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Best Raised Toilet Seats for Seniors & the Elderly (Safer Toileting)

Best Raised Toilet Seats for Seniors & the Elderly (Safer Toileting)

Increasing the height toilet seats make getting on and off the toilet safer for older adults. Here are the best toilet seats for seniors and the elderly plus key features to look for when shopping for one of these important pieces of bathroom safety equipment.
Best Raised Toilet Seats For Seniors
Best Raised Toilet Seats For Seniors
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Raised toilet seats are just what the name implies: a way to raise your toilet seat higher off of the ground.

And a raised toilet seat can help individuals, especially the elderly, who struggle while sitting down and standing up from the toilet.

So, in this guide, I’ll cover everything you need to know about buying raised toilet seats for older adults. I’ll also include a list of my top recommended products for seniors and the elderly.

What Are the Best Raised Toilet Seats for Seniors and the Elderly Overall?

Here are my reviews of the top raised toilet seats that I recommend for seniors and the elderly.

Best Raised Toilet Seat

Bemis Clean Shield Raised Toilet Seat With ArmsPin

1. Bemis Clean Shield 3-inch Raised Toilet Seat

from $104.75

Height Option(s): 3 inches

Round and Elongated Bowls

Supports up to 1000 pounds


Easy to correctly and securely install
Provides the needed elevation for safer toileting
Has options for arms and even a bidet!
Sturdy, secure, and safe


Only one height option (3 inches)

For raised toilet seats to provide their necessary benefits, they must be correctly and securely installed. Otherwise, they can even be more dangerous than using a regular toilet seat.

Bemis Independence, a division of Bemis Manufacturing Company, one of the US’s top manufacturers of toilet seats, developed their Clean Shield line of elevated toilet seats to address this very issue.

Honestly, I was a little skeptical, so they sent me one that I could try out for myself.

I have replaced many toilet seats in the past (I once owned rental properties), and this was one of the easiest to install. It didn’t wiggle from side to side while you were installing it. So, it went on straight and properly lined up without needing adjustments.

Another common installation concern with toilet seats is how tight you should make them. Too loose, they wobble. Too tight, you risk breaking the hardware or hinge.

But, the Clean Shield raised toilet seat makes it easy to know when you have the right tightness because the toilet seat features a bolt head that literally snaps off in the included wrench when it is just right.

They call it Snap2Secure, and that is exactly what it does. It stays tight and secure until the day you replace it – which will be years down the road.

Other than the simple installation process, there are other benefits to love about this raised toilet seat.

Many seniors and elderly people are self-conscious about using medical equipment even if it’s helpful.

The Clean Shield raised toilet seat has a more finished – and less medical – appearance while providing 3 inches of additional toilet seat height that many older adults need.

The included lid matches perfectly with most white porcelain toilets – so much so that it looks like standard equipment.

No one wants to spend too much time cleaning their toilet, right? Cleaning is a breeze, too, because the hinges of the elevated toilet seat are off the toilet bowl, which makes it easy to get a cleaning brush or rag around them.

Finally, the user’s weight won’t be an issue with this one either. It has been tested to 1000 pounds. And, if you choose the option with arms, each arm has been tested to 350 pounds.

It is, in my professional experience and option, the best raised toilet seat for seniors, period!

I have a more detailed Bemis Clean Shield review you can read here if interested.

Easy Installation

Vive Raised Toilet Seat - 5" Portable, Elevated Riser with Padded Handles - Elongated and Standard Fit Commode Lifter - Bathroom Safety Extender Assists Disabled, Elderly, Seniors, Handicapped (1)Pin

2. Vive Raised Toilet Seat

from $79.99

Height Option(s): 5 inches

Round and Elongated Bowls

Supports up to 250 pounds


Padded handles are included and are easy to install and remove
Seat is easy to install without removing the existing toilet seat
Easy to clean
Easy to remove and take with you if needed


Can become loose with time, so it should be inspected before each use

If you are looking for an easy-to-install raised toilet seat or one that can be easily moved from toilet to toilet, then this Vive model may be the best one for you.

It uses a simple pressure system that is adjusted via a knob on the front to install on your toilet bowl. Plus, you don’t need to remove the existing toilet seat, simply flip it up out of the way and then install this one.

Of course, you should always test it before using it to make sure the installation is still secure. There should be no wobble or wiggle when weight is put on the handles. Because the knob is upfront, it could be accidentally turned, causing the seat to loosen.

Speaking of handles, it has padded handles that make it safe for seniors to sit or stand. The handles can be easily removed and provide a non-slip grip to the senior, reducing the likelihood of accidents.

Because of its plastic construction, you can clean it with most household cleaners without the worry of damage. And, because it is so easily removed, you can pop it off anytime the entire toilet bowl needs thorough sanitizing.

Best with Arms and Legs

Oasisspace Raised Toilet SeatPin

3. OasisSpace Raised Toilet Seat



It supports up to 300 pounds
Easy to clean with a quick wipe down
Seat height is adjustable
Fits on most standard toilet bowls


Assembly took a bit longer than expected and required a few attempts to get screws lined up correctly, but it is tool-free.

Toilet seats with arms and legs offer some advantages over standard raised seats.

For one, they can be picked up and moved when another person in the household needs to use the toilet. Because they are not permanently attached, they are highly portable.

Another reason to consider a raised toilet seat with legs is that they are height adjustable. So, you can easily set the toilet to the height that you or your loved one need.

This toilet seat frame from OasisSpace has all of these features and more. The seat is adjustable from 20-1/2 to 27-1/2 inches from the floor. It also supports up to 300 pounds. This means that it is going to fit and support a wide size range of seniors.

Another thing I really like about this model is the funnel underneath the seat that makes sure everything goes where it should. This makes cleaning easier and a whole lot less messy.

I was sent a free unit to try out and was very pleased with the product. The only issue I really had was with the assembly. You have to get the screws lined up perfectly when attaching the cross bars under the arms.

But, once I got them correctly lined up, they went right in. Installation doesn’t require any tools and uses simple bolts with wing assemblies for tightening them down.

Best Raised Toilet Seat Riser

Carex Round Hinged Raised Toilet Seat, Adds 3.5 Inches of Height to Toilet, 300 Pound Weight Capacity, Toilet Seat Riser, Elevated Toilet Seat And Handicap Toilet Seat, Round or StandardPin

4. Carex Round Hinged Toilet Riser Seat

as of 06/20/2024 12:42 am

Height Option(s): 3.5 inches

Round and Elongated Bowls

Supports up to 300 pounds


Easy to clean
Easy to install
It fits on most standard toilet bowls
Made from durable material


While easy to install, it does require a screwdriver, and care should be taken to make sure it stays tight

This Carex raised toilet riser seat is added underneath your current toilet seat and adds 3.5 inches to the total height. This is a suitable option if you have an existing toilet seat you prefer because it matches your toilet or decor.

It has a hinged design, so it flips back out of the way for easy cleaning. It is made of plastic, so it can be cleaned with common household cleaners.

Even though this Carex toilet seat is plastic and lightweight, it is durable and supports a weight capacity of 300 pounds. The capacity and the 3.5 inches of height mean it should provide assistance to most seniors.

It easily installs onto existing toilet bowls and replaces both round and elongated toilet seats. You only need a screwdriver to complete the installation, which will take just a few minutes.

Finally, the Carex option is the best one for budget-conscious people because it is quite affordable!

Best for Comfort

Ultimate Raised Toilet Seat with Handles, Padded, Armrests, Adjustable Height, Premium Elevated Toilet Seat for Elderly Bathroom Safety with Arms, Standard and Elongated Toilets, BluePin

5. Platinum Health The Ultimate Raised Toilet Seat

as of 06/20/2024 12:42 am

Height Option(s): Adjustable

Fits All Toilets

Supports up to 350 pounds


Fits all kinds of toilets
Highly comfortable padded seat and armrests
Adjustable height to fit a wide range of elderly
Multi-use device


The bar, at times, gets in the way of wiping and cleaning

This multiple-use device is a bedside commode, really. It comes with various commode buckets so that it can be used anywhere in the home.

But, it is extremely useful when used as a raised toilet seat for your existing toilet. And all you have to do is slide off the commode buckets underneath and set this commode chair over top of your toilet, straddling it on each side.

The legs are then adjustable so that you can set the height right where you need it.

And, of course, you want to be comfortable on the toilet, right? Especially if you use it more often than you care to admit. Padded toilet seats (and this one has really thick padding) make even the coldest toilet more comfortable. Even the armrests are padded.

Another key advantage to a product like this is that there is no installation per se. You may have to assemble it when it comes, but there is no attachment to the toilet to manage.

You simply set it over top of the toilet, make sure it is level and sturdy, and it’s ready to go.

Best for Temporary Use

HealthSmart Raised Toilet Seat Riser That Fits Most Standard (Round) Toilet Bowls for Enhanced Comfort and Elevation with Slip Resistant Pads, 15x15x5Pin

6. HealthSmart Raised Toilet Seat Riser

as of 06/20/2024 12:42 am

Height Option(s): 5 inches

Universal Size

Supports up to 250 pounds


Easy to clean
Made from durable material
Best for temporary needs and uses
It fits on most standard toilet bowls


Does not attach to the toilet, so it could come loose with use

I wanted to include an option for people who may just need a raised toilet seat for a short period of time, like during recovery from surgery or an injury. And this inexpensive option from HealthSmart is it.

This one uses a plastic collar that fits down in the bowl along with non-slip pads around the rim to secure it. Honestly, this isn’t the most secure or stable option but is acceptable for someone who just needs to use a product like this for a few weeks.

I DO NOT RECOMMEND an option like this for long-term use or for elderly people with balance and neurological health issues because it does not attach or secure itself to the toilet directly.

So, it is possible it could move out of place, especially if weight is placed more on one side than the other.

All that being said, this is a durable raised toilet seat that is easy to clean too because it can be removed so easily. It fits most toilets and provides the necessary increase in seat height to assist with recovery.

Best Raised Toilet Seat for Seniors with Arthritis

Bemis Clean Shield Raised Toilet Seat With ArmsPin

Bemis Clean Shield 3 inch Raised Toilet Seats With Support Arms

as of 06/20/2024 12:42 am


It is easy to install
Provides stable and sturdy support
Optional arms add leverage to sit and stand
User-friendly and easy to clean


Only provides 3 inches which may not be enough for taller adults

Best Raised Toilet Seat for Knee Replacement

RMS Raised Toilet Seat - 5 Inch Elevated Riser with Adjustable Padded Arms - Toilet Safety Seat for Elongated or Standard CommodePin

RMS Raised Toilet Safety Seat With Handles

as of 06/20/2024 12:42 am


It is adjustable
It has padded non-slip arms
Does not require tools to install
Easy to use


5 inches could be too much for short seniors

According to Personalized Orthopedics of the Palm Beaches, 2021, at least 800,000 knee replacements are performed yearly. More than 60% of them are done among elders.

After a knee replacement, individuals suffer pain, especially during activities such as toileting. The RMS raised toilet seat with handles helps avoid bending the knee when toileting and reduces the chances of having seniors experience pain.

This toilet seat adds a height of 5 inches to the usual seat. It makes it easy for the elderly to have their legs almost stretched without strain when using it.

Its padded arms can be easily removed to give way to proper cleaning. It can fit most standard elongated seats.

Portable Raised Toilet Seat

Best Travel Raised Seat

Earth Throne Portable Toilet Seat ProductPin

Earth Throne Portable Raised Toilet Seat


Adds 4 inches of height for easier sitting and standing
Lightweight (4 lbs) and easy to install without tools
Provides a comfortable, cushioned sitting surface
Stays securely in place on the toilet bowl
Ideal for travel since it’s removable and portable


Can have minor gaps on elongated toilet bowls
Not as wide as some permanent raised seats
Foam surface can stain if not cleaned

The Earth Throne Portable Toilet Seat provides seniors and others with a travel-friendly raised toilet seat option. Weighing just 4 pounds, this lightweight seat can be easily popped on and off any standard toilet.

According to my first-hand testing, the Earth Throne delivers exceptional stability and comfort for aging users. The grippy bottom surface prevents any sliding on the toilet bowl, allowing seniors to sit and stand with confidence.

The soft foam cushion adds comfort while the 4 inches of extra height reduces the bending and lowering required during transfers.

While I found some minor gaps may occur on elongated toilet bowls, the Earth Throne exceeded my expectations for a portable seat. Overall, I recommend the Earth Throne for improving toilet accessibility.

Best Portable Raised Seat

PCP 5" Toilet Seat Riser with Discreet Traveling Carry Bag, Contour Molded, Elevated Safety Seat Commode RiserPin

PCP 5 inch Toilet Seat Riser With Discreet Traveling Carry Bag

as of 06/20/2024 12:42 am


Easy to fit
Enhanced safety
Easy to use
Easy installation


Care should be taken to ensure it is properly installed before using

Portable raised toilet seats are most useful when a senior needs to travel. These seats are not very heavy and also do not occupy a lot of space.

They are made moderately, not very high, and not very low. You can consider the PCP 5″ Toilet Seat Riser with a Discreet Traveling Carry Bag.

It comes with a flat seat. This is an easy toilet riser to install and does not have a complicated locking toilet seat. It allows easy installation since it has no drill holes. Its design allows thorough cleaning helping the seniors maintain high hygiene levels.

Best Toilet Seat Risers

Vive Toilet Seat Risers for Seniors (Raised with Handles) Grab Bar Seat for Seniors - Options for Elongated & Standard Bowls - Elderly Handicap Medical Hip Replacement Surgery Lift, Easy Clean, WhitePin

Vive Toilet Seat Riser With Arms

from $74.99


Easy to clean
Easy to install
Tool-free installation
Handles offer soft foam hand grips


It can only support up to 300 pounds
It is less portable

Toilet seat risers install underneath your existing toilet seat. This toilet seat riser raises your current toilet seat up another 4 inches to help with your toileting needs.

I also like that it comes with padded arms that give disabled seniors that extra bit of leverage that they may need. It fits on both round and elongated toilet bowls too while supporting up to 300 pounds.

Installation is a breeze too – just insert the two long bolts through the seat riser and secure them underneath the toilet bowl. You can even attach your current hinged toilet seat to the top.

This attached connection helps make sure it doesn’t move while you are using it. Just make sure it is installed securely first.

Best Raised Toilet Seat With Handles

Drive Medical RTL12027RA 2-in-1 Raised Toilet Seat with Removable Padded Arms, Standard SeatPin

Drive Medical 2-in-1 Raised Toilet Seat With Removable Padded Arms (RTL12027RA)

as of 06/20/2024 12:42 am


Easily adjustable
Does not need tools to install
Easy to clean
Strong armrests


Its stability relies on how well it is installed
Can easily get out of place if not well installed

Toilet seat handles are the most durable for elders who have trouble toileting. Handles offer them support, ensuring they have reduced chances of tripping and falling in the bathrooms.

Handles that can be removed are better because they allow space for other individuals using the same bathroom. You should consider having the Drive Medical RTL12027RA 2-in-1 raised toilet seat with removable padded arms.

It has armrests that make sitting and standing when toileting much easier. Its material can be easily cleaned using normal household detergents.

It can be adjusted to fit the user’s needs or be used for users with different needs. It uses a simple locking mechanism, which makes it easier to install.

How to Choose an Elevated Toilet Seat

When choosing a raised toilet seat for an elderly person, think about the current condition of the elderly person as well as future needs. Use these tips to choose the right raised toilet seat for an elderly person.

  1. Right Height. Choose the height of the seat according to the size of the user. Get as high of a raised seat as you can while also making sure their feet remain on the ground.
  2. Right Shape. Make sure the shape and dimension of the toilet seat fit the length of the toilet bowl that you want to raise. Is your toilet bowl round (16-1/2 inches deep) or elongated (18-1/2 inches deep)?
  3. Right Weight. Always check the weight-bearing capacity before purchase to ensure that the toilet bowl can safely support the weight of the user.
  4. Right Support. Raised toilet seats with arms go a long way in helping the elderly get on and off the raised toilet seat so they can use their arms to gain leverage rather than their knees or hips.
  5. Right Accessories. The presence of a lid or cover helps to maintain high hygiene standards. Also, look for raised toilet seats with shields or funnels that make sure everything goes where it should.
  6. Right Installation. The best product installs directly to the toilet or has locking mechanisms that keep it from moving while being used. Freestanding options should be stable and have four legs on the ground.
Guide to raised toilet seatsPin
© Graying With Grace – Reproducible With Attribution and Link to Source

How Can Elevated Toilet Seats Help Older Adults?

Seniors with mobility impairment risk falling when using the toilet. Using the best bathroom safety equipment, like an elevated raised toilet seat, reduces the risks associated with toileting.

An elevated toilet seat increases a senior’s level of independence, guaranteeing them more privacy during toileting because they won’t have to ask for help.

Here are just a few ways that a raised toilet seat will help older adults:

  1. Increased safety due to reduced risk of slipping, tripping, and falling.
  2. Increased stability due to support that higher toilet seats offer – especially with arms.
  3. Controlled sitting and standing reduce joint and back pain.
  4. Improved independence and confidence because of reduced injury risk.
  5. Peace of mind for caregivers and loved ones.

Are There Any Drawbacks of Using a Raised Toilet Seat?

A raised toilet seat has lots of pros but there are a few cons you should be aware of also. Some of these disadvantages include:


Since additional parts have been added to the toilet, more time could be needed during cleaning, especially when the additional parts have to be removed.

Look for a raised toilet seat that has high hinges or is removable to make cleaning the toilet and the seat much easier.

Damage from Incorrect Installation

If a raised toilet seat is not installed correctly, it can cause damage to your toilet. Frequently people tighten the screws too much, which can cause cracking or breakage of porcelain toilets.

Seats that are too loose can move, causing scrapes and marks on the bowl. Not to mention increasing the risk of a fall.

Not Having a Lid

Using the toilet seat lid to keep the toilet bowl closed is necessary to avoid the spread of germs and cover unsightly stains. Many toilet raisers do not allow seniors to keep the lid closed, which creates a higher likelihood of spreading germs.

Important Safety Tips When Using Higher, Raised Seats

Elders are likely to have difficulty toileting due to health issues such as impaired vision, reduced balance, inaccurate motor coordination, and pain. There are certain tips that seniors should follow for the effective use of raised seats.

These tips help avoid accidents that would most likely worsen a senior’s physical condition:

1. Always, Always Check the Raised Toilet Seat Before Using

You must, must check the raised toilet seat before using it to make sure it is still securely installed. If it is loose, it could easily throw an elderly person with health problems off balance. This could lead to a fall and possibly an injury.

If the raised toilet seat wiggles or appears to be loose, do not use it. Call a neighbor, loved one, or plumber to attend to it immediately.

2. Keep the Toilet Paper Close

Make sure the toilet paper is within reach without needing to lean, stretch, or bend over. This reduces the chance of a fall from a higher toilet seat.

If you or your loved one have difficulty wiping, consider using toileting aids like teachers and toilet paper holders instead.

3. Clean Up Immediately

Clean up any messes or accidents immediately, especially where liquids are concerned. Slips and falls are the leading causes of bathroom accidents.

4. Ask for Standby Help

I understand that using the toilet is a private event that shouldn’t be shared with others. But, if you are concerned about your safety, ask someone to wait outside the door or within earshot.

That way, if you need help, you can get it quickly without violating your personal privacy.

5. Install Some Grab Bars Too

There is never such a thing as too much precaution when it comes to the bathroom. Install grab bars around your toilet to give additional places to hold while standing, sitting, or taking care of personal bathroom hygiene.

raised toilet seat alternativesPin
© Graying With Grace – Reproducible With Attribution and Link to Source

Alternatives to Installing a Raised or Elevated Toilet Seat

These are other ways to raise toilet seats and improve bathroom safety overall. Here are several alternatives to raised toilet seats you may want to consider.

1. Install a Taller Toilet

There is always the option of using taller toilet bowls, which average 17-19 inches. Some companies even offer customized toilet bowls according to the user’s needs, height, and weight.

This requires a bit more work to install and may require a professional but can be a great option for anyone concerned with the aesthetics of medical equipment in the bathroom.

See my guide to tall toilets for seniors and the elderly for more information about this option.

2. Add a Toilet Safety Frame

Toilet safety frames attach to the toilet and provide a stable set of arms for pushing up from the toilet.

Most don’t address the height of the toilet seat, but there are a few models that have seats built onto them too. The height of the armrests and the seats of a safety toilet rail are usually adjustable to fit the user.

There are freestanding models available too, which are portable.

You can see my list of the best toilet safety rails and frames here.

3. Consider a Bedside Commode Chair Instead

Bedside commodes are just that – potty chairs that are designed to be used in places other than the bathroom. Many people don’t realize, though, that they are also called 3-in-1 commodes because they can also be used as raised toilet seats and toilet safety frames.

To use them this way, you remove the commode bucket from underneath and then set the frame over top of your toilet. You can then adjust the height to fit the user.

Check out my recommended bedside commodes in this guide to learn more.

4. Try a Thicker, Padded Toilet Seat

This alternative won’t work for a lot of people. But, if you or your loved one are just starting to have health problems, a raised seat with thick padding may provide enough of a difference to help.

Padded toilet seats are always going to be a more comfortable toilet seat, right? Some raised toilet seat options come with padded seats as well.

5. Install a Higher Toilet Riser

Rather than adding height to your toilet seat, you can increase the height by putting a “spacer” or toilet riser under the base of your existing toilet. This raises the height of the entire toilet, including the seat, of course.

The most popular of these products is the Toilevator. Learn more about it here.

6. Mechanical and Electrical Toilet Seat Lifts

This category of products uses hydraulics that are mechanically or electrically powered to lift a person off of the toilet. Think of it as giving them a gentle push upwards to help them stand.

They can also slow the speed at which a person sits, providing a safer way to get on the toilet too.

Think of these as a toilet seat elevator, if you will. The Mcombo Electric Toilet Lift (available at Amazon) is a popular product in this group.

Final Thoughts

Raised toilet seats are a lifesaver for elderly seniors who have difficulty using regular toilet seats. Increasing the height of the toilet seat decreases the effort they have to put into sitting and standing while toileting.

The best raised toilet seats for seniors and the elderly are ones that attach directly to the toilet or have four legs to provide the most stability while they are used.

I recommend you choose a raised toilet seat that comes with arms or has some that can be added later if needed. My professional opinion is that the Bemis Clean Shield (available at these retailers) is by far the best product out there.

When buying a raised toilet seat, you should also consider its ease of use, compatibility with the existing toilet bowl, and cleanability. Pay particular attention to durability and ease of installation.

Most importantly, a raised toilet seat must improve their safety and comfort second. I hope that these reviews helped you make a critical decision.

If you have any questions about raised toilet seats, please leave them in the comments below. If your question is more personal in nature, contact me directly.

Sources and Additional Resources:

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