The Best Dignity Bibs For Adults, Seniors, and the Elderly

By: Scott Grant, ATP, CRTS®

There is no reason to feel silly or childish if you or a loved one has a need for an adult bib. These bibs for adults can help restore dignity for seniors whether at meal time, craft time, or all day use.

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At some point in life, when a person is no longer a kid, s/he may need the means to protect their clothing when dining. You might be an adult and have a disability affecting your coordination or strength. For such people, having an adult bib is essential to protect their clothing while encouraging socialization and a sense of pride and dignity.

With a well-designed adult bib, you can enjoy your dining experience fully. What’s more, the wearer looks stylish and dignified in an adult bib! Since the diner also protects their clothing from spills, they can also save on laundry costs.

It is also common to find that seniors, perhaps salesmen, are using them to protect their clothes when eating in their vehicles. Or, perhaps, they’re a bit sloppy and need to cut down the laundry.

Features to Look For in Adult Bibs

When it comes to buying adult bibs, you will need to consider a few crucial factors to help that person, who will be applying the products, have the most out of them.

  • Size of the Bib. The bib’s size is the most important feature to look out for. Although the general industry standard is set at 18” x 30”, you can find certain manufacturers that also provide other sizes. You should try, however, to get a relatively wider and longer option to ensure splatter, as well as food stay on that bib.
  • Bib Closure. Another crucial factor to consider when purchasing adult bibs is the closure option. There is a wide range of available closure options in the market, such as self-tie, snap closure, knot button closure, etc.
  • Bib Material. These products are generally made using a variety of materials – such as blended polyester/ cotton, vinyl, flannel, and 100% cotton terry cloth. Therefore, you’d have plenty of options to take your pick from. However, each material comes with its merits and demerits. For this reason, it’d be prudent to learn a little about them before going to the market.
  • Fluid Proof Backing. Bibs that have a waterproof coating on the back of them keep fluids from soaking through the bib onto the clothing underneath.
  • Crumb Catcher Option. Some bibs have little pockets at the bottom that help catch crumbs and piece of food that are dropped. The pockets are permanently attached or fold up and snap for easy cleaning.

Best Dignity Bibs for Adults

Each adult bib here is of premium quality and I’ve chosen them because they represent more dignified bib options for adults. I wanted to give you several choices and sources to choose from because what one person considers dignified, another may not!

  1. Women's Adult Bib with Pearl Necklace – Classy Pal
  2. Women's Adult Bib with Pearl Necklace – Classy Pal

    If a senior person wears this, the Velcro makes it much easier for them to take on and off by themselves. The material is usually thick and soft and the backing protects the liquids from soaking in. The embroidered pearl necklace is so professional and looks real.

    The length is long and falls to the knees, covering the lap entirely. This adult bib is made from the finest super soft terry cloth with a proprietary waterproof inner liner. Made of sturdy, long-lasting materials, it will last for years. Plus it’s effortless to clean in your washing machine on cold water in your load of darks.

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  3. Classy Pal Adult Bib Plain Navy Blue (3 Pack)
  4. Classy Pal Adult Bib Plain Navy Blue (3 Pack)

    Prefer a solid color bib over a bold pattern or print? This easy to clean adult bib completely covers to the lap. If you want something moisture-proof, this is perfect! Large size for better coverage and created from heavy-duty fabric containing a waterproof lining. The most important part is the snap up crumb catcher, which prevents food from rolling down on the floor or pants.

    Undoubtedly, these are a useful gift to any senior. Apart from being well-made, they’re easy for users to wear and take off themselves. The pockets snap and unsnap quite easily which makes it easy to wash it off with sponge or cloth. When it needs a deep cleaning, just throw in the machine according to the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions.

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  5. Men's Adult Bib Polo – Classy Pal
  6. Men's Adult Bib Polo – Classy Pal

    Although these bibs cost slightly more, you’ll be getting more than you’re actually paying for. Not only do they look great, but they also have good coverage. They’re wide enough to cover his whole chest, and their length can cover part of his lap. Even if he’s on the tall side. The material is moisture-wicking, soft and thick.

    They also wash up beautifully in the machine or with a quick sponging. With this bib, an older person can look dignified without feeling they look childish. No need to worry about spilling their food either. You can fold up the bottom and close the snap to form a crumb catcher which is an extra comfort.

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  7. Reversible Large Adult Bibs | Alzheimer's Store
  8. Reversible Large Adult Bibs | Alzheimer's Store

    This adult bib is made with a reversible side to give you a printed and solid bib in one. These stylish senior bibs are the ideal clothing protector, made for the challenged diner and used by all. While adult bibs are usually used during car meals, crafting, activities, and cooking, these look so good they can be worn all day.

    They’re also lightweight, stain and waterproof. With this dignified dining wear, seniors can completely cover their lap and chest for complete protection. What’s more, they won’t fray, fade or shrink. The reverse side has a matching solid color and comprises handy pockets on each side.

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  9. Tidy Top Dignified Dining Wear Bib
  10. Tidy Top Dignified Dining Wear Bib

    This stylish print is also a practical and unique senior clothing protector perfect for craft or dining activities. With this reversible fabric, caregivers have a perfect alternative to traditional senior bibs for their loved ones. This dining wear is soft, lightweight, water and stain proof print that reverses to a correlating solid dark golden tan.

    Primarily, the waterproof, ripstop polyester repels stains and always wipes off easily. Each side of the clothing protector comprises a pocket for carrying various items such as pens, cell phone, tissue, glasses, etc.

    It even comes with a matching tote-bag that’s perfect for hanging on a wheelchair, walker, or for keeping the bib in your glove compartment. Caregivers will find this clothing protector perfect for cooking, art projects, dining, and other daily activities when protection from spills is required.

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  11. Black Cravaat Dining Scarf
  12. Black Cravaat Dining Scarf

    This elongated soft brushed microfiber scarf offers a fashionable alternative to traditional clothing protectors. It’s worn over clothing, protects just like an adult bib, and also extends over the diner’s lap.

    The Dining Scarf is made of stain proof, machine washable material that contains a soft, brushed suede, feel. Although it isn’t waterproof, liquids usually roll-off, but may soak in with a heavy spill. Since it’s a “knit” fabric, it will come out of the dryer wrinkle-free. In general, this scarf is perfect for anyone who has difficulties putting a napkin on their lap or cannot pull up close to the dining table.

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Summary & Final Recommendations

When shopping for adult bibs, there are specific features that you should look for. Generally, these include being easy and comfortable to wear, full-coverage to protect the user’s lap and chest, free from harmful chemicals and synthetic materials and made from natural materials.

Other characteristics include being multipurpose, presence of comfortable and fully adjustable neck strap, waterproof to keep liquids from penetrating the bib, and machine washable for quick and easy cleanup.

For that and many other reasons, the bibs from Classy Pal really stand out. They offer many different styles of dignity bibs for adults that are stylish too- patterns and solids. Plus they are well made, low maintenance, and made in the USA.

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