47+ Gifts For Active Seniors Who Are Committed To A Healthy Lifestyle

By: Scott Grant, ATP, CRTS®

These gifts for active seniors will help them boost their nutrition for overall health, be more comfortable when exercising, and even make activity and work outs a little easier on older bodies. Here are our top recommendations.

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The restrictions that have been so much a part of our lives due to the isolation regulations related to COVID-19 are slowly being lifted in some parts of the world. However, for some, the reality is that those restrictions are still in place and that means a limited amount of time can be spent outside – and this does have a bit of a dampening effect on our ability to enjoy an active lifestyle.

Seniors feel this as well, perhaps even to a greater extent than those who are younger. An active lifestyle for a senior contributes to better physical and mental health – and that in turn means a better quality of life for those in their ‘Golden Years’.

However, thankfully there are some great gifts for seniors who do lift an active lifestyle – and many of those gifts can be enjoyed in the confined spaces that the restrictions have made part of our day to day lives.

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Best Gifts for Active Seniors

General Gift Ideas for Active Seniors

1. Nutrition-Boosting Appliances

Even prior to enjoying exercise as apart of that commitment to a healthy lifestyle, the senior needs to take care of their nutrition. Thankfully, this has become easier than ever before.

There are a huge variety of smoothie makers for instance that are available on the market – and they make perfect gifts. These kitchen blenders are also perfect for those who suffer from sensitive stomachs. You can also gift an infusion blender which allows for the fresh taste of herbs, fruit and vegetables to infuse water for a refreshing way to stay hydrated during exercise.

2. Breathable Workout Attire

Age doesn’t mean not looking good and being comfortable while enjoying an active lifestyle. There are a number of natural fiber workout outfits (even if that workout is a simple walk) that are extremely comfortable. There are also hypoallergenic versions that are extremely gentle on aging skin. Seniors also tend to feel the extremes of heat and cold more than do younger folk.

3. Warming Gifts For Outdoors

The thermoregulation of the body isn’t always functioning optimally. There are a number of compact disposable chemical warmer packets that can keep older people comfortable when the temperatures start to dip and they would like to enjoy the outdoors as part of their fitness regime. A great pair of gloves is also a fabulous gift – and for the tech-savvy senior there are pairs which have been designed to allow for easy use of mobile phones – so they can keep in touch.

4. Walking / Hiking Sticks

A great walking and hiking stick is a gift that is truly useful. They are available in a variety of different materials such as lightweight aluminum or the more traditional hand-carved versions. If you are feeling especially arty – or you are skilled enough, a walking or hiking stick that is the product of your own creativity and labor – and your individual choice of wood is one of the most heartfelt gifts that any senior can receive.

5. Fitness Gear

Both yoga and swimming are low-impact forms of exercise (and offer great cardio benefits) that remain firm favorites with seniors who enjoy an active lifestyle. For seniors that enjoy getting wet, a swim board is a perfect gift. There are some great ergonomically designed and comfortable options on the market. For those who enjoy the yoga experience a comfortable and non-slip mat is a great gift for a senior who is on that path to increased strength and flexibility.

Wrapping Up

When all is said and done each senior who enjoys an active lifestyle would be delighted to accept any of these gifts. However, it is not the gift alone that will mean the world to them – it is the care and love that is demonstrated in the choice of that gift.

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