61+ Gift Ideas for Seniors in Assisted Living

By: Scott Grant, ATP, CRTS®

These gift ideas for seniors in assisted living homes are personal in nature, help them pass the time, keep their minds busy, and even offer a little pampering. But, most of all, these gifts remind them they are loved and not forgotten.

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Choosing a gift for seniors can be tricky, especially because you just cannot buy them regular gifts like a pair of high heels or a tie. Instead, you must look for something they can use and enjoy. Some seniors in assisted living may have health complications such as memory loss, which may make some items offered as gifts, either useless or lifesavers.

Gift ideas for seniors are not always at our fingertips. However, worry not because if you are looking to gift a senior in assisted living with a mothers’ day, fathers’ day, or a just-because gift, this article has you covered.

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Best Gifts for Seniors in Assisted Living

Here are my recommended gifts for seniors in assisted living. Some are fun, some are practical, and some might just make daily life a little easier.

General Gift Advice for Seniors and the Elderly in Assisted Living Homes

1. Personal Gifts

The best way to show affection and care to seniors in assisted living communities is to gift them with personalized gifts. This shows that you put some thought and heart into choosing the gift, which makes it more meaningful. Sending a bouquet of their favorite flowers wrapped in a thoughtful message is a sure way to cheer a senior up. You can also simply give them a call and talk about their favorite topics and memories.

Putting a balloon and a card outside their door is a great way to brighten their day, especially when they find your gift first thing in the morning. You can also write them a personal letter or paint a picture for them. If you still need more gift ideas, you can choose to video call them and include their favorite pets and family members. Not only do these personal gifts cheer them up, but they also make them feel remembered and treasured.

2. Music and game gifts

Seniors in assisted living communities have a lot of free time, and buying games and music for them is an excellent way of engaging them. If they love music, buy them musical merchandise from their favorite artist. Record players and the traditional music box is an amazing way of helping seniors enjoy their time.

You can also purchase board games for seniors and even play with them when you visit. Not only does it make their mind active, but it also provides a bonding platform with the loved ones. Crossword puzzles, playing a game of cards, video games, and large print coloring books are amazing games gift ideas for the elderly.

3. Recreation of Memories Gifts

All seniors have a list of memorable times of their lives. It could be a place they visited or a sport they used to play when they were younger. A great gift idea would be to recreate such precious memories to help them feel young again. If your loved one’s favorite memory was their visit to France, you could order them some French cuisine to help them recreate their fond memories. You can also decorate their room with photos of France to keep their special memories alive.

If your grandpa loved and played baseball when he was younger, spend time with him watching an old baseball series together and bring his favorite ballpark snack. When seniors relive their old memories, they feel alive and young again. In fact, a recreation of memories is a less costly gift that could mean so much to a senior.

4. Pampering Gifts

One way to make seniors feel loved and appreciated is by pampering them physically. The best way to do so would be to spend a day with them at the salon or spa. They can get their hair done or enjoy a massage altogether. Spa and salon activities such as manicure, pedicure, haircutting, coloring, facials, and eyebrow treatments are all bonding opportunities for you and your loved one.

Wrapping Up

There is no end to the list of gift ideas for seniors in assisted living. The secret to a good gift is making sure it is useful and applicable to the senior’s lifestyle. Also, to make it special, thoughtful, and personalized, always remember that handwritten messages are more memorable than typed ones.

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