Best GPS Tracking Watches For Adults with Alzheimer’s or Dementia

GPS trackers report the location of the device via cellular carriers. They can be a literal lifesaver for adults with dementia or Alzheimer's who may wander off because they can be quickly found. Here are the best GPS trackers
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Here are my Top Picks:

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There are many technological devices that improve the safety of senior adults, but of all those devices, GPS trackers stand out the most. GPS trackers help caregivers keep an eye on their loved ones when they are out and about thus ensuring their safety.

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The Best GPS Tracking Watches for Senior Adults


  • Screen Size:1.54 inch/Resolution:240*240
  • GPS+wifi+basestation triple positioning method
  • SOS emergency alarm.Management and control of mobile phone client
  • Function:Answer Call,Week,Dial Call,Alarm Clock,Month,Passometer,Message Reminder,Sleep,Heart Rate,24 hour instruction,Call Reminder,Fitness
  • Language:French,Russian,English,German

When people get older, they become more prone to falling down, which is one danger that puts many elderly citizens in hospitals each year. The Pinchu D100 has been included here because it includes a GPS feature but it also offers a whole lot more.

The Pinchu D100 functions as a watch, step counter for tracking activity, a medication reminder, a fall-down alarm, and a heart-rate sensor. If it senses the impact of a fall, it dials out to the pre-selected emergency contact. So, it doubles as a medical alert watch for seniors who live alone.

The Pinchu D100 can be worn throughout the day, which means that you don’t have to worry about the monitored senior misplacing it.


  • Easy to use
  • Sporty and stylish appearance
  • Set reminders to take medication, move around, etc.
  • Fall Down Alarm calls the emergency contact immediately for assistance if a fall is detected
  • Integrates with smartphones


  • Battery has to be charged every few days


  • ❤【GPS+SOS and Location Tracking】The Smart Phone Watch Specific Design for elderly, it comE with double position technology based on GPS, Location Base on Cell Tower Station means double safety for elderly. True GPS will provide more accurately location than LBS when kids are outdoor, the error will be less than 100feet (30meters). Achieving all day real-time location tracking, Elderly can one click SOS to get call if they in danger. You can check the position at anytime anywhere via SMS, website
  • ❤【Multifunctional LBS + WiFi Positioning】Just like a Smart phone, Support Micro SIM Card, GPS+LBS+WiFi triple Positioning, it still support Two-Way Call, GPS positioning, One press SOS emergency call, Anti-Lost, Anti-Throw, Activity Tracking, Voice Chat, Remote Voice Monitor, Clock, ,Flashlight, etc. you can Control and set The watch through the APP.
  • ❤【Two Way Communication 】Two-way high-definition call, communication is very simple, you can talk to your child/parent anytime, anywhere to share the mood, caring about the situation, parent-child interaction everywhere. Smart Watch Compatible with IOS iphone Android phones.
  • ❤【Water Resistant 】The watch is water resistant ONLY not for kids washing or bathing soaking swimming or steam. Nano TPU85 material strap, Anti-sweat matte surface treatment ergonomic convex design and soft strap which make wearing more comfortable for kids to wear. You are able to set the numbers for incoming and outgoing calls, voice messages through the application for IOS Android.
  • ❤【 SIM Card Selection】The smart watch worked as an unlock cellphone,The package only included smart watch, but without SIM Card. You need buy a 2G SIM Card(SIM Card need to open GPRS "E" service and call ID function.) Only support Micro SIM GSM Network. We recommend the ‘SpeedTalk ’Mobile Card in America. NOT SUPPORTED: Sprint, Verizon.,Att . (Other Country please info us your country and sim carriers.)

One of the best features of this GPS tracking watch is the emphasis on 2-way communication. It can be a great tool for checking in with older, more vulnerable individuals.

You can easily keep an eye on the monitored senior through the GPS tracking feature and the wearer can use the emergency alert to communicate. Other impressive features of this senior-friendly watch include the more grown-up look as well as the water-resistant case and strap.


  • The watch has an impressive design and build
  • The focus on 2-way communication
  • Impressive quality of GPS technology used on the device


  • The wide array of features can be at times confusing for seniors
  • It has compatibility issues with some network providers


  • This is a 3G GPS Smart Watch and a Cell Phone GPS Tracker, a superb choice for personal safety. You can track its location in real time anywhere anytime. We offer lifetime free service for Android and IOS application software as well as web tracking platform. If you need to use this watch outside the United States, please contact us for another version. Our YouTube vedio about how to use this watch:
  • SOS emergency call: Users can just press SOS button to circularly call family numbers for help in case of an emergency. Phone Call: Besides serving as a GPS tracker, this watch can also work as a cell phone to make phone calls. When you go to SIM operator stores, sales guys may tell you our watch can not support their SIM cards. No worries about this, as long as you make sure the SIM is with data plan and voice feature, just contact us immediately, we can help you get the watch worked at once.
  • Historical Route Track(Footprint Record): Past locations of the GPS watch in latest 3 months will be stored in system for your future checking. Electronic Fence Alarm(Geo-fence ): You can set a safe area centering around the watch wearer, the watch will automatically raise an alarm in your phone application once the watch wearer leaves the area. You can track multiple watches at the same time, please contact us, we will help you realize it.
  • Camera Feature: Support photo taking, fun and fashion. Far more features waiting for you to discover: Remote Voice Monitoring, Step Counter, Silient Mode for School Time, Alarm Clock, Voice Chat, Low Battery Alarm and etc. IMPORTANT: This watch supports 3G network, while most GPS watches on the market support only 2G network. 2G network is going to be shut down in USA, and you must get this watch with 3G compatibility that works perfectly in USA.
  • Kind reminder: Black color is for elderly and adults, pink, blue, and grey colors are for kids. Black watchband is a bit longer than pink, blue and grey, so black is suitable for elderly and adults, pink, blue and grey colors for kids. Please select the color carefully. This Smart GPS Watch Is Developed And Produced By Our Company, But We Do Not Rule Out That There Are Some Sellers Who Imitate Our Watch. And We Do Not Provide Any After-sales Service For Copy Watch From Other Sellers.

The Tycho GPS SmartWatch featured here is the ideal solution for seniors that are no longer physically young but are still young at heart. It is a highly accurate watch with a sleek and simple design that’s not only easy to understand but has all the features you would ever need.

Seniors that prefer having their emergency button in the form of a watch will definitely enjoy this one. It not only offers full GPS functionality but also allows the user to make calls, track the steps taken every day, or even press a button to call the emergency contact.


  • Easy to use
  • 3G compatible GPS tracking
  • Step counter encourages activity
  • GeoFence alerts you if the monitored senior leaves their zone
  • No free app provided


  • It requires purchasing a SIM card
  • It isn’t waterproof i.e. cannot be worn in the shower
  • Uses 3G technology as opposed to the newer 4G technology


  • Important Tips: ①the watch support ATT, Tmobile,Speedtalk cards in US, but Sprint and Verizon are not supported. ②When you purchase a SIM card from an ATT or Tmobile store, please tell the salesperson that the SIM card requires a regular telephone line instead of a wearable line and requires data and voice service.. ③Give extra grey strap, you can replace the strap yourself.( Black is a leather strap and suitable for adults, elderly; pink, blue, grey is a silicone strap and suitable for the kids
  • This is a 3G GPS smart watch tracker and certified by FCC, ROHS, CE.,good quality, safe, comfortable to wear,perfect for kids and the can track wearer location in real time, you can contact the wearer at any time, or you can check the history route of the watch within 3 months, We offer lifetime free for Android ,IOS application and PC web tracking platform.
  • Multiple Call Modes: 1.SOS, in an emergency, the wearer can quickly dial your family number with the push of a button. 2, two-way call, after setting up the phone book through the APP, the watch can dial and answer the call through the phone book, 3, Voice Remote listening,you can use this function to listen to the sound next to the watch, but the wearer can't hear from you, the watch screen won't light up.
  • Do Not Disturb Mode: When your child at school or the elderly is resting, you can set the time period to block incoming calls. The watch can still dial calls at this time.This watch also has an alarm clock, low battery reminder function, very intimate, The watch also has a voice chat function, The watch and APP can send and receive voices to each other, and a voice does not exceed 15 seconds.
  • Other functions: Support for make photos and remote make photos, save 43 photos, support Bluetooth transmission, Far more features waiting for you to discover: Step Counter, Making friends and etc.. IMPORTANT: This watch supports 3G WCDMA network, while most GPS watches on the market support only 2G network. Because the 2G network will be closed in future, it is more suitable for you to choose a 3G GPS watch. Packing list: 3G GPS watch*1, usb cable*1, user manual*1,grey strap*1

The GPS Senior Tracking Smart Watch by KKBear will appeal to many buyers since it resembles a smartwatch so much as opposed to a security or surveillance device. It has a massive screen, a bold time display, as well as 3 app-like icons for different functions.

2-way communication is perhaps the main feature of this smart watch. It can not only send messages and make calls but it can also receive them. The wearer can easily make calls or send panic alarms if they get lost and caregivers can check in with ease. The user can also turn off incoming alerts at selected times such as during hospital appointments or nap time.


  • 2-way communication for improved security
  • 2 different call modes
  • The “Do Not Disturb” function helps with user privacy


  • It could be too complicated for some elderly users

What Are GPS Trackers?

GPS trackers are devices that are used for determining and tracking the exact location of carriers. The location can be then recorded and stored on the device or transmitted to a central database. GPS trackers are essential for the protection of lives as well as movable property.

GPS trackers let you know the precise real-time location of any object, animal, or individual by simply tracking your focus with a GPS receiver device. Models designed specifically for seniors place an emphasis on functions that improve safety, including emergency buttons and health metrics.

Why Do Seniors Need GPS Trackers?

GPS trackers can be a lifesaver for seniors with dementia or Alzheimer’s or various other conditions that make them prone to wandering. Even if you live in a state with a Silver Alert Program, a GPS tracker can give you peace of mind knowing that you can easily and quickly locate a loved one if they ever wander or become lost.

You may require a particular type of GPS tracker depending on your needs. If you prefer something that’s a bit discreet, you can benefit from a device that can be worn as a bracelet, watch, or necklace. However, off all these three, GPS watches are the most popular.

Here are some of the main reasons why GPS tracking devices for seniors are so important:

  • Peace of Mind: Caregivers should know the exact location of seniors they are caring for at all times, particularly if the seniors have dementia or Alzheimer’s. Using GPS tracking devices for such seniors can make it easier to find them in case they wander away and get lost.
  • Security: GPS tracking devices also allow for geographical fencing, which is a feature that alerts the caregiver whenever the senior being monitored goes or is taken beyond a particular geographical limit. The devices also come equipped with buttons that allow seniors to call for help when they are in dangerous situations.
  • Ease of Use: GPS tracking devices for seniors are incredibly easy to use, which means that users will quickly learn how to use the key features. Whether it is contacting caregivers in case of emergencies or raising an alarm, there aren’t any complex functions for seniors to master.

Features to Consider When Buying GPS Tracking Devices for Senior Adults

If you are looking to buy a GPS tracker for an elderly loved one, you need to consider several important things before you make the purchase. Here are the main features you should look for in the best GPS tracking watch for adults.

  • Ease of Use: Seniors need devices that are very easy to use. The gradual intellectual deterioration as people age can make it difficult to use complex devices.
  • Real-Time Reporting: It is worth noting that not all GPS trackers actually show real-time information regarding the monitored individual’s location. Some devices just show reports that are delayed for minutes or even hours. However, devices with real-time reporting are ideal.
  • Battery Life: The longer the battery life of a GPS device, the better it is. You should ideally buy devices whose battery life runs into weeks.
  • Quality of Hardware: GPS trackers for seniors should be made of high-quality material that’s water resistant, not easily breakable, and made of lightweight material.
  • 2-Way Voice Calling: It is one of the best features to have in a GPC tracker for seniors. It works like a speed dial and allows the tracked individual to dial any of the 2 or 3 registered numbers at the push of a button.
  • Panic/Emergency Button: The ideal GPS tracking device is one that has a panic/emergency button that can be used to send an emergency SMS to the caregiver when the wearer is in trouble.
  • Wearability: GPS tracking devices that are easy to wear such as GPS watches are better. This is why you should ideally choose GPS tracking devices with wearable straps such as GPS watches.

Final Thoughts

Getting your senior loved one is probably the best ways to ensure complete peace of mind if you want to track your elderly loved one for his/her own well-being and safety.

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All of these GPS tracking watches for seniors featured here are great options, so all you need to do is choose the one that best suits the requirements of your loved one.

Do you know of another GPS tracking watch that you recommend? Tell me about it in the comments below!

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