The Best Heated Slippers For The Elderly [For Warm & Cozy Feet]

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One quick way to warm up a senior is to warm their feet and these heated slippers for the elderly do just that. Keep reading to learn which are the best heated slippers for seniors to use and what features are important too.

Best Heated Slippers For The Elderly
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As a person ages, he or she tends to lose body heat much quicker than when they were young.

On the other hand, body temperature regulation functions also decline with age. Seniors are more prone to conditions such as hypothermia since their bodies find it difficult to know when they are actually feeling cold.

Hypothermia can lead to other medical conditions such as liver damage, heart attacks, and kidney issues in the long run. The CDC states that the hypothermia death rate among seniors is increasing within the past few years

This article provides information on what you should consider when buying heated slippers for the elderly and reviews 5 of the best heated slippers for your loved one.

How Do Heated Slippers Help?

The temperature in our feet immediately drops as the temperature of the environment drops. Hence, the feet become colder in winter months compared to other parts of the body. Usually, the toes and the parts of the body that will catch a cold first.

It is important to keep your loving parent or grandparent warm and away from the cold to safeguard their health and well-being during the cold winter months.

The best way to warm the body of your senior family member is to start with their feet! Warm clothing protects the body while heated slippers protect their feet during such times.

Best Heated Slippers for Seniors

If you are in the market for the best heated slippers for your parent or grandparent, you have come to the right place. With so many brands of heated slippers on the market today, choosing the best product isn’t easy.

Here are 5 of the best heated slippers for your senior.

Smoko Narwhal Heated Slippers (Wireless)

This soft pair of heated slippers are designed to look cute and adorable so they might not be for everyone. They are made of polyester and cotton and stuffed with a soft filling to cushion your feet and make them fell cozy and more comfortable.

You can buy them as a wireless-heated slipper or a USB-heated slipper. An internal rechargeable battery powers the wireless slippers while the USB product comes with a USB cable that is 57 inches long. They can even be charged with a laptop or desktop USB .

This product is soft and comfortable on your senior’s feet. The product isn’t available in smaller sizes and doesn’t have different color options to choose from. Although, there are other animal shapes to choose from!

JULAN USB Rechargeable Heated Feet Warmer

ValueRays has been making foot warmers since 2011. I like these because they are high quality and budget-friendly.

You can plug the slippers into a USB port and get rid of cold feet within minutes with this product. There is no battery option however.

It has a 65-inch long cord to walk around while heating the feet – although seniors with limited mobility should never walk around with them plugged in.

ValueRays heated slippers come in different colors and sizes for you to choose from. The product will provide a steady flow of infrared heat to the bottom of the cold feet of your senior. This heated slipper is ideal for indoor use.

Snook-Ease Microwavable Heated Slippers

The high-quality heated slippers from Snook-Ease is another popular brand on the market today. It doesn’t function on electricity or battery – instead you place the insole of the slippers in the heating bag and heat in the microwave for 60 seconds. So, seniors with mobility problems won’t need to worry about tripping over a cord!

Place the warm insoles immediately inside the slippers and enjoy warm feet. You can use the product at home, work, or anywhere you need it. These slippers will not only keep your loved one’s feet warm and comfortable.

They are lightweight, easy to use, durable, and easy to clean.

Microwavable Warming Slippers for Men & Women - Cordless Heated Foot Warmers - Natural Heat, Massaging & Cold Foot Relief - Ideal for Elderly, Diabetic, Raynaud's, and Outdoor Enthusiasts

Terra-Warm Toe & Feet Warming Slippers

as of 09/22/2023 8:55 pm

This product is handmade using premium materials and lavender scent.

You only need to place the booties in a microwave and warm for 60 seconds before wearing them. The heat is held in natural seeds that also gently massage the feet of your loved one when he or she walks. This can even help boost circulation in the area.

This product can be cooled by placing them in a plastic bag and putting in the freezer for a few minutes.

Z-YQL 1 Pair USB Electric Heating Slippers Heated Plush Shoe Winter Cold Weather Shoes Keep Foot Warmer Women Men

USB Electric Heating Slippers

as of 09/22/2023 8:55 pm

Kamlif heated slippers are plush and classy and will give your loved one’s feet a luxurious and comfortable feeling.

The product is made of infrared heating materials that help warm up all layers of the slippers to keep the entire foot warm and soothed at all times. They even claim these slippers will diminish foot fatigue and relax the muscles and nerves in the feet.

The Kamlif slipper heats quickly and generates heat to the feet within seconds. The USB heated slippers are made of a Titanium crystal nanofilm heater. They are lightweight and portable.

What To Look For In The Best Pair Of Heated Slippers?

There are many factors to consider when choosing the best pair of heated slippers for your loved one.

Heated slippers come in different styles, sizes, and brands. You should select the right product to suit the needs and personal preferences of your loved one.

Here are some factors to look for in a quality pair of heated slippers.

1. Flexible and Supportive Soles

The right sole is important when shopping for the best heated slippers for your loved one.

A sole that’s too soft won’t provide the necessary support while a sole that’s too thick may not be flexible and result in instability – which can be disastrous for your senior.

The sole of the slipper should have the right texture, flexibility, and depth. Look for rubber soles that support the foot but are flexible too.

Elders lose muscle strength as they age and often their feet are usually swollen due to many reasons. The swelling makes their feet heavy enough without the extra weight of the heated slippers.

Heavy shoes may increase the risk of trip and fall accidents of your senior. That’s why you need to opt for lightweight slippers for your senior.

2. Easy to Put On

Elders cannot bend for long due to back pain and other issues. So, they need shoes that are easy to put on. They cannot bend for too long to put on the shoes.

Look for heated slippers with Velcro closures that are easy to open and close. The right fit is another important factor to consider when buying heated slippers for your parent.

Slippers that are too tight can decrease the blood circulation to the legs and feet. This will result in more swelling of their feet.

On the other hand, slippers that are too loose can come out easily and increase the risk of trip and fall accidents in seniors. Opt for the perfect fit both in length and width.

old grey slippers on carpet with stool

3. Heating Method

The heating option is another factor to consider when buying heated slippers.

Does the product use a wireless rechargeable battery, an AC adapter, or a USB?

Or, is the product a microwaveable-heated slipper?

If you opt for USB or AC adapter-heated slippers, your loved one will have to stay in one place while the feet are being heated. They won’t be able to safely walk around with such slippers.

The microwaveable options are safer for walking but may need to be reheated every 30 minutes to keep their feet warm. It is also important not to overheat the slippers causing burns and injuries.

Remember, too, that you can only spot-clean these types of slippers but cannot wash them.

4. Overall Design and Fit

The design of the slipper is another important factor to consider.

Do you plan to buy booties, socks, open-heel slippers, or just slippers?

Does your loved one plan to stay indoors or go outside wearing the slippers?

The answer to these questions will determine the best design for your senior.

Wrapping Up

Heated slippers can be an excellent way to keep seniors and the elderly warm overall by keeping their feet cozy and toasty warm. But, there are some safety considerations as well.

Learn more about safe slippers for seniors in this guide.

Make sure the slippers you choose are supportive to the feet and ankles, fit well, and aren’t likely to come off, and that the senior understands fully how to use them safely.

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