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14 Unique Gifts For Grandkids That Go Beyond Just Presents

14 Unique Gifts For Grandkids That Go Beyond Just Presents

Sometimes with our grandkids, gifts become "just presents." Looking for a unique and even long-lasting meaningful gift? Here are some unique gifts for the grandkids that fill that void.
Unique Gifts For Grandkids That Go Beyond Just Presents
Unique Gifts For Grandkids That Go Beyond Just Presents
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Your grandkids probably have plenty of toys already from baseball hats, to Barbies, and hot wheels. Why not think outside the box when it comes to holiday gifts?

Unique gifts such as those discussed here can have a long-lasting impact on your grandkids’ lives and perhaps even change them forever. Here are my 13 recommended unique gifts for grandkids.

Unique Gift Ideas for Your Grandchildren

Where Are You?Pin

Wonderbly Personalized Books


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Wonderbly Personalized Book Gift Idea for Grandkids - Unboxing & Review

Are you looking for the perfect gift for your grandkids? Look no further than a personalized book from Wonderbly!

Wonderbly offers unique and memorable books that are tailored to your grandchild’s interests, name, and age. It’s a gift they will never forget! With stories ranging from magical adventures to thrilling mysteries, your grandchild will surely find something they love.

Plus, you can rest assured that each book is made with quality materials and designed to last a lifetime. Give your grandkids the gift of a lifetime with a personalized book from Wonderbly!

Agoigo Kids Waterproof Camera Toys for 3-12 Year Old Boys Girls Christmas Birthday Gifts Kids Underwater Sports Camera HD Children Digital Action Camera 2 Inch Screen with 32GB Card (Blue)Pin

Kids Digital Camera

as of 04/19/2024 1:45 pm

Your grandkids might seem too young for digital cameras, but you can find sturdy, durable, simple cameras from brands such as Discovery Kids and Vtech for kids ages 3 and above.

It can be quite the experience to see the world from the perspective of your grandkids and a digital camera can be the perfect tool for that.

A digital camera makes an excellent gift for both younger kids and teens. You can treat their gift like a new hobby, particularly if you are also into photography. It could be a shared passion for years to come while the framed photos they have taken can also be amazing gifts for parents.

Ideal For: School Age and Teenage Grandkids.

Photo Album Scrapbook, Photo Book,Adventure Book,Our Adventure Book Scrapbook with Colorful Cover 3D Letters Up Travel Scrapbook for Memory Record,Anniversary, Wedding, Travelling, Baby ShowerPin

8x11 Hard Cover Photo Book

as of 04/19/2024 1:45 pm

A photo book can be the perfect complement to the digital camera. Do your grandkids love looking at old photos and special memories? If that’s the case, they would probably love to get a customized photo book.

As a grandma or grandpa, you are in the perfect position to create this book since you probably have the largest photo collection. You can include photos from when your grandkids were little babies through to now. Your grandkids will love seeing their pictures printed in a book.

Ideal For: School Age Grandkids.

Royalbaby Kids Bike Boys Girls Freestyle BMX Bicycle with Training Wheels Kickstand Gifts for Children Bikes 16 Inch BluePin

Royalbaby BMX Freestyle Kids Bike

as of 04/19/2024 1:45 pm

A shiny new bicycle can be the perfect way to encourage your grandkids to step away from their screens and go outside. Get a bike of your own and spend time with them going out for bike rides. If you have teen grandkids, you can even sign them up for a charity bike ride so that they have something to look forward to.

Instilling a sense of adventure in your grandkids and helping them make it a habit to become active by encouraging them to go out on bike rides is a great investment for their future and has the potential to enrich their lives as well as yours.

Ideal For: Grandkids of All Ages i.e. Toddlers, School Age, and Teens.

Small Pets Like Hamsters or Reptiles


OK. This is probably a little controversial! But, a pet can be a life-long friend and can teach your grandkids critical lessons about responsibility. The friendship that can grow between a kid and his/her pet will give them memories that last a lifetime, which is the best gift you can ever get them. Also, you don’t have to get a dog or cat. Start with a hamster, guinea pig, ot even small reptiles.

Ideal For: Toddlers and School Age Grandkids.

Q&A a Day for Kids: A Three-Year JournalPin

Q&A a Day for Kids: A Three-Year Journal

from $12.99

You should seriously consider gifting your grandchild a journal and encourage him/her to write in it every single day. You might actually inspire them to become journalists or authors. Even if your grandkids don’t end up becoming professional writers, having a paper journal is a great way for them to relive their past.

Introducing grandkids to a different way of expressing themselves and working through their feelings can result in mental health benefits that last a lifetime.

Ideal For: School Age and Teen Grandkids.

Toy Box MonthlyPin Subscription Boxes for Kids


Today, there are several companies and websites such as Cratejoy.Com that provide monthly subscriptions to children. From science kits to boxes that promote cultural awareness, cooking boxes and more, you will always find something guaranteed to interest your grandkids.

You can set up a time for working through the contents of the subscription boxes together with your grandkids, or you can encourage their parents to set time aside to work through the box with their children if you live far away.

Ideal For: Grandkids of All Ages i.e. Toddlers, School Age, and Teens.

Fandango $50 Gift CardPin

Fandango $50 Gift Card

as of 04/19/2024 1:45 pm

If your grandkids love watching movies or you know of a new release that’s coming out soon that they are excited about, you should consider sending them a movie ticket. The great thing about movie tickets is that they can be easily delivered from any distance and most services offer gift card or email delivery options.

Ideal For: Grandkids of All Ages i.e. Toddlers, School Age, and Teens.

Smarkids Toddler Musical Instruments Toys Premium Accurately Tuned Percussion Musical Instruments for Kids Children Educational Toy Set for Boys& Girls with Xylophone Flute Tambourine Maraca BackpackPin

Smarkids Musical Instruments Toddler Toys

Helping your grandkids discover a new passion or talent has the potential to be life changing. If your grandchild has started showing an interest in music, a unique gift of a violin, drum set, or even a guitar can transform their life by giving them an outlet for expression that they previously didn’t know existed.

Ideal For: School Age Grandkids.

Educational Travel Experience

kids exploring exhibits at the museumPin

Sharing your passion for travel and learning can be an excellent way to instill the same passions in your grandkids forever. The memories they make and bonds they build during an educational travel experience can last a lifetime. The next time you want to gift your grandkids, think outside the box by giving them an experiential gift rather than a physical one since time spent together is the best gift for the both of you.

Ideal For: Grandkids of All Ages i.e. Toddlers, School Age, and Teens.

Shares of Stock

stock certificatesPin

Buying shares for your grandkids is not only a unique gift idea but also a smart one on many levels. It means that they will have something put away for the future whether it is to fund their college studies, first car, or even a deposit on their first home.

It also gives your grandkids the opportunity to learn about the stock market, money, and the incredible power of compound interest. Your grandkids might not be interested immediately, but they will definitely start paying attention once they see how much the account has grown.

Ideal For: Grandkids of All Ages i.e. Toddlers, School Age, and Teens.

Start a College Education Fund

college student holding textbooksPin

Today is the best time to start saving towards the education of your grandkids. Education is expensive, which is why you should consider starting an education fun that you can regularly replenish until your grandkids turn 18 is a smart and thoughtful gift from grandparents. You can set up a 529 college savings plan like many other grandmas and grandpas do that can be used for books, tuition, and other educational expenses.

Ideal For: Grandkids of All Ages i.e. Toddlers, School Age, and Teens.

Start a Savings Account

piggy bank on a stack of moneyPin

One of the best investment gifts you can give your grandkids is a savings account that you add to every birthday and holiday.

Your grandkids might not understand the importance of having a savings account until they turn 18, but the money can go a long way towards changing their lives in the future.

Ideal For: Grandkids of All Ages i.e. Toddlers, School Age, and Teens.

Tuition and Sports Fees

playing soccer with familyPin

If your grandkids already have enough presents, you can talk to your children about providing 1 year of private school tuition or even sports fees for the grandkids. School fees and activity fees can easily add up to thousands of dollars each year. You can also show your support by attending school performances or school games.

Ideal For: School Age Grandkids.

Summary and Final Recommendations

If you are like most grandmas and grandpas, getting the right gift for your grandkids can be tricky. It sometimes can be hard to find the perfect gift item. However, the 14 gifts discussed here can be an excellent starting point.

The time and effort you put into the gifts will be a lasting memory for you and your grandkids, and that’s something that money cannot buy!

What ideas do you have for unique gifts for the grandkids? Tell me your ideas in the comments below!

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  1. Kathy Tuttle

    I made a photo album for my grandchildren last Christmas in much the same way that Find Waldo Now is structured. I photo shopped existing photos (the balcony with the Royal Family at the Queen’s Jubilee, a chorus line of dancers, the Boston Marathon, etc.) and replaced the heads on these photos with my grandchildren and their parents. I printed the photos (all 50) and put them in individual photo albums per family. The last photo had Christmas ornaments on the tree with each of their beautiful faces in them. My late parents (their great grandparents) were looking in the window on this happy family tree. It was well received and a lot of laughter from all ages.

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