30 Best Gifts for Elderly Couples (Plus Senior Gift Buying Tips)


Nothing makes senior and elderly couples feel more loved and appreciated than being given a thoughtful gift during holidays and anniversaries. Here’s how to find the perfect one!

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Gifts for Elderly Couples

Coming up with good gift ideas for a single older adult is hard enough. You have to consider their specific tastes, practicality, and convenience. 

Buying gifts for elderly couples is even more challenging because you have to find a gift that both of them will appreciate.

Knowing this, we curated this awesome list of recommended gifts for elderly couples. We also have a special guide to buying gifts for elderly parents also if that interest you!

Near the end, we will offer our general gift-buying tips for older couples to help you find the perfect gift when shopping.

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Tech Gifts

ITE-1000 Wireless TV Listening System

1. Audio Range Wireless TV Listening System (ITE-1000)


Most elderly couples like to spend their time watching TV with their partner.

Most of the time, though, they might have trouble hearing the audio, which results in them making the volume louder.

The ITE-1000 FM is a good gift if the elderly couple has this current situation. These headphones are wireless, portable, and rechargeable.

Plus, you can charge it by sitting it on the charging dock included with the product. They are even available in a two-pack so that each person can choose their own volume level.

iRobot Roomba 694 Robot Vacuum-Wi-Fi Connectivity, Personalized Cleaning Recommendations, Works with Alexa, Good for Pet Hair, Carpets, Hard Floors, Self-Charging, Roomba 694

2. iRobot Roomba Vacuum

as of 01/28/2023 5:04 am

Giving an iRobot Roomba vacuum to elderly couples can help them keep their floors clean without any effort, giving them more time to rest and relax.

Roombas are handy for seniors who have difficulty moving around the house due to arthritis or other illnesses.

The iRobot Roomba vacuum also has models that include Alexa device connectivity.

This allows the seniors to control the Roomba remotely, adding more convenience and accessibility.

However, it would be best if you told them that these smart vacuums work to their full potential when the floor is flat and uncluttered.

You should consider the elderly couple’s environment if you want to give this product as a gift.

Newentor Weather Station Wireless Indoor Outdoor Thermometer, Color Display Digital Weather Thermometer with Atomic Clock, Forecast Station with Calendar and Adjustable Backlight

3. Newentor Weather Monitor

as of 01/28/2023 5:04 am

The Newentor Weather Monitor is a good gift choice for elderly couples who like to obsess over the weather forecast – hour by hour! 

This weather monitor has an indoor thermometer, an outdoor thermometer, an atomic clock, a forecast station, and a calendar. All the helpful information shows on one big display screen.

This product helps seniors who like to take walks outside remove the fear of the weather suddenly becoming bad while out.

The Newentor Weather Monitor has wireless systems that need the installation of an outdoor sensor, so do not forget to set these all up before you leave your parents with this device.

Homedics SoundSleep White Noise Sound Machine, Gold, Small Travel Sound Machine with 6 Relaxing Nature Sounds, Portable Sound Therapy for Home, Office, Nursery, Auto-Off Timer, By Homedics

4. HoMedics White Noise Sound Machine

as of 01/28/2023 5:04 am

If your older parents are having difficulty trying to sleep, you might want to give them HoMedics White Noise Sound Machine as a gift. 

Sleep issues are relatively common among seniors because they are at the age where a little bit of noise can easily disturb their sleep.

Luckily, sleep sound machines, like HoMedics White Noise Sound Machine, are designed to generate white noise or nature sounds that can help calm people down, making them relax and fall asleep faster.

This sleep sound machine offers six types of soothing sounds: white noise, thunder, ocean, rain, summer night, and brook. 

It’s also small, lightweight, and portable, so elderly couples can bring this device wherever they go.

An auto-off timer is built into the machine ranging from 15, 30, or 60 minutes. Just plug the machine into a wall socket or use four AAA batteries to power it up.

Echo (4th Gen) | With premium sound, smart home hub, and Alexa | Charcoal

5. Amazon Echo

as of 01/28/2023 5:04 am

Amazon Echo is a fantastic gift that you can give to seniors.

Since today’s world is primarily full of technology, having a voice-activated device will be helpful, especially for seniors who are not tech-savvy.

This device is designed to be Wi-Fi-connected and can perform various tasks such as playing music, giving alarms, giving the weather forecast, setting up timers, reading audiobooks, and even controlling the lights in their homes.

Seniors with mobility issues will love this device because they can use it without lifting a finger.

You may want to give your elderly couple a list of commands they may need to use Amazon Echo.

Ring Video Doorbell 3 – enhanced wifi, improved motion detection, easy installation

6. Ring Video Doorbell

as of 01/28/2023 5:04 am

A Ring Video Doorbell is especially useful for older adults with an issue hearing their surroundings.

With this doorbell, they will not have to worry about not hearing the doorbell because it sends an alert to their phone whenever someone is at the door.

It also provides a video for the owner to see and talk to the person outside.

The couple can easily set it up by mounting the ring video doorbell device outside and connecting it to the wifi. Install the mobile app on the senior couple’s phones, and it’s done.

You also will not have to worry about losing power because it uses the electricity from the doorbell wires to power itself.

You can also connect it with Alexa to have more features like asking Alexa to talk to the front door.

Personalized and Sentimental Gifts

New York Times Custom Anniversary Book

7. 'The New York Times' Anniversary Book


‘The New York Times’ Anniversary Book is a perfect gift to give to elderly couples during their anniversary.

You can customize the book to contain New York Times front-page articles from the anniversary date of the senior couples.

It features the front pages from the first anniversary to the most recent anniversary.

All you have to do is provide the anniversary date when ordering this book, and the creators will do the rest. They will give you a hardbound book in elegant stamped gold.

This gift is a perfect way for elderly couples to reminisce about the past and remember all the things they went through as husband and wife. It is truly a memorable way to celebrate an anniversary.

Happy Anniversary Personalized Wooden Photo Frame

8. Happy Anniversary Personalized Wooden Photo Frame


An elder couple’s anniversary is one of the most important dates in their lives. It is full of memories of how their love started and flourished.

And with Happy Anniversary Personalized Wooden Photo Frame, you can help them immortalize the memory of their anniversary.

You can order a fully customizable heart-shaped wooden photo frame complete with pictures of the couple and their wedding year.

Just provide them with the necessary details, such as the pictures and the anniversary date, and they will deliver you a high-quality picture frame.

This gift will remind an elderly couple of their loving memories every time they look at this picture frame, making it a great gift choice for their anniversary.

Walnut Personalized cutting board Wood Anniversary Gifts or Wedding Gift - for couple or bride, Engraved cutting board, Custom cutting board, Bridal shower gift

9. Engraved Cutting Board

as of 01/28/2023 5:04 am

Giving an Engraved Cutting Board as a gift to an elderly couple will surely leave behind a warm place in their heart.

This can be a great Anniversary gift where you can customize the cutting board with a special message about the couple’s love and memories.

But, you can also give this gift on whatever occasion.

The cutting board has a unique design and quality, made of premium oak and walnut wood, adding a vintage touch to the elderly couple’s kitchen.

Plus, the cutting board is covered with hot mineral oil to last longer.

The elderly couple can use this kitchen-based gift idea as an actual cutting board, but it can also become a kitchen decoration due to its aesthetics.

The Cotton & Canvas Co. Personalized Last Name, Date Home Decor Pillow Cover, Pillowcase, Cushion Cover, Decorative Throw Pillow Cover (Natural Color, Not White)

10. Custom Name Pillow

as of 01/28/2023 5:04 am

A Custom Name Pillow is a great gift to give to elderly couples during important days like their anniversary or Valentine’s day.

This gift can bring a lot of warmth and happiness to their homes, showing their love for each other.

You can customize the pillow cover with the couple’s last name and their anniversary date below. Plus, the pillows are pretty comfortable with cotton covers.

Front Door Decor | Front Door Wreath | Welcome | Last Name/Family | Door Hanger | Door Wreath | Housewarming Gift | Home Decor

11. Front Door Wreath with Family Name


Decorate an elderly couple’s front entrance with a Front Door Wreath with Family Name.

This door wreath can be fully personalized by having the couple’s family name written on it.

The beautiful design of this wreath makes it a perfect decoration for the front of their homes.

With its greenery and a big ribbon on top, it will give a warm vibe to their homes. It is suitable for outdoor use too.

FRAMEO 10.1 Inch Smart WiFi Digital Photo Frame 1280x800 IPS LCD Touch Screen, Auto-Rotate Portrait and Landscape, Built in 16GB Memory, Share Moments Instantly via Frameo App from Anywhere

12. Wifi Digital Photo Frame

as of 01/28/2023 5:04 am

If you live far away from your elderly parent’s house, then giving them a wifi digital photo frame can be a beautiful gift.

This photo frame uses wifi to let you send pictures from your phone to the photo frame.

You just need to set up the photo frame in the elderly couple’s house, download the app for the digital photo frame, and upload photos or small videos (15 seconds max) directly to the frame.

It works even if you are far away.

This gift will warm the hearts of your parents and will make them feel like you are with them even if you are miles away from their house.

Gifts that Comfort and Warm

KMUSET Fleece Blanket Throw Size Grey Lightweight Super Soft Cozy Luxury Bed Blanket Microfiber Factory Shop

13. KMUSET Fleece Blanket

as of 01/28/2023 5:04 am

A throw blanket can be a good gift for elderly couples who want to chill comfortably and cuddle on the bed or couch.

The KMUSET Fleece Blanket is a soft and cuddly throw blanket that they can use to warm themselves up during cold weather. 

This is a good gift for elderly couples who like to spend their time watching TV on the couch.

The blanket is lightweight and easy to clean, very convenient for seniors.

unenow Unisex Non Slip Grip Socks with Cushion for Yoga, Pilates, Barre, Home & Hospital

14. Unenow Non-slip Grip Socks

as of 01/28/2023 5:04 am

The Unenow Non-slip Grip Socks are a good gift idea to keep an elderly couple’s feet warm while preventing slipping accidents inside the house.

It has a non-slip grip design at the bottom of the socks for improved balance and stability.

These senior-friendly socks are also highly elastic with soft fibers that will comfortably fit their feet without being too tight or loose.

The socks are unisex, so you can buy the same socks for the two seniors, giving them a matching look.

They will look not only adorable but also safe and secure while walking around the house.

Plus, there are a variety of color and style options that you can choose from. You can choose the best color and style depending on your seniors’ tastes.

BYRIVER Acupressure Foot Massage Slippers Shoes Sandals, Reflexology Massager Tools, Relieve Back Tension Pressure Arthritis Pain, Present Gifts for Dad Mom(05L)

15. BYRIVER Acupressure Foot Massage Slippers

as of 01/28/2023 5:04 am

BYRIVER Acupressure Foot Massage Slippers are an excellent gift for elderly couples because it features massage buttons on the slippers that act as pressure points.

It can help improve blood circulation, nerve sensitivity, and general tension.

You can buy a pair of slippers for each of them so they can have a matching pair.

Each set also comes with extra buttons you can use as replacements in case some buttons get worn out.

Sunbeam Restful Quilted Heated Mattress Pad - King

16. Sunbeam Heated Mattress Pad

as of 01/28/2023 5:04 am

A good night’s sleep is vital to older adults. You can give them a Sunbeam Heated Mattress Pad as a gift to ensure them a warm night.

It can help them genuinely relax and wake up fully rested and refreshed each morning.

The mattress pad is made of soft polyester and a vertical quilted top, giving you the best comfort you can experience.

You can adjust the mattress’s temperature using the attached digital controller.

It has 12 heat settings and a 12-hour selectable auto-shut-off function, so the seniors won’t have to worry about forgetting to turn it off after using it.

We have a complete guide to mattress pads for seniors and the elderly if you want to learn more.

Entertaining Gifts

The Fun and Relaxing Adult Activity Book: With Easy Puzzles, Coloring Pages, Writing Activities, Brain Games and Much More

17. Fun and Relaxing Adult Activity Book

as of 01/28/2023 5:04 am

Elderly couples who like to tickle their brains will enjoy a Fun and Relaxing Adult Activity book as a gift.

Activities like Word Searches, Spot the Odd One Out, Shadow Finder, Find the Differences, Logic Puzzles, Sudoku, Crosswords, Mazes, Trivia Challenges, and more are included in the book.

Spending time doing these activities can help seniors increase their concentration and provide entertainment during their free time.

The couple can also work together in these activities, giving them time to bond.

There are also coloring pages and writing activities included in this book for seniors who just want to relax and paint pictures.

Nileole 1-6 Decks Automatic Card Shuffler, Battery-Operated Electric Shuffler for UNO,Phase10, Texas Hold'em, Poker, Home Card Games, Blackjack, Home Party Club Game (6 Deck)

18. Automatic Card Shuffler

as of 01/28/2023 5:04 am

If they like to play cards during their free time, they will love to have an Automatic card shuffler.

This is incredibly useful for older adults who may have weak motor skills or if they have arthritic fingers.

With this device, they will no longer have to deal with shuffling the cards. They just have to put the cards into the machine, press a button, and the card shuffler will do the rest.

All they have to worry about now is who will win the game of poker, blackjack, or old maid. This can be a convenient and inexpensive gift for your senior parents.

Practical Gifts

【Upgraded】 Digital Calendar Alarm Day Clock - with 8" Large Screen Display, am pm, 5 Alarm, for Extra Large Impaired Vision People, The Aged Seniors, The Dementia, for Desk, Wall Mounted, White

19. Digital Calendar Alarm Day Clock

as of 01/28/2023 5:04 am

Digital Calendar Alarm Day Clock displays the week’s date, time, and current day. It is an excellent gift for any elderly couple because it is practical and stylish.

The clock features a large screen display that spells out the time, date, and month. It has large text that seniors can easily see even from far away.

There are also five alarm settings that can help remind seniors to take their medicines throughout the day.

This type of clock is also called “Alzheimer’s Clock” because it has extra-large displays that seniors can easily read.

The watch also has an auto-dimming option feature that automatically dims the lights of the text during the night.

Electric Jar Opener, Automatic Jar Opener, Bottle Opener, Jar Openers Prime for Seniors with Arthritis, Weak Hands

20. Electric Jar Opener

as of 01/28/2023 5:04 am

An Electric Jar Opener is an excellent gift idea, especially for elderly couples who love to eat food in a jar.

This device automatically opens the jar for you with just a press of a button located on top.

This gift idea benefits elderly couples with arthritis who no longer have the strength in their hands to open jars. This device will help them significantly.

This electric jar opener is effortless to use. You only need to put the device on top of the jar, press the button, and after about 15 seconds, the lid will be off your jar.

The jar opener also has a silicone soft-edge design that will not hurt the senior’s hands.

The device runs on two AA batteries, so make sure to buy them together with the jar opener before giving it to the couple.

Reusable microwave heat pad. Rice and flaxseed heating pad. Heat pack reusable. Rice heating pad. Heat pad reusable. Heat pad

21. Reusable Microwave Heat Pad


A Reusable Microwave Heat Pad is a perfect gift for elderly couples who struggle with chilly nights. This heat pad is filled with a combination of rice and flaxseed.

The rice provides a moist warmth while the flaxseed retains the heat even after 30 to 40 minutes after heating it.

Other than protection from the cold temperature of winter, seniors can also place this heat pad on their necks and shoulders or press it against their backs to provide comfort to achy areas.

This pad can also serve as a cold pack by putting it in the freezer instead of the microwave, making it great for migraines.

The case for the heat pad is made of 100% cotton flannel and is super cozy. The cute flower decorations will look adorable on your elderly couple, especially if they wear one simultaneously.

Nostalgia GCT2 Deluxe Grilled Cheese Sandwich Toaster with Extra Wide Slots, Yellow

22. Nostalgia GCT2 Deluxe Grilled Cheese Sandwich Toaster

as of 01/28/2023 5:04 am

If your elderly couple likes to eat grilled cheese as much as the grandchildren, giving them a Nostalgia GCT2 Deluxe Grilled Cheese Sandwich Toaster as a gift will be a great choice.

This grilled cheese sandwich toaster features two extra-wide slots, allowing you to put more ingredients in your sandwiches.

It has removable toasting baskets that hold the cheese sandwich while toasting and can be removed when finished.

It is also equipped with adjustable toasting dials and simple controls that even older adults can easily use. 

They will not have to worry about getting burnt when using this toaster because it has a cold-touch housing, handles, and a cold wrap under it.

Plus, you can easily clean the toaster by removing the toasting baskets and dip tray.

This gift allows elder couples to conveniently and efficiently enjoy grilled cheese sandwiches conveniently and efficiently.

Exercise for Seniors DVD Collection- 6 Total Body Workouts + 10 Balance Workouts + Resistance Band + 3 Bonus Senior Exercise Gifts- Easy to Follow. Fun to do! Exercise videos for seniors you will love

23. Exercise for Seniors DVD Collection with Resistance Bands

as of 01/28/2023 5:04 am

Encourage older couples to exercise by giving them an Exercise for Seniors DVD Collection with Resistance Bands.

They can enjoy following through the DVD collection with each other and increase their bond. You can also join in exercising to encourage them even more.

Resistance bands are one of the safest ways for older adults to start strength training and flexibility exercises. They can use the resistance bands that come with the DVD collection and exercise.

However, you have to consider the thickness of the band you will buy since it affects how easy or difficult the exercise will be.

You should choose according to the strength of your elderly couple and ask them to consult their physicians before they begin this exercise routine.

Chef Craft Easy to Ready Plastic Measuring Cup Set, 10 piece set, Green

24. Large Print Measuring Cups

as of 01/28/2023 5:04 am

If your elderly couple likes to cook together and make all kinds of meals, then giving them these large-print measuring cups may be a good idea.

The measuring cups feature extra large text with contrasting colors, making it easy for seniors to read.

They will not have to look and squint at the cups for a long time anymore when using these measuring cups.

Joywell TV Remote Caddy Armchair Caddy for Recliner Sofa Armrest Organizer Non Slip Arm Chair Caddie with 6 Pocket Storage for Magazine, Tablet, Phone, iPad, Silver Grey

25. Armchair Caddy

as of 01/28/2023 5:04 am

Armchair Caddy can be an incredible gift, especially if your elderly couple loves to chill on the couch and watch TV.

They can use this caddy to hold their remotes, keys, and other small items. This can help seniors stay organized with their items.

This caddy can fit in with any living room set because it comes in nearly 30 colors. It also has durable linen fabric that retains its softness and ensures that it will not fall apart easily.

It also has a rubber patch on the back to prevent slipping.

Omron Heartglide Watch

26. Heartguide Wearable Blood Pressure Monitor and Watch


The HeartGuide Wearable Blood Pressure Monitor & Watch is an excellent gift if you want to monitor your elderly couple’s health.

It is the first-ever accurate wearable blood pressure monitor that tracks heart data, activity level, sleep, and other vital information.

The accompanying app analyzes the data, providing personal health recommendations for the elderly couple.

This gift is great if you want a consistent check-up on your parents. You won’t have to worry about the elderly couple’s health, and this health watch is also comfortable and fabulous.

Food Gifts

Gourmet Treasures Gift Basket

27. Capalbo's Gourmet Treasures Gift Basket


Gift baskets are always a good gift choice for older adults, with the baskets filled with special treats or valuable items that can make the older couple’s lives more enjoyable.

The Capalbo’s Gourmet Treasures Gift Basket offers all kinds of gift baskets like wine, gourmet snacks, chocolates, puzzle books, or hobby supplies.

You can just pick from the variety of gift baskets available depending on your elder couple’s tastes. You can also personalize the basket by buying a custom ribbon.

Just make sure to pick a gift basket that both seniors will love. Or much better, you can buy more than one basket!

Capalbo also offers free shipping basket options.

Decade Candy Gift Box

28. Decade Candy Gift Box


Even older adults like to chew on some candy now and then, and with the Decade Candy Gift Box, you can gift a candy package to an older couple.

The candy box contains candy that they loved in their childhood. There is also an option to choose what decade candy will be put into the gift box. You can select sweets from the 1920s up to the 1990s.

You can also subscribe to a monthly subscription box if you really want to keep them well-stocked in sweets.

Pizza of the Month Club

29. Pizza of the Month Club

This is an excellent gift for elderly couples who love their pizza or tend to live on frozen pizzas.

You can subscribe to the Pizza of the Month Club, and they will receive three gourmet quality deep-dish Chicago-style pizzas every month.

You can also arrange a personalized gift letter with each shipment if they are across the country and you don’t get to see them frequently. Subscription terms from two to 12 months are available.

good for you teas

30. Good for You Tea Gift Sampler


A healthy gift choice is buying elderly adults a Good for You Tea Gift Sampler set.

It contains a collection of loose teas with anti-inflammatory benefits and antioxidants. Not only are they delicious, but they are also beneficial for seniors.

The set includes varieties such as Turmeric Bliss, Happy Belly, Skinny Tea, and Tea-Tox.

This product is an excellent gift for elderly couples who like to drink tea together in the mornings or during tea time. The tea is also proven to be good for seniors with arthritis.

General Gift-Buying Tips for Elderly Couples

Older couples have lived lives far longer than younger folks, so finding a lovely gift may be difficult, especially since seniors tend to say that they do not want anything because of fear of being a burden.

Here are some gift-buying tips for older couples that you may use as a guide when thinking of what to give them.

  • Buy gifts that both parents will love. Make sure to align it with their tastes and style.
  • Make it practical. Buy gifts that will make the couple’s lives more convenient and efficient.
  • Align it with their hobbies. Find out what their current hobbies are at the moment and find the appropriate gift that will help them continue their pursuits.
  • Find gifts that are beneficial for their health. Healthy gifts should be a priority when finding gifts for older adults. You can also find gifts encouraging the couple to exercise and move their bodies.
  • Find entertaining gifts. Finding gifts that the elderly couple finds interesting may be a good idea. Things like movies they like, games they like, books they want, or any other entertainment media that fits their tastes

Wrapping Up

We chose all of the gift ideas written in this article for the benefit and convenience of older adults. We have chosen products that promote good health, provide entertainment, and warm their hearts.

Giving gifts to elderly couples during their anniversary or the holidays can be challenging, but you can overcome it by paying attention to their needs and interests.

Furthermore, don’t forget that spending time with your older parents is one of the greatest gifts you can give them.

It will make them feel loved, cared for, appreciated, and important. Never forget to tell your senior couples that you love them and always make them feel special!


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