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PhysioPedal Review: Cordless Motorized Exerciser for Older Adults

PhysioPedal Review: Cordless Motorized Exerciser for Older Adults

The Nobol PhysioPedal Cordless Motorized Exerciser is a helpful, passive, and easy to use option for sedentary seniors or elderly people with mobility problems who need assistance exercising their arms and legs.
Physiopedal Review
Physiopedal Review
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Disclosure: I was provided a free PhysioPedal unit with a set of Comfort Pedals by Nobol for the purpose of this review. However, I have not received any compensation for the review; these opinions are my own.

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Many older adults understand their need for activity and exercise but lack the physical ability or energy to do it. This creates a downward spiral because their limited movement makes getting exercise even more difficult.

Nobol created the PhysioPedal for just this scenario.

The PhysioPedal provides assisted cycling therapy and does the movement for you, allowing you to get a mild, low-impact cardio workout.

The beauty of this helpful device is that you can use it with your arms and legs by changing out the quick-release handles with foot pedals and vice-versa.

But, is it everything that they claim it to be?

Video Guide

PhysioPedal Review: Is it A Good Option for Older Adults Who Need Passive Exercise?
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My Review of the PhysioPedal

I personally used the device for over 12 hours over the period of a week on various speed settings. It operated perfectly with no problems whatsoever. 

To set proper expectations, it is important to understand the purpose behind this device.

It isn’t going to get your heart racing or provide an intense cardio workout. But, it isn’t designed to do that, either. 

But for sedentary individuals or older adults who can’t safely exercise because of balance or mobility problems, it will keep your joints moving to assist with joint mobility and range of motion and increase blood circulation

Most older adults will have no problems using it independently, although some may need some help with the setup process.

Seniors with bad balance, especially when leaning over, should ask for assistance with the pedals.


  • Easy to set up and use
  • Remote control functions are intuitive
  • The screen is bright, clear, and easy to read
  • Multiple exercise options with one device
  • Quick release mechanism makes it easy to switch between functions
  • No cords that could be a trip hazard


  • Remote is small and may get lost easily by some users but the lanyard helps. Replacement remotes are available.
  • While it does more than most of its competitors, it is a bit pricier too. Use our promo code to get $50 off your purchase.
PhysioPedal - Cordless Motorized Cycle ExerciserPin

PhysioPedal® - the Cordless Motorized Exerciser

Use Code GWG to Save $50.00!

What Is The PhysioPedal?

The PhysioPedal is a cordless passive exercise machine that uses a portable battery to rotate pedals, providing elderly people with a mild, low-impact cardio workout. It includes both handles for arm exercise and foot pedals for leg exercise.

How Does It Help?

Nobol, the manufacurer, claims that the device:

  • Increases range of motion
  • Reduces risk of chronic disease
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Provides low-impact cardio workout

They present various studies about the efficacy of the machine here that you can read for more information.

physiopedal inside of the case with accessoriesPin
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Setup and Assembly

Setting up the PhysioPedal for its first use was extremely easy.

Here is the process I followed (watch me do it in my review video).

  1. Unbox the PhysioPedal and all its components.
  2. Set the unit into the base and carefully turn it over. Use the knobs to secure the base to the main unit. 
  3. Attach the handles by pulling back on the quick-release collar and inserting the end of the handle shaft into the hole. Release the collar to lock it in place. Pull on the handle to ensure it is fully seated and doesn’t come out.
  4. Push the portable battery into the matching slot on the front. This does require a fair amount of effort. Make sure it goes all the way in until it clicks.
  5. Please put the remote into the lanyard holder.

How to Use the PhysioPedal

  1. Hold the red power button on the front down for about 5 seconds until the base turns on. Wait for the start-up cycle to complete.
  2. Make sure you have the handles attached for an upper body workout and the pedals attached for a lower body workout.
  3. If you are using the PhysioPedal on your feet, go ahead and secure your feet to the pedals before starting it.
  4. Use the remote control to set up the machine to the mode and speed you prefer.
  5. Hit the play button.
  6. Enjoy your workout
PhysioPedal - Cordless Motorized Cycle ExerciserPin

PhysioPedal® - the Cordless Motorized Exerciser

Use Code GWG to Save $50.00!

Machine Settings and Modes

All modes and settings are controlled with the included remote control.

physiopedal remote control functionsPin
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  • Play and Pause Button – starts and stops the machine
  • Speed Buttons – Use + and buttons to set the speed between 20 to 70 revolutions per minute
  • Reverse – alternates rotation direction – forward or backward


There are three different modes you can use to track your progress. Use the Mode button for cycling through your options.

  • Timer Mode – Press the mode button until MIN shows on the display. Then, press the clock button and choose between 10 and 90 minutes in 10-minute increments.
  • Distance Mode – Press the mode button until MILES shows on the display. The machine will then track the distance you have “traveled.”
  • Calories Burned Mode – Press the mode button until KCAL shows on the display. The machine will then track the estimated number of calories you have burned.
Physiopedal screenPin
© Graying With Grace – Reproducible With Attribution

Safety Information and Warnings

  • Don’t use the device with medical oxygen.
  • Be careful when leaning over to put your feet on the pedals or ask a caregiver for assistance.
  • Stop the device immediately if you have trouble breathing, get dizzy, or don’t feel well.
  • Do not stand up when putting the pedals on.
  • Stops automatically if tilted. 
PhysioPedal - Cordless Motorized Cycle ExerciserPin

PhysioPedal® - the Cordless Motorized Exerciser

Use Code GWG to Save $50.00!

Charging and battery

To charge the battery, plug the charger into the bottom round hole on the battery. See the video for a demonstration of this.

You can bring the battery to the charger or charge it while it is in the main unit.

Each light (including the red one) is about 1 hour of use for an average of 4 hours of use with a fully charged battery.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the PhysioPedal covered by insurance?

No, Medicare, Medicaid, and major insurance companies are unlikely to pay for a PhysioPedal because it isn’t medically necessary. However, you may be able to use an FSA or HSA account to pay for it. Check with your insurance carrier for verification.

How long does the battery last?

A fully charged battery will last approximately 4 hours, depending on the speed. Each light on the battery is 25% of the battery life. So, all four lights indicate full power or 4 hours, three lights are 75% or 3 hours, etc.

Can I use the PhysioPedal while it’s charging?

Yes, you can use the PhysioPedal while the battery is being charged. Of course, the battery must be in the device at the time.

What is the warranty?

The PhysioPedal has a three-year limited repair or replacement warranty.

What accessories are available?

The Comfort Pedals that are pictured here and in my video are an optional accessory and can be purchased on the Nobol website. They are wider, longer, and have easier-to-use straps than the standard foot pedals.

Where can I get replacement parts?

Replacement batteries, remotes, and charging cords are also available on the PhysioPedal product page near the bottom of the page.

PhysioPedal - Cordless Motorized Cycle ExerciserPin

PhysioPedal® - the Cordless Motorized Exerciser

Use Code GWG to Save $50.00!
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