41+ Best Gift Ideas For Someone With Arthritis

By: Scott Grant, ATP, CRTS®

These gifts for someone with arthritis can help relieve pain or make daily tasks easier to complete without pain. Some will even help them forget they have this condition – even if just for a few moments.

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Arthritis is something that affects nearly 54 million people in the United States alone. Unfortunately, it can be a rather debilitating issue that can lead to chronic joint pain. It’s currently the leading cause of work disability in the US and it can make relatively simple and easy daily activities painful or difficult.

If you are looking for the best gifts for someone with arthritis, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we will be going over some of the best gifts for the special person in your life that lives with arthritis.

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Best Gifts for Someone With Arthritis

General Gift Ideas for Seniors with Arthritis

1. Weighted Blanket

A weighted blanket can be a fantastic gift idea if you are looking for gifts for people in your life suffering from this condition. A lot of people who suffer from severe swelling caused by this condition end up with chronic pain. This chronic pain can lead to having difficulties with falling asleep in certain individuals.

A weighted blanket can be an excellent addition because it can help with joint pain, reduce the swelling they are experiencing, and help them achieve a better night’s rest. This alone can have a positive impact on their arthritis condition because the body can repair itself when it gets sufficient rest at night.

2. E-Reader

Getting someone an E-reader that is relatively lightweight can do wonders for the book lover who suffers from inflammatory conditions like arthritis. An E-reader is much lighter than hardcover and even paperback books.

Likewise, it doesn’t require the same difficult holding that a normal book would. This can make it much easier for them to be able to enjoy themselves with their favorite books without forcing them to exacerbate their arthritic condition.

3. Cold Pads

When you are dealing with any type of inflammation, both hot and cold compresses will make a big difference. If you know someone that experiences pain and inflammation associated with arthritis, cold pads can make a big difference.

They are known to reduce swelling which can help minimize the pain they may be experiencing because of the condition. You can find elastic straps that can be reused with ice packs and you can find disposable ice packs that can provide immediate relief from reduced swelling.

4. Make It Easier To Put On Shoes

There are several different things that you can consider getting someone with arthritis to make it easier to put on shoes. This can include a shoehorn that can make it easy to not only take off shoes but also put on shoes.

Another good pairing gift would be no-tie shoelaces that can make wearing any type of shoe easier than ever. Both of these gift ideas are not only low cost, but they are also very useful.

5. Smart Locks

Another good option would be smart locks for the front door. If you’ve ever had to deal with keys, you likely know how much dexterity you need to have to find the right key and to twist it in the lock.

Nowadays, you can find smart versions of just about everything. By gifting smart locks, you can make it easy to walk around without having to carry and worry about a physical key. Likewise, it can make it easier for them to be able to open doors while carrying groceries and other things because they won’t have to worry about keys at the same time.

Wrapping Up!

As you can tell, many different gift ideas can be perfect for someone in your life that suffers from arthritis. If you know someone that has the condition, you can make their life a lot easier by gifting them some of the gift ideas above.

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