The 66+ Best Gifts For Homebound Seniors – Tips And Suggestions

By: Scott Grant, ATP, CRTS®

The best gifts for homebound seniors link the senior to the outside world, brighten up their daily view, or help occupy their mind and keep them busy. Here are our top recommendations.

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It is not easy for an elderly loved one is homebound. Not only is the situation frustrating for them, but it also makes things difficult in terms of staying happy and positive.

And while you cannot change their situation, you are in a position to make it easier.

How can you help your homebound loved one to maintain a positive mindset? Try giving them a thoughtful gift that will enhance their surroundings.

In light of helping you find the right gift, here are some suggestions you can run with.

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Best Gifts for Homebound Seniors

Entertainment Gifts for Homebound Seniors

Spending so many hours inside the house is challenging. So, consider the following gift ideas to make this challenge easier for your friend or loved one.

1. Music Albums

Vinyl albums made a huge comeback in recent years, and what can be more nostalgic than putting on a record? However, these can be a little pricey. The alternative is to buy a cd or a senior-friendly MP3 player with their favorite songs as part of the playlist. Because at the end of the day, music is a universal language that everyone can enjoy. It also helps the imagination to be free and careless.

2. Jigsaw Puzzles

Another excellent entertainment gift for homebound seniors come in the shape of jigsaw puzzles. In addition to keeping elderly individuals engaged and entertained, it helps them to maintain their mental health. And what about using the finished puzzles as decor?

3. Coloring Books

Not all coloring books are created for kids. There are some with more detailed drawings worthy of a place on the wall once the colors are added. These large print coloring books are fun, engaging, and mentally stimulating.

4. Digital Assistant

Digital assistants can really make life interesting at home. While they cannot cook or clean the house, they are able to read news and books, search the internet, play music, and much more. The best part is that digital assistants are voice-activated.

Communication Gifts for Homebound Seniors

One of the biggest challenges for homebound seniors is based on losing touch with the outside world. Hence the reason for these communication-related suggestions.

1. Tablet/Computer

Most people avoid buying tablets or computers as gifts because many seniors have difficulty operating them. But there are many tablet models available specifically with seniors in mind.

Everything is straightforward and much easier to understand, which allows homebound seniors to stay in touch with the outside world. This includes sending emails and skyping

2. Smartphone

Just like you get senior-friendly tablets and computers, there are easy to use smartphones for seniors that function with the same direct approach. Icons and buttons are bigger while making video calls or accessing the internet is incredibly simplistic.

Decor Gifts for Seniors

One of the reasons why being homebound can be so frustrating is the view. Sure, most people feel comfortable in this space. But if the walls of their home are all they really get to see every day, consider the following gifts to cheer the place up.

1. Digital Photo Frames

These are great for two specific reasons. Firstly, they look very stylish and present well. Secondly, one frame can slide between hundreds of photos and bring a certain magic to a room. Nothing is more precious than the memories we make. And with a digital photo frame, there is no need to dust off the albums every time you want to take a trip down memory lane.

2. Novelty Items From Different Locations

Novelty items are not really expensive and they can bring another dimension to a home, especially when a person is unable to personally visit the location where the items come from. These items spur the imagination and help to break away on a mental level.

Wrapping Up

Homebound seniors often suffer from loneliness and boredom. So, think about gifts that can help solve these problems. Gifts that link the senior to the outside world, change their daily view, or help occupy their mind are always best.

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