What You Need To Know About Open Back Shirts For The Elderly

Despite their old age, your elderly loved ones should be able to maintain their dignity and independence. With open back shirts, they can dress themselves in a pain-free and comfortable manner. You can find out here everything you need to know about open back shirts for the elderly.

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Open Back Shirts For The Elderly
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If you are taking care of your elderly loved one, you need to make sure they retain their independence and a sense of dignity in their old age. Therefore, you need to make sure that their clothes are comfortable and pain-free.

That’s why open-back shirts for elderly people are always a great idea. Here is what you need to know about open-back shirts for the elderly and how to get the right one for your loved one.

What Are Open Backed Shirts For the Elderly?

Open-backed shirts are adaptive clothing for seniors and the elderly that opens at the back without necessarily forcing your loved one to lift their hands or move around. They snap at the shoulders or may have Velcro closures or zippers for the best results.

They are useful in many ways since it’s easier for your loved one to dress and undress without necessarily requiring help.

How Are Open Back Shirts Used In The Care Of The Elderly?

Are you wondering whether an open-back shirt is the right clothing for your elderly loved ones? Well, here is what you need to know about open-back shirts and how they can be used in the care of the elderly. 

  • Since they are easy to put on and take off, you don’t have to force your elderly loved one to wake up from bed or lift them up to wear the shirt. As such, dressing is pain-free and comfortable for everyone.
  • If your loved one has any medical exams, these shirts allow the doctors to access whatever part of the body they need to examine without forcing your elderly loved one to remove their clothes completely.
  • They are comfortable since they are made out of the best materials to ensure that your loved one can sleep in the clothes or spend the whole day with them without necessarily being forced to change.
  • Your elderly loved ones can feel confident about dressing themselves because such a simple task may be tough, especially for people with limited mobility.
  • Your loved ones don’t have to feel embarrassed wearing old clothes. Rather, these open-back shirts are designed with beautiful pieces to make sure they look like normal clothes.
  • Finally, since independence and dignity are important for your loved one, they are able to dress on most days without requiring the help of their caregivers.

What Types Of Open Back Shirts Are Available For The Elderly?

If you are shopping for the best open-back shirts for your loved ones, you should consider those with the following features. 

Velcro Closures

These are located at the shoulder or the back. As such, they are easy to remove and put on without making things harder for your loved one. Even better, your loved one should be able to put on the open back shirts on their own.

Learn more about adaptive clothing with velcro closures here.

Snap Closures

Since they are found at the shoulder, it’s easy to remove these clothes for your loved one without necessarily forcing the elderly person to stand up or move around. You will simply put the shirts around them to make things easier.


Open-back shirts made out of zippers make things easier for your loved one. They should be able to zip up or down depending on the occasion.

A helpful alternative to open back shirts are open back gowns for elderly people who spend much of their time in bed.

What Are The Best Open Back Shirts For The Elderly? 

Here are some of the best open-back shirts for the elderly that you should consider. 

1. Ovidis Gianna Adaptive Top For Women

It’s perfect for elderly loved ones with a constrained range of motion and limited mobility in their arms since this open-back shirt makes dressing or undressing effortless. With the snap closures located in the shoulders, caregivers will have an easy time removing or dressing their patients.

It comes with a full back overlap and the best designs that make it appear like normal clothes. This open-back shirt is made out of top-quality fabrics. It stretches and provides comfort. It is machine washable and doesn’t require ironing.

2. Ovidis Ralfie Adaptive Polo Shirt For Men

It’s a perfect shirt for elderly men. It can be worn for summer days or cold winter days. It is easy to wear and perfect for people with any type of mobility issues in their old age.

It looks like a normal shirt, especially with the discreet designs for the best results in maintaining dignity for your loved one. Make sure your elderly loved one remains dignified and comfortable in their old age with this amazing polo shirt.

3. Silverts Open Back T-shirt

It’s perfect for elderly people who are looking for fashionable clothes that are easy to wear. It is an adaptive shirt that opens up completely. As such, your elderly loved one should be able to wear the shirt by sliding their arms into the garment sleeves.

There is no need to raise or lower your loved ones’ arms as they wear this amazing shirt. Even better, it’s made out of moisture-wicking material to make sure that your loved one remains comfortable for however long they choose to wear the shirt.

4. Tommy Hilfiger Adaptive Pocket Tee Shirt 

It is made out of 100% cotton making it very comfortable to wear any time of the day or night. It comes with magnetic closures, so it’s easy to wear and remove at any time. It is machine washable and has been designed with people with disabilities in mind.

Wearing the shirt is very simple since you simply have to pull the shirt overhead and then align the magnets, and they will snap into place. The magnetic closures are located at the shoulders and appear as simple seams.

As such, your elderly loved ones will also look fashionable in this adaptive clothing.

5. Silverts Warm Winter Weight Top For Seniors

It comes with a full back overlap with 2 snaps located at the shoulders. It’s perfect for self-dressing for elderly people with mobility issues in their arms. They can simply slide their arms into the tops and snap it closed at the shoulders.

It is made with top-quality material to ensure comfort and effortless dressing and undressing for your elderly loved one. Even better, it is very stylish to make your elderly loved one comfortable and feel fashionable whenever they wear it.

6. Ovidis Adaptive Camisole

Just like all other Ovidis products, this camisole has been designed with your senior loved ones in mind. It is an amazing foundation piece with a light stretchable knit. Your elderly loved one can wear it comfortably under their tops.

It comes with a full open back top with snap closures. It makes dressing effortless for everyone, including the caregiver. It is made out of high-quality materials to make your elderly loved one feel comfortable regardless of what they are wearing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Do You Put An Open Back Shirt On An Elderly Person?

Putting on an open-back shirt is simple because you have to slide their arms inside the sleeves and snap the closures at the shoulders without any need of your elderly loved one lifting or lowering their arms.

2. Why Do Some Elderly People Take Their Clothes Off?

If the clothes are uncomfortable or hard to wear, they will simply remove them and opt for something better. On the other hand, if they feel it’s too hot and is unable to find the right clothes for the weather, they are likely going to remove their clothes.

Final Thoughts

Take time to find the right open-back shirt for your elderly loved ones using the tips mentioned above. Make sure they are comfortable and easy to wear or remove without any hassles.

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