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Top 36 Caregiving Blogs to Keep You Sane and Let You Know You Aren’t Alone!

Top 36 Caregiving Blogs to Keep You Sane and Let You Know You Aren’t Alone!

Many caregivers have turned to the web as a source of relief, therapy, and creative expression. The result is there are hundreds of blogs and websites on the internet that deal with the caregiving experience from the early stages to the eventual sad end. Here are best caregiving blogs for stressed out caregivers
top blogs for caregivers cover badge
top blogs for caregivers cover badge
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Caring for a parent, grandparent, or other loved one?

Do you feel alone, stressed out, and that no one really understands how you feel?

Believe it or not, you aren’t alone.

Often, the final role in the parent – adult child relationship is that of a caregiver to a parent.

I combed through more than 400 of these blogs and sites to give you this “best of” list. I looked for blogs that offered unique perspectives, had a lot to offer, and were still being updated. You’ll find sites here that feature celebrated authors, twenty-something millennials, support organizations, or just regular people who are caring for a parent or spouse like you.

These are the best of best caregiving blogs for caregivers of elderly parents or spouses – in alphabetical order. Every site or blog here is a winner!

Ready to see the list?

Here we go!

AARP Resources for Caregivers

aarp caregiving hub screenshotPin

Most seniors are already familiar with the AARP but few know they offer a web channel for family caregiving. This portal has usable tips and guides for providing care as home as well as financial and legal advice for caregivers. The section on personal stories is especially helpful for stressed out caregivers.

Advocate for Mom and Dad

advocate for mom and dad screenshotPin

This is the blog of Deb Hallisey who became a caregiving expert and senior advocate after caring for her disabled mother. She offers practical advice to answer the questions “what do I do?” and “where do I start?” through her blog. There she also uses her personal experience and stories to guide you through the caregiving process.

Visit Advocate for Mom and Dad

Aging In Place

Aging in Place Blog ScreenshotPin

The goal of Aging in Place is to give seniors and their caregivers the tools and resources they need to keep seniors in their homes as long as possible. Their areas of expertise are advice for caregivers, caregiver guides, and reviews of home care services.

Visit Aging In Place

Aging Parents and Elder Care

aging parents elder care senior care screenshotPin

This caregiving blog has been around since 2009 and offers caregivers a variety of tools and resources. Checklists are a featured tool as well as links to books, videos, and other resources to help you on your caregiving journey. A glossary is included too to reduce confusion and improve your understanding.

Update: This blog now seems to be offline

Alzheimer’s Reading Room

alzheimers reading room screenshotPin

This site, created by Bob DeMarco, is considered to be the deepest source of information about Alzheimer’s and dementia available in the world. The expert written articles seek to help caregivers understand and communicate with a person living with dementia. This blog provides invaluable insight for those caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s.

*Site Down As of 3/1/2020*

Artsie and Mom

artsie and mom screenshotPin

This blog serves as a caregiver journal for Artsie, a 20-something who serves as a “junior caretaker” to her mother who has cancer. Many posts reference her faith and use her personally drawn cartoons to bring some humor to the situation. This isn’t your standard clinical-type caregiver blog and it is a refreshing change!

*Site Has Been Deleted*

As Our Parents Age

as our parents age blogPin

As Our Parents Age is the personal blog of Marti Weston, an experienced caregiver with extensive technology skill. She provides helpful blog articles and shares her personal thoughts and advice for caregiving. She is known for her “Ipad for Dad” series about introducing her dad to technology.

Visit As Our Parents Age

Boomers with Elderly Parents

boomers with elderly parents screenshotPin

This is an 11 year old site for caregivers of elderly parents with information on a wide range of subjects.There is also an active forum that you can join for support where venting is “definitely allowed!” Much of the content focuses on dementia and Alzheimer’s caregiving for a senior loved one or spouse.

The Caregiver Space

the caregiver space screenshotsPin

The Caregiver Space is another large website for caregivers with lots of resources from multiple authors who are all experience in caregiving. The resources and guides are built around a community where you are encouraged to share your feelings and options in a safe and open space.

Visit The Caregiver Space

Caregiver Stress

caregiver stress screenshotPin

Caregiver Stress is a service of Home Instead Senior Care, a provider of home care services in the US. This site focuses on helping you care for a senior loved one while also learning to care for yourself. Learn to spot the signs of stress while caring for others.

Visit Caregiver Stress

The Caregiver Voice

caregiver voice screenshotPin

Brenda Avadian is the founder and voice behind The Caregiver Voice blog. She became a national spokesperson for caregivers and an author of nine books on caregiving after caring for her own father with Alzheimer’s. The site strives to support caregivers through inspired storytelling and humor.

Visit The Caregiver Voice

Caregiver Warrior

caregiver warror screenshotPin

Susanne White started the Caregiver Warrior website to share her caregiving experiences with her parents. A main focus of her site is teaching caregivers how to fight for dignity and quality of life while surviving their caregiving journey. A book, podcast, and speaking engagements are just part of her offering.

Visit Caregiver Warrior

The Caregivers’ Living Room

caregivers living room screenshotPin

Donna Thomson has the unique experience of caring for both an adult child and for an elderly parent. Through these experiences, she has authored several books that detail her journey caring for others. She also shares deeply personal posts on her blog about caregiving and how the experiences of caregivers.

Visit Donna Thomson


caregiving dot com screenshotPin

CareGiving is a large website with tons of articles and resources for personal and professional caregivers. They also offer several caregiving certifications for those who want to really learn the ins and outs of being a caregivers. All this information is supplemented by blogs, forums, and chat rooms.

Visit CareGiving

Caregiving Made Easy

caregiving for parents made easy screenshotPin

Caregiving Made Easy is the site of author Kathy Macaraeg who has written several books on caregiving. Kathy has the unique persective of being both a carer and a caree due to her own chronic illness. She specializes in transportation issues that caregivers face including telling seniors they should no longer drive.

Visit Caregiving Made Easy


careliving screenshotPin

CareLiving is the site of Kim Cambell, wife of Glen Campbell, as she continues his mission of educating the world about Alzheimer’s disease. She uses the site to empower caregivers to take care of themselves while caring for others by providing education, events, social media campaigns, and informational blog posts.

Visit CareLiving


caring dot com screenshotPin features a caregiving portal for those seeking support and information while caring for aging parents, spouses, and family members. Part of their offering are reviews of senior care options as well as making home care referrals and providing one-on-one guidance through Family Advisors.

Visit Caring


caregiver support screenshotPin

CaringBridge honors the sacrifices of caregiving while also recognizing it for the unselfish act of love it is. This site offers free websites to caregivers for the purpose of journaling about their experiences, gathering support from other caregivers, and having a safe place to express their emotions and feeling during the caregiving process.

Visit CaringBridge

Confessions of a Male Caregiver

confessions of a male caregiver screenshotPin

For a bit of a unique perspective on caregiving, check out Marc Lawrence’s blog. He writes the blog from the male perspective of caregiving as he cares for his wife who suffered a hemorrhagic stroke in 2017. In addition to being a full time caregiver to his wife, he also cares for his young daughter.

Visit Confessions of a Male Caregiver

Daily Caring

Daily Caring Blog ScreenshotPin

Daily Caring is dedicated to helping caregivers solve frustrating problems fast by providing practical and useful tips and advice. These guides are supplemented with personal stories. This site is a large one but is easy to navigate and search for the specific information you are looking for.

Visit Daily Caring

Dementia Diaries

dementia diaries screenshotPin

This blog follows the experiences and story of Cassandra as she cared for her mother who was diagnosed with a rare form of Alzheimer’s. Her heart-warming posts detail the daily life of a caregiver and the rollercoaster of emotions that come with it. Even though her mother has passed, she still occasionally posts with updates and reminiscences.

Visit Dementia Diaries

Early Onset Alzheimer’s Blog

early onset alzheimers blog screenshotPin

This blog by Linda Fisher focuses on early onset Alzheimer’s disease and her personal experience as a caregiver for her husband who was diagnosed with the disease. Her posts are deeply personal, insightful, and even humorous at times. With 11 years of posts, there is a lot to read and absorb!

Visit Early Onset

Family Caregiver Alliance

family caregiver alliance screenshotPin

The FCA is an organization that supports family caregivers by providing services such as assessment, care planning, skills education, wellness programs, and vouchers for legal and financial consultations. For 40 years, they have worked as an advocate for family caregivers. On the site, you’ll find information about caregiver education and ways to connect with other caregivers.

A Fit Caregiver

a fit caregiver screenshotPin

Stacey Perry started this blog to highlight her experiences as a professional caregiver in private homes, nursing homes, and hosptials. She focuses on staying healthy yourself while caring for others – a lesson she learned after gaining 50 lbs and letting her own health slip. Her site offers a unique combination of caregiving advice and personal health tips

Visit A Fit Caregiver

Happy Healthy Caregiver

happy healthy caregiver screenshotPin

This site was created by Elizabeth Miller after dealing with the care needs of her father and mother. She shares her experience and guidance through forums, podcasts, and her blog. Her mission is to help caregivers become happier and healthier while caring for their loved ones.

Visit Happy Healthy Caregiver


caregiving home page screenshotPin

The Caregiving page at the HelpGuide provides articles for making the caregiving process easier. But, it also serves to remind you of the rewarding parts of caregiving so that you can reduce your stress and minimize caregiver burnout.You’ll find lots of articles on wide-ranging caregiver topics on this blog.

Visit Help Guide

I Am Somebody

i am somebody blog screenshotPin

This is the blog of Frances Kakugawa, author of several books on memory loss and a former caregiver to her mother who lived with Alzheimer’s. She is also a well-recognized poet and speaker on caregiver issues. Because of this, her posts are creative, often poetic, and uplifting.

Visit I Am Somebody

The Imperfect Caregiver

the imperfect caregiver screen shotPin

Bobbi Carducci founded this site to share her expertise and experience caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s. On this blog, she answers the many questions caregivers ask. She is a popular speaker and workshop presenter on the subject of dementia care. She has also authored several books including Confessions of an Imperfect Caregiver.

Visit The Imperfect Caregiver

Kapok Multicultural Caregiving

kapok senior care screnshotPin

This site was started by Angelica Herrera Venson, a gerontologist who has worked with seniors and their caregivers for more than 16 years. The site focuses on caregiving in diverse communities. It tackles tough issues like death and grief, end of life care, and stubborn parents.

Visit Kapok Multicultural Caregiving


NextAvenue is a service of the Twin Cities PBS station. This blog focuses on America’s increasing older population by providing guides, advice, and context from journalists across the country. Their caregiver channel provides advice on handling the day-to-day challenges of caring for an elderly adult.

Pamela D. Wilson

pamela d wilson screenshotPin

Pamela Wilson is a nationally known caregiving expert, advocate, and speaker who has provided education, training, and support for both family and professional caregivers. Through this site, you get access to her Caring Generation Library®, lots of helpful articles, her podcast, webinars, and more.

Visit Pamela Wilson

Senior Living

senior living screenshotPin

Senior Living is a home care referral service for seniors needing in home caregiving services. Their site features a caregiving section that offers tips and advice for caring for elderly loved ones at home. A helpful questionaire is included to help you figure out how much help your loved one needs.

Visit Senior Living

Taking Care of Grandma

taking care of grandma screenshotPin

This blog was created by Rachel Hiles, a 30 something woman with diverse caregiver experience. Professionally, she has cared and advocated for adults with physical and mental disabilities. Recently though she has become the primary caregiver to her grandmother. Here she shares the personal details of their journey and misadventures.

Visit Taking Care of Grandma

Today’s Caregiver

todays caregiver screenshotPin

Today’s Caregiver is a publication of the Caregiver media Group. This group was founded in 1995 by Gary Barg after helping his own mother care for his ailing grandparents and father. The site serves family and professional caregivers. In addition to the how to guides and articles on the site, they offer a magazine and the Fearless Caregiver Conferences which are hosted all across the US.

Visit Today’s Caregiver

Transition Aging Parents

transition aging parents screenshotPin

This is the site of Dale Carter, a speaker and author on caregiving who has worked as a long distance caregiver to her mother and an in-home caregiver to her husband. On this blog, she gives practical tips and advice on caregiving through articles, books, workbooks, podcasts, and recorded interviews.

Visit Transition Aging Parents

The Ultimate Caregiving Expert

ultimate caregiver screenshotPin

Tena Scallan is a long time professional caregiver who ran her own healthcare agency. She created this blog to bring her experience and advice to the online caregiver support community. Through the site, she also offers caregiving consultant services as well as detailed guides and checklists to help with your caregiving tasks.

Visit The Ultimate Caregiving Expert

Well, there’s the list. As you can see, there is a blog here that should appeal to just about any caregiver.

Do you have a “go-to” caregiving blog that I missed? Let me know about it in the comments below. Tell me why it’s your favorite too!

Oh! If this list was helpful, would you mind sharing on your favorite social media? Thanks in advance.

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20 thoughts on “Top 36 Caregiving Blogs to Keep You Sane and Let You Know You Aren’t Alone!”

  1. Bonita Bandaries

    A really great list of blogs. However, I would add the on-line resource which provides resources, information, guidance, and support for caregivers.The Caregiver Media Group has grown from Today’s Caregiver magazine,the first national magazine for caregivers, founded by Gary Barg, caregiver for his mother. A caregiver looking for answers and inspiration from others can find it at

    • Scott Grant, ATP, CRTS®

      Hello Bonita! Thanks so much for bringing this site to my attention. I took a look and you are right – it is packed with really great information. I added the site to my list based on the suggestions. Thanks so much! —Scott

  2. Bobbi Carducci

    Thank you for including, The Imperfect Caregiver in this lineup of excellent resources for caregivers.

    • Scott Grant, ATP, CRTS®

      Hi Bobbi – you are welcome and are very deserving of the recognition! The information you provide caregivers is appreciated! Best of Luck to you in the future. –Scott

  3. Allison Breininger

    So grateful that there are so many resources for caregivers! I care for my 40y0 husband who has all the cancers and write about the caregiving experience in a raw honest way, encouraging other caregivers to do the same. My site is

  4. Diane Lansing

    Hello Scott,
    Excellent list! I’m already a fan of Deb Hallisey and Brenda Avadian, and I look forward to checking out the rest of the blogs. One more I would add is Carol Bradley Bursack who blogs at
    I’m sharing your list in my weekly newsletter and on my Facebook page.

  5. Sharon Cruse

    Thank you for sending. I just want to add one as well. If interested, you can go to “” its done by myself, (care receiver and a caregiver) My son (caregiver) , as we write a monthly blog on helpful wellness tips plus a tech tip. Thank you for providing this list. It is very helpful

  6. Tammy C

    I think/ know first hand that there needs to be a blog for those of us who care for spouses. I have cared for mine for many years. I try to deal with/ignore the loneliness of it. The frustration of it… The wanting to give up, depression! The cycle never ends! No one to talk to, no one to open up to with, to give genuine helpful feedback.
    I believe I’ll start one myself!
    Blessings to all!

  7. Donna Grant Reilly

    I write a blog for Alzheimer’s caregivers. I’m one myself, and I know we need all the help we can get. But I worry that the people who might benefit by it won’t know about it. I’ve discovered that a large number of elderly people don’t know what a blog is, and have no idea how to read one. Many of them are caring for a spouse with Alzheimer’s, as I am, and I would like to share what I’ve learned with them.
    I’ve also published a book on the subject: “Learning the Hard Way: A Caregiver’s Struggle with Alzheimer’s”. It’s available on Amazon and at many book stores.

    • Scott Grant, ATP, CRTS®

      Hi Donna – These are great resources for caregivers too. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Taking care of Elders is really an important role to do. They feel loved by giving them full attention or by being attentive to their their needs.
    So building an aged care center would probably be more on focusing to elders, being attentive to their needs and giving them more time by answering or talking to them frequently.
    Second priority would be the system- by doing the following mentioned priorities- the system would probably be the second priority, a center that aims to provide good assistance needs a system that is user friendly, the ease of use of the system would be a great help in focusing on what is more important. Storiicare is known as a platform designed for Aged care, Senior care, Assisted living, Aged Daycare facilities and centers that is very user-friendly and helps connect with family members.

  9. Caregiver Support

    Thanks for sharing such information with us. I like the way you have described the content. Keep sharing.

  10. Eleanor

    I agree with every factor that you have pointed out. Thank you for sharing your beautiful thoughts on this. Check this out ONE CAREGIVER'S JOURNEY


  11. Caregiving Advice

    Nice blog!! Thanks for sharing it, it’s really helpful. I know the best blog where you can Explore our best caregiving advice and guide, practical resources, inspirational ideas, We offer creative, colorful & compassionate ways to care for all ages.

  12. Scott,
    Is there any site wherein the cared-for have a voice? A place for them to vent? Yes, I know this is for the care-GIVERS, but I was always taught to “walk a mile in the other man’s shoes” before you can judge or even understand that other man (or woman.)
    Wouldn’t it be helpful for caregivers (and care receivers) to hear about both sides of the care issues? Otherwise, we dehumanize the elderly (or the cared for) don’t we?
    All caregivers stand a good chance of becoming cared-for themselves, sometimes from old age, sometimes from illness or accidents.
    I have read many caregiver vents wherein people say they would commit suicide (whether they express that obliquely or outright) rather than “burdening my loved ones like this.” Maybe hearing from the cared-for or soon-to-be-cared-for or dont-wanna-be-cared-for might be of some help.
    Make a plan for your time of being cared for? How can anyone guess what the future holds for them personally?
    Okay I guess that is a vent too. LOL.

  13. Starc

    Well done Scott Grant. You speak for so many of us who endure the trauma as a TBI caregiver. The loneliness, and lack of empathy are difficult to tolerate, but I try to remember that what ever we are experiencing, it is much worse for our loved one for whom we are caring. We learn to enjoy the little things, ignore distractions and negativity, and try to remain open to new possibilities. We never know who may bring some sunshine on a dark day unless we open the shades. After a new friend shared the “Welcome to Holland” poem with me, I began to see things in a new light.

  14. Lora Day

    Thank you for compiling these resources! I’m definitely going to check more of them out. Would be honored if you’d consider adding our blog: to your list. My mother-in-law has lived over 53 years with a TBI that left her missing parts of her brain injury. Her story is here: I knew coming into marriage that we’d become caregivers sooner than many of our peers. We share lessons we’ve learned along our journey of being long-distance caregivers, the decision process to have grandma move in with us and how we care within the context of a multigenerational home.

  15. Eleanor

    I agree with every factor that you have pointed out. Thank you for sharing your beautiful thoughts on this.

    • Scott Grant

      Thanks so much Eleanor!

  16. Tena Scallan

    I am thrilled and deeply honored to discover that I have been included in your esteemed list of the “Top 36 Caregiving Blogs to Keep You Sane and Let You Know You Aren’t Alone!” I wanted to take a moment to express my heartfelt gratitude for this wonderful recognition.

    Being recognized among such esteemed caregiving blogs is genuinely humbling. It reinforces my commitment to providing valuable content and support to those who are going through similar caregiving journeys. It is my utmost priority to offer a helping hand, share experiences, and create a sense of community for caregivers worldwide. To know that my blog has resonated with readers and has been acknowledged by your esteemed website fills my heart with immense joy.

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