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Nail Clippers for Arthritis Sufferers (Easy to Squeeze & Less Pain)

Nail Clippers for Arthritis Sufferers (Easy to Squeeze & Less Pain)

Arthritis can make the squeezing motion needed for nail trimming unbearable. These nail clippers for seniors with arthritis are easier to squeeze, easier to use, and cause less pain than their conventional counterparts.
Nail Clippers For Arthritis Featured Image
Nail Clippers For Arthritis Featured Image
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It’s important for nails to be trimmed regularly.

When nails are long, it’s easier for dirt to accumulate beneath them, which can increase the risk of a bacterial or fungal infection. It can also lead to injury. Long nails can be sharp, and accidental scratches are common.

Unfortunately, a lot of older individuals struggle to trim their nails, especially seniors with arthritis. Many people with arthritis have a limited range of motion, which means typical nail clippers can be difficult to use.

Psoriatic arthritis can actually cause physical changes to your nails. Conventional nail clippers can be difficult for people with arthritis to clip, especially for an extended period of time.

If you’re searching for the best nail clippers for arthritis sufferers, you can end your hunt here. Whether you’re looking for scissors or clippers, one of these devices should work for you.

Take a look at some of the top clippers on the market so that you can find an option that works for you.

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Types of Nail Clippers for Seniors, Elderly, and Arthritis

The Best Nail Clippers for Arthritic Hands

Here are my recommended nail clippers for seniors with arthritis. Each of these is easy to use with less squeezing… which means less pain!

K-Beauty! Genuine Heavy duty Toenail Clipper Extra Large Toenail Clipper MADE IN KOREA SINCE 1975 (1 Unit, Set)Pin

Three Seven Ergonomic Heavy Duty Nail Clipper Set

Although this senior-friendly nail clipper was specifically designed to clip toenails, it can be used for fingernails as well.

The ergonomic design makes it incredibly easy to use, even for people who suffer from rheumatoid arthritis. It’s easy to squeeze these clippers and trim your nails as needed.

Because this clipper is made to cut through extra large and thick nails, it’s incredibly effective for clipping nails of all types. Since the clipper has a very long handle, it allows you to comfortably clip your toenails without having to crouch over.

These clippers come in both gold and silver, allowing users to choose the style that they prefer. It’s also possible to purchase a nail-clipper set that includes a smaller clipper and a nail file.

If you have arthritis, and you want to make sure your nails are always properly trimmed, these clippers are an excellent investment.

Clipperpro Omega Classic Fingernail Clipper - Ergonomic Heavy-Duty Nail Clippers | Lightweight Clippers with 180 Degrees Swivel Head and Stainless Steel BladesPin

CLIPPERPRO Omega Select Fingernail Clipper

Standard nail clippers are designed to be held between your fingertips, which can be difficult for people with arthritis. In contrast, these clippers are made to be held in the palm of your hands.

The ergonomic handle is easy to hold, and it can also give you a much more precise grip.

This device was specifically designed by a team of orthopedic surgeons, making it one of the best options on the market for people with joint pain. Because the swiveling blades rotate up to 180°, you’ll be able to find the right angle to clip your nails at.

The blade of these nail clippers is made from surgical-grade stainless steel, which makes it much easier to cleanly and quickly clip your nails.

Even though this device is fairly simple, it’s also a cutting-edge device that will allow you to clip your nails without any issues. These clippers are truly one-of-a-kind. They’re the perfect way for someone with arthritis to trim their nails.

Keiby Citom Nail Clippers with 360-Degree Rotating Head - Stainless Steel Fingernails and Toenails Cutter Lagre and Small Sizes (Silver)Pin

Keiby Citom Nail Clippers with 360-Degree Rotating Head

as of 04/18/2024 2:57 pm

Nail clippers often need to be held at an awkward angle, which can make them difficult for people with arthritis to use.

These clippers feature a 360-degree rotating head, which means you’ll be able to find the best angle to clip your nails at. The unique design prevents slipping while allowing for a comfortable grip.

These nails are made from stainless steel, making them unusually sturdy and resilient. The blades of the clippers are extremely sharp, which means you’ll be able to trim your nails cleanly time and time again.

If you’ve struggled with nail clippers in the past, you’ll find these trimmers to be a great alternative.

When you purchase these clippers, you’ll actually receive two separate devices: a shorter clipper that is designed to be used on fingernails and longer clippers that are made for toenails.

It’s likely that you’ll find yourself using both of these devices on a regular basis. The set also comes with a nail file, allowing you to file away sharp edges left behind after you clip your nails.

SMI 16 cm Long Handle Toenail Scissors for Seniors Podiatrist Nail Clippers for Disabled Thick & Ingrown Nails Stainless Steel Nail Scissors Nail Cutters (Large)Pin

SMI Long Handle Toenail Scissors for Seniors

as of 04/18/2024 2:57 pm

These scissors, which are designed for clipping toenails, have a much longer handle than your standard scissors.

Because of this, they’re far more comfortable to hold and use. The unusual design, which includes an angled blade and a grip handle, gives users a lot of control.

Since these scissors are so long, seniors won’t have to crouch over when they’re clipping their nails.

The sturdy grip, which comes in both magenta and turquoise, also makes it easier to maintain your grip on these scissors as you hold them, even if you’re dealing with an arthritis flare-up.

This means you’ll be far less likely to pinch or cut yourself as you’re clipping your nails.

In addition to being easy to use, these scissors are incredibly durable. Even though these scissors are inexpensive, they’re well-designed and built to last.

Once you purchase these scissors, you’ll be able to keep using them for many years to come. You’ll be glad to have these scissors on hand when your toenails need to be clipped!

EZ Grip 360 Degree Rotary Stainless Steel Sharp Blade Fingernail Toenail Clipper, Trimmer and CutterPin

EZ Grip 360-Degree Rotary Clippers

as of 04/18/2024 2:57 pm

These clippers feature an ergonomic wide-grip handle, allowing them to be comfortably held in the palm of your hand.

Even if you’re not able to use standard nail clippers, you should be able to hold and use these clippers without any issues. The handle is wider than the typical clipper handle, which makes it even easier to hold.

Of course, these clippers have more to offer than a comfortable grip. They can also be rotated 360 degrees, which means you’ll always be able to find the right angle to clip your nails at. You won’t have to twist your hands as you try to clip your nails.

Even though the handle of these clippers is made from a plastic that’s easy to grip, the blade is made from stainless steel, allowing it to clip your nails cleanly and quickly.

This is a small and lightweight nail clipper that’s easy to store, but it’s also resilient enough to last for years.

Clip-Right Ergonomic Nail ClippersPin

Clip-Right Ergonomic Nail Clippers

as of 04/18/2024 2:57 pm

These clippers feature a hinged lever design that makes them comfortable to use while also providing improved control and precision.

Even though these clippers are similar in design to standard nail clippers, this device has a few distinct differences that make it a lot easier to use.

Since these clippers are made from high-grade stainless steel, they’re extremely durable. The blade is sharp and can properly clip your nails, even if they haven’t been trimmed in quite a while.

It also features a fold-down handle, which makes these clippers easier to store. These are the perfect clippers to take with you when you’re traveling.

Although the clipper features a very sharp blade, the design makes it easy to use safely. If you want nail clippers that are arthritis-friendly, but would prefer something that’s similar in design to typical clippers, this device is ideal for you.

These accurate clippers can be used for both fingernails and toenails, which means you’ll find yourself reaching for these clippers all the time.

Summary and Final Recommendations

If you have arthritis, you may find it difficult to trim your nails. If using nail clippers is painful for you, you don’t have to ask someone else to clip your nails for you. You don’t have to let your nails grow long either.

The devices listed above are some of the best nail clippers for seniors with arthritis. If you purchase one of these devices, it’ll be much easier for you to take care of your nails.

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