29+ Simply Different Electronic Gifts For The Elderly

By: Scott Grant, ATP, CRTS®

These electronic gifts for seniors and the elderly were chosen to be easy to use while making the seniors’ daily lives a little it easier. Keep reading to see our list of user-friendly electronic gadgets for the elderly.

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If you have elderly parents or loved ones who haven’t necessarily embraced tech, they may be living with inconveniences that could be solved with gadgets. By identifying what electronic devices could benefit them, you should be able to come up with some of the most useful gifts.

This article will detail some of the best tech gifts that you could consider giving elderly people in your life without causing any additional confusion.

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Best Electronic Gifts for the Elderly

General Electronic Gift Ideas for Senior and the Elderly

1. Easy to Use Tablet

An easy to use tablet is a must for someone who is elderly. After all, a smartphone features way too small of a screen. A tablet offers the kind of screen real estate that your elderly parents would use. Along with this, they will be able to use the tablet to do various things including shopping on the Internet, video chatting with their grandkids, and more.

A tablet is much easier to comprehend than a laptop or desktop. Therefore, it can be the perfect gift idea for someone who isn’t necessarily technically inclined. Best of all, it can be set up in a way that makes finding everything you need as easily as possible.

2. Video Doorbell

Someone who is elderly and living at home might have difficulty getting up and down and reaching the door in time. Because of this, a video doorbell can be one of the best possible gifts for them. It will help them not only be alerted to when someone is at the door, but they will be able to check in on the video feed to see if it’s someone they know.

It will also allow for two-way communication to let the person waiting know that they are on their way. A video doorbell paired with a tablet or smartphone can make an elderly person’s life much easier.

3. Smart Speaker

There is so much that can be done with a smart speaker. With the advancement in artificial intelligence, voice-powered assistants are much more useful than ever before. If you have a Google Home or an Amazon Alexa the home, you can deliver all kinds of commands and you can ask various questions that can benefit anyone including someone older.

Not only are these assistants easy to use, but they can provide a lot of automation tasks that make your entire life easier. This is especially true when they are hooked up to other smart devices throughout the home.

4. TV Streaming Box

A lot of the cable boxes you will find available are extremely difficult to use and unnecessarily complicated. Whereas, you can find a lot of streaming boxes to be very intuitive and easy-to-use. This is especially true with a lot of them not featuring voice command functionality.

The ability to tell your remote or smart speaker to play a certain show on the TV makes for a very user-friendly experience. A TV streaming box can be a great addition to an elderly person’s home because it can take the convoluted cable experience away from them and introduce them to something much simpler.

Wrapping Up

While knowing the in’s and out’s of some of these electronic devices can be difficult even for those who are technically savvy, these devices are meant to be user-friendly and accessible. Because of this, they can add a lot of usefulness to anyone’s life including someone who is elderly.

Whether your loved ones suffer from limited mobility or anything else, there are plenty of gadgets that can contribute to a much more accessible lifestyle. The gift ideas above are only some of the best options you can consider the next time you are out shopping for the seniors in your life.

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