33+ Helpful Gift Ideas for Someone with Early Dementia

By: Scott Grant, ATP, CRTS®

People with early dementia will usually have their regular memory with occasional lapses or it might take them longer to recall memories. Here are some gifts for people with early dementia to help make their daily lives a little easier.

Income Disclosure: I recommend products based on my personal experience working with seniors. I may earn a commission on items purchased from links in this guide. Learn More.

The signs of early dementia are pretty common.

Your loved one forgets where he/she put their keys or glasses, cannot recognize people in family photos, and similar other things.

If you have a member in your house who has dementia, you should think before buying gifts for them this season. Try to choose gifts that will help them jog back their memories.

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Ideal Gift Idea for Someone with Early Dementia

My Top Gift Picks

Although it may seem tough to find gifts for someone with dementia, if you think from their perspective, you will come across enough items. These are some of the gifts I would gift if I had someone with dementia in my family. The pill organizer with reminder alarm and Aexa Echo Dot are gifts that I personally like.

What other gift suggestions do you have for seniors with early dementia? Please tell me about them in the comments below. Please also share this post on social media if you found it helpful!

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