Gifts for Lonely Elderly People (Help Them Feel Loved)

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Many elderly people spend a lot of time alone especially after the loss of a spouse. Here are some gifts for lonely elderly people to help them pass the time – and feel loved.

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Here are my Top Picks:

TheraBox - Self Care Subscription Box
Circle a Word Large Print Edition
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TheraBox - Self Care Subscription Box
Circle a Word Large Print Edition
Solve the Mystery at
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Get The Details
Get The Details

Lonely elders long to spend some time with their family members. But unfortunately, when the family stays in another city, it is hard to make that wish come true.

I can understand this because my grandmother felt this way for 15 years after my grandfather passed.

That’s why I came up with a few gift ideas that I think will cheer him or any lonely elder.

13 Gifts That Will Cheer up Lonely Seniors is an online marketplace for subscription boxes and gifts. They are one of my favorite recommendations for people who want to give something different.

For lonely seniors, I recommend their TheraBox Self Care Box. Each box has healthy ways to spend your time by concentrating on your self and your own care. You get a happiness activity and several self care wellness products to try out. The best part? Each box’s selections are chose by therapists!

Cratejoy has tons of other boxes to choose from too. You can check those out here.

Sometimes the key to not feeling lonely is keeping the mind busy and engaged. Puzzles are a great way to do that! Magazine Agent offers subscriptions to circle word puzzle and crossword puzzle books for very affordable prices.

You or your loved one will receive a new book of puzzles to solve 9 to 12 times a year depending on which one you choose. To make the deal even better, most of these are available in jumbo and large print editions!

Check out my recommended large print magazines too for more ideas.

Enjoy mystery? Have trouble putting down a good mystery book? Then you might just love solving the mysteries at

Each month you’ll receive a box with clues to solve a murder mystery. Clues come in the form of witness statements, photos, ciphers, and puzzles to solve. Think of each box as an episode of a mini-series – the story continues for 6 months with new clues each month.

An offer like this will keep minds busy – and give you something to look forward to each month. Can’t wait? You can request the next box early if you want!

Give the Gift of Communication with Jitterbug from GreatCall

GreatCall is a specialty cellular service that is designed specifically for seniors and the elderly. They offer 2 basic models: a flip phone and a smart phone. A gift like this will incur a monthly cost but you could definitely improve the life of a lonely senior. It could make them safer too.

With the smart phone option, seniors can also check email, explore the web, and social media apps too. Visit GreatCall for more information about their services.

Let me tell you what my grandfather did. He’d finish his daily tasks and go to the back porch with a newspaper. Sometimes he’d reads, sometimes he would talk to neighbors. He loved watching birds and squirrels running around.

Maybe your loved one is the same. This might be the perfect year for giving a bird feeder. Most yards have enough places to accommodate multiple bird feeders. Wouldn’t it be great to see them feeding birds and talking to neighbors to help pass the time?

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Lonely elders often complain about sore, aching muscles. They become immobile for most parts of the day, and that’s one of the reasons why they experience neck and back pain.

But, you can gift them a Shiatsu neck and back massager so that they don’t have to call a masseuse. These massagers have multiple kneading rollers that feel like a human touch. All they have to do is put the massager around their neck and back and relax.

Accidents don’t come invited. Moreover, if there is a lonely adult with severe health conditions, there are more chances of emergencies. So, gifting a personal alarm makes sense.

They can carry these alarms in their hands wrapped around their wrist. Or, they can also wear them around their neck like a necklace. Whenever they feel something wrong about their health or they are in the middle of an emergency, they can push the alarm button to alert the neighbors or anyone around.

It’s a real pain to go to the kitchen and make coffee every time you wish to have a cuppa. The same holds for lonely elders.

They usually want to have coffee first thing in the morning. If you gift them a coffee maker, they wouldn’t have to go to the kitchen every time they want to have coffee. A single serve coffee maker would be just fine for them.

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My grandmother often had trouble sleeping for months. So, one year, I got her a weighted blanket. You can try gifting one too.

These are incredible when it comes to providing comfort and inducing drowsiness. They give a warm, cozy feeling once you put it on. I have a couple of them in my house. You almost fall asleep in a few minutes once you go under the blanket.

There’s nothing like spending time socializing with old friends and relatives who live far away. That can cheer up lonely elders because it gives them the satisfaction of watching their loved ones sharing pictures and videos. Plus, they will not feel lonely anymore if you can teach them how to Skype. All they have to do is hit the video call button whenever they want to talk. That’s the easiest way to stay connected even when they stay away.

Lonely elders often go out on hiking trails or walks, especially those who have friends that love to travel. You can surprise them by gifting a hiking stick this season.

It may not sound very appealing, but trust me, it is a very helpful thing. In fact, they can use a hiking stick even when they are going on a trekking tour. Older citizens can make the most of these sticks in their daily life if they have trouble walking.

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My grandfather has glasses. However, he still had difficulty reading the newspaper. So, I gifted him a set of magnifying glass that has built-in LED light. It’s a very helpful device I can say.

Seniors can use these every day to read the newspaper, books, and tons of other things. They could also carry them to grocery stores to check the prices and expiration dates of products!

Senior citizens who live alone have a tough time reaching the upper shelves and cabinets. It’s a challenge for them to jump.

So, a laundry folding step tool is a very handy gift. It will help them reach the inaccessible areas without much effort.

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Don’t go by the name of this gift. In fact, it makes pleasing sounds that can help elders go to sleep quickly. They have a variety of sound variations and also active noise cancellation facilities, allowing lonely elders to drift off to sleep.

Choosing a Gift for Lonely Elders

Selecting a gift for lonely elders is not a daunting task.

You should understand what would make them happy to counter their loneliness. As for me, I like the idea of the large print puzzle books and subscription boxes. Gifts like this will help them stay busy and keep their minds sharp. Plus, knowing something else is coming later will give them something to look forward to!

Do you have a gift you recommend for elderly people who might be lonely? Please share your ideas in the comments below!

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