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6 Best No Tie Shoelaces for Seniors: No Bending or Back Pain Required!

6 Best No Tie Shoelaces for Seniors: No Bending or Back Pain Required!

Seniors with back, hip or foot pain or balance issues can turn their regular tie shoes into slip-ons and avoid bending over by installing no-tie shoelaces, which are elastic laces that provide a customized snug fit without tripping hazards.
No Tie Shoelaces For Seniors
No Tie Shoelaces For Seniors
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If you’re a senior struggling with untied shoelaces causing falls or back pain from bending over, no-tie shoelaces are the solution.

  • These elastic laces turn regular tie shoes into slip-ons so you don’t have to bend down and tie them. Just slip your feet in and go.
  • No-tie laces come in different styles and colors to match your shoes.
  • Look for durable silicone and elastic materials.
  • Brands like Xpand, Hickies, and Lock Laces are top-rated.
  • Measure your shoes and buy the right size no-tie laces.
  • Install them by unthreading your laces and snapping the no-tie lace tabs into the eyelets. Adjust tension so they’re snug but not too tight.
  • Now enjoy shoes that are easy to get on and stay on your feet without tripping hazards. No more back pain from tying shoes or falls from loose laces.

No-tie shoelaces give you independence and confidence!

Best No Tie Shoelaces for Seniors

There’s no doubt that no tie shoelaces are useful for seniors but the question is which one you should buy. With so many types of no tie shoelaces around, it’s confusing which one to buy and which one to avoid.

Here is a list of the top no tie shoelaces that you can consider. Keep scrolling to learn more about their benefits and a video showing you how to install them.

XPAND Round No Tie Shoelaces - Elastic Lacing System - One Size Fits All Adults and Kids Shoes (Pack of 2)Pin

Xpand Quick Release No Tie Shoelaces System

as of 05/29/2024 6:54 pm

Made from premium quality elastic, the Xpand No Tie Shoelaces System is the best in the business. The elastic retains its elasticity for years and doesn’t become loose even if you wear the shoes every day.

If you are tired of tying shoelaces, just replace them with these no tie shoelaces. They come in a variety of colors. That means you can buy more than one type of shoelaces if you have different types of shoes in your closet.

Apart from the elasticity, these no tie shoelaces also retain the color for years. You won’t see the color fading even if you wash them several times. Moreover, they look unique because they are round and not flat like traditional shoelaces.

You won’t need to readjust them frequently like the flat ones. They are suitable for people of all ages, making them ideal for seniors also.

Don't want to mess with special shoe strings? Check out Zeba Shoes which have a no-tie fastening system that lets you slip your foot in them without bending over. Yet, they feel secure while you are wearing them!

HICKIES Tie-Free Laces - No Tie Shoe Laces for Adults - Tieless Elastic for Sneakers & Flat Shoes - One Size Fits All, Unisex (Neon Multicolor)Pin

HICKIES Tie-Free Laces (2.0 New) - Neon Multi

as of 05/29/2024 6:54 pm

This one-size-fits-all all pair of shoelaces will suit everyone’s feet. Made from stretchy synthetic materials, this is one of the most comfortable no tie shoelaces to wear.

Whether you wear sneakers or hiking boots, these shoelaces can fit easily into any type of shoe. Their customizable fit makes them suitable for different types of footwear. 

You can pick from a wide range of colors. Most importantly, they offer customizable fit with the help of different types of lacing styles. You can choose one for your running shoes and another for your walking shoes.

Each pack of HICKIES 2.0 No Tie Elastic Shoelaces comes with 14 straps. This makes them suitable for sneakers and other types of shoes that have more holes.

These shoelaces are made of elastic memory foam that molds into your feet’s shape for a comfortable fit.

HOMAR No Tie Shoelaces for Kids and Adults Stretch Silicone Elastic No Tie Shoe LacesPin

HOMAR No Tie Shoelaces

as of 05/29/2024 6:54 pm

Made from silicone, HOMAR No Tie Shoelaces are one of the most long-lasting shoelaces ever. Silicone is a flexible material that ensures you can use these shoelaces on any type of shoe you have in your wardrobe.

You also get a wide range of colors so that you can choose one according to the color of your shoe. These shoelaces come with a unique grip design that allows them to handle a lot of tension.

It won’t break or make you feel uncomfortable even if you tighten it at its optimum level.

In fact, you can even adjust the tightness of your shoes with this shoelace if you want. Just pull the adjust end to make the shoe fit tightly.

HOMAR No Tie Shoelaces are completely waterproof. This makes them easy to clean. All you need to do is soak the shoelaces in lukewarm water and rub the dirt away.

Diagonal One No Tie Shoelaces for Kids & Adults. The Elastic Silicone Shoe Laces to Replace Your Shoe Strings. 16 Slip On Tieless Flat Silicon Sneakers Laces (Black)Pin

New Diagonal One No Tie Shoelaces

as of 05/29/2024 6:54 pm

If you like traditional shoelaces instead of round ones, then you should buy DIAGONAL ONE No Tie Shoelaces. These flat no tie shoelaces are incredibly versatile and comfortable. You can wear them with any shoe you have.

Its elastic doesn’t usually become loose quickly. You can expect the shoelaces to retain their elasticity for at least a few years. Their brilliant combination of quality, style, and colors make them ideal for people of all ages.

These shoelaces are easy to install. They come in 10-strap packs that are enough for almost every type of shoe that exists. Once you install them, you won’t need to adjust them for a long time.

They are, however, difficult to clean. You will have to soak them in detergent and water solution for some time to remove any dust that’s accumulated on them. 

Lock Laces Elastic No Tie Shoe Laces (Pack of 2) One Size Fits All (Black-White)Pin

LOCK LACES Elastic No Tie Shoe Laces

as of 05/29/2024 6:54 pm

LOCK LACES Elastic No Tie Shoe Laces are one of the most stylish shoe laces available in the market right now. Growing old doesn’t mean you have to stop wearing funky shoes. These laces can make even ordinary shoes look funky because of their design.

Fortunately, you can choose from a wide range of colors and design patterns. Moreover, they have a unique locking feature that keeps your shoes tight after you slip them on.

If you want to walk more safely without losing your shoes, these shoelaces will come to your rescue. They sit on your shoes tightly and won’t come out if you walk at a brisk pace or even jog.

Not only seniors but even athletes use LOCK LACES Elastic No Tie Shoe Laces. Their high-quality elastic lasts for years, thus helping you not to bend forward to tie shoelaces again.

INMAKER No Tie Shoe Laces for Adults and Kids, Elastic Shoelaces for Sneakers, Rubber Silicone Tieless LacesPin

INMAKER No Tie Shoelaces

as of 05/29/2024 6:54 pm

When it comes to comfort, design, and style, there is no one close to INMAKER No Tie Shoelaces. These silicone no tie shoelaces are of premium quality and won’t break or become loose no matter how often you use them.

This makes them an excellent long-term investment. They don’t have any pressure points and would make your feet feel comfortable even if you wear your shoes throughout the day. 

The only drawback that you may point out is they come with 8-strap packs. This may fall short in a few sneakers. You should check the number of straps in your shoes before buying these no tie shoelaces.

If they have 8 packs or less, you must buy these shoelaces immediately. Like its competitors, the INMAKER No Tie Shoelaces also come in a wide range of colors and design patterns. They are also available in eight different sizes.

Benefits of No Tie Shoelaces

The biggest benefit of using no tie shoelaces for senior citizens is protecting their back. Back pain can become unbearable if you don’t listen to your doctor.

And doctors often recommend not to bend or carry heavy objects. But wearing your shoes mean tying shoelaces. You can put an end to all that by using no tie shoelaces.

Another important reason seniors should make the switch to these types of laces is for fall prevention. Shoe strings that have come untied can lead to a fall if they trip over them.

For some seniors, having to bend over to tie their shoes can cause a loss of balance that could lead to a fall as well.

Elderly people with the following conditions can benefit from using these helpful devices:

  • Back pain
  • Neuropathy and foot pain
  • Arthritis on the hands, back, and hips
  • Hip Pain
  • Knee Pain
  • High fall risk
  • Bad balance

How to Use No Tie Shoelaces

Here’s how you should use your no tie shoelaces:

  1. Unthread your existing shoelaces.
  2. Install the new no tie shoelaces per manufacturer’s directions. Most of these products have “tabs” that snap into the shoe’s eyelets that secures them to the shoe.
  3. Try the shoes on and adjust the tension of the respective shoelaces. You want them loose enough to slip on but not so loose that the heel shifts when walking.

You’re done!

Here’s a video that shows you how to install the Xpand brand no tie shoelaces.

Detailed Installation | Xpand

This will turn your laced shoes into slip-on shoes – but you don’t want them to fall off either. If you feel the shoe is loose, you can always tighten the shoelaces. This not only prevents you from bending forward but also saves time from tying shoelaces before going out.

Wrapping Up

Having to tie and retie shoes is an activity that seniors don’t really have to even do because of helpful products like no tie shoelaces. They reduce the pain of this activity and help reduce falls in the process.

Plus they make life a little easier for the seniors we love. That’s a win-win, right?

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