs, symptoms, appointments, and well-being. Here are some medical apps they can use to do just that.

1. Life360

This is the best app for seniors with Alzheimer’s. It allows seniors to exchange information in their real-time location. It uses alerts that inform caregivers about departures and arrivals at preset locations.

The Life360 will also enable seniors to create private groups with other seniors and caregivers. 

2. Medisafe

Medisafe allows seniors to manage several medications. It allows seniors to input the medication, dosage, and time and later uses the information to remind them.

Seniors mark taken on the medication after taking it to avoid confusion. The app also has a health measurement track that generates reports for doctors and caregivers. 

Stay Fit & Healthy With Technology

Aging comes with struggles, and seniors often have trouble carrying out various activities. Apps are here to make life easier for all seniors.

Luckily, today’s seniors are more technologically literate than ever and can turn to mobile and tablet applications in one way or another to stay fit and healthy. 

With so many health apps for seniors in the market, find the one that is most suitable and beneficial to you.

Whether you are a caregiver or a loved one of an older adult, implementing tech into a senior’s daily routine can go a long way in making their health monitoring more manageable and more thorough. 


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