The Best Daybeds For Seniors: Comfortable and the Right Height

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When the in-laws and other loved ones come to visit, you want them to be comfortable, right? Well, if a daybed is your only option for guest space, here are the best daybeds for seniors that are comfortable and easy to use too.

Best Daybeds For Seniors
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Daybeds are a perfectly good option for a guest bed for senior or elderly loved ones if you choose the right one. You want to make sure that they can get on and off of it easily and that it is comfortable for them to sleep on too. For you, it needs to be easy to use and convert when you need it.

In this guide, I’ll recommend several daybeds that are good for older adults. I’ll also let you know you what to look for in a daybed for a senior.

The Best Daybeds For Seniors

Here are the daybeds that I recommend for seniors and elderly people based on ease of use, bed height, and ease of assembly.

1. Metal Daybed By DHP Bombay

This daybed is great for seniors because of its design. It is very easy to assemble, ships in one box, and it is durable due to being made with stainless steel. The bed is available in two different sizes – full-sized or twin. It is also set a great height for seniors to be able to get in and out of the bed easily.

A trundle bed that tucks away underneath is also included for use by people of all ages. However, the daybed does not come with a mattress. You’ll need to purchase that separately. But, this could be a good thing since you are probably going to want a better mattress for an older adult that the standard spring mattresses that usually come with daybeds.

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2. Windaze Expandable Daybed with Trundle

I really like the idea of this extendable daybed for older adults. It can be used as a twin sized bed or, when the trundle is pulled out, it grows to a king bed. This is a great idea if rolling out of bed is a concern or for use by senior couples.

This one is also lower to the ground, about the same height as a chair once the mattress is on it. So, it should be easy for older adults with mobility problems to get up and down.

It’s well reviewed by users and includes 2 storage drawers that are a handy place to store bed sheets and other bed linens that you use on the bed.

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3. Zinus Suzanne Twin Daybed

This daybed is a great buy for those after a bed that is made with durable steel, as well as features wood accents that. The bed isn’t too large, but it is designed to fit two twin mattresses. It’s not difficult to put together either and it’s easy to pull the mattress in and out.

Although there are no side railings, safety railings can be installed on it. The bed can be placed against the wall in order to provide additional security for those who are using it. Whether the person decides to sleep on the bottom or the top, they will love how comfortable the daybed is to sleep on.

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4. Baxton Studios Upholstered Daybed

This bed is very stylish, but more importantly it is perfect for the elderly. It is equipped with slim back arms, as well as a solid backrest. It is comfortable, easy to get on and off, and the slats allows for fresh air to get through the mattresses. This means freshness and coolness will be maintained.

Let’s not forget to mention that this daybed is actually three pieces in one. Your loved one can use it as a guest bed, a regular bed or as a sofa. No matter how they use it, they will find it easy to get a good night’s or day’s rest on it.

It is available in queen and king sizes too.

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5. Zinus Brandi Quick Lock Day Bed Frame

The Zinus 30-inch lock daybed is another good bed for the elderly. It doesn’t take long to set it up, and the sleeping area is wide. Not only that, but the bed can be used as a sofa, and it comes with a foam mattress. This is the bed you want to get for an elderly person who enjoys napping throughout the day, as well as for those who like having a lot of space to stretch out on.

When the bed is used as a sofa, then up to three people can use it. Even more impressive is the design, which provides the user with the utmost comfort and support. For those with back problems or achy joints, they will appreciate having this daybed to rest on. The only downside to this bed is some users may find it takes a bit of time to get used to the mattress.

For those looking for a good daybed for a senior, they should consider any of the above. All of those daybeds are unique in their own way. However, they are all worth the price.

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So, What About the Mattress?

Most daybeds do not come with a mattress and, those that do, aren’t usually appropriate for an older body. Here are a few mattresses for daybeds that are more senior-appropriate and comfortable:

What To Look For In A Daybed For Seniors

Different daybeds have different features. There are lots of different brands and manufacturers. With that said, here are the top things to look for in a daybed for seniors:

1. Features

The first thing to look for in a daybed for an elderly person is the features. Depending on who the daybed is for, you might want to choose one that has storage space underneath or on the sides. There are beds that have one drawer or several drawers that can be used to store various items. Other features to look for in a daybed include the overall size of the bed.

Daybeds often have railings or a solid backing and/or sides. The overall design is important, too. Does the person prefer plenty of space for them to lay down in or do they prefer a small circular bed? Compare as many daybeds as possible and take a look at their features before determining which daybed has the best features.

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2. Comfort

This is an important feature to look for in a daybed. The good news is there are daybeds that come with very firm mattresses, while others have soft mattresses, and then there are daybeds that have mattresses that fall in between.

Many daybeds don’t come with mattresses at all so you can select the best mattress for your personal needs. Ask your elderly loved one or the person you’re caring for what their preference is for firmness, and this will give you an idea of what kind of daybed to buy them.

3. Height

Everyone has their own preference when it comes to height. The person you are buying a daybed for may find a higher daybed to be easier for them to get on, while others prefer beds that are not that high. Some daybeds are equipped with steps to help people get on and off of it easier, so consider this if opting for a daybed that is high. Here is my guide to the best bed heights for seniors and the elderly for more information.

4. Width

If it’s an already couple you’re buying a daybed for, then opt for one that offers enough room for them. Some individuals prefer having plenty of space to lay down on, while others prefer having a small space to lay on.

5. Adjustable

Another good feature that a daybed can come with is being adjustable. If you choose an adjustable daybed, make sure it is easy for a person to adjust the bed. The mechanism to adjust the bed should be within easy access.

6. Materials

You don’t want a daybed that hasn’t been made with quality materials. Nobody wants to use a daybed that will fall apart shortly after buying it. Not only that but if quality materials mean the daybed will be durable and will last for a long time to come. Furthermore, daybeds made with durable materials tend to be sturdy.

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7. With Or Without A Mattress

Not all daybeds come with a mattress. If a daybed doesn’t come with a mattress, then decide what kind of mattress is suitable for the one you’re thinking of getting. Determine what your budget is too if you’re thinking of getting a daybed that doesn’t include a mattress.

When it comes to choosing a daybed for an elderly person, you want to consider the features it comes with. Comfort, whether or not it’s adjustable, and the materials that were used to make the daybed are important considerations too. Finally, the height and width of the daybed are other things to look for in a daybed.

Those are the best daybeds for seniors. Make sure to take the time to consider the features, width and size of the daybeds before settling on which one to buy. By doing that, you’ll eventually find the perfect daybed for your elderly loved one.

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