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Simplify Daily Routine Management for Dementia: The Relish Day Hub

Simplify Daily Routine Management for Dementia: The Relish Day Hub

With a focus on dementia care, our senior product expert gives an in-depth review of the Relish Day Hub, a tool designed to streamline daily tasks and foster self-reliance.
Relish Day Hub Review Featured Image
Relish Day Hub Review Featured Image
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Simplify Daily Routine Management for Dementia: The Relish Day Hub

As a caregiver or loved one of someone with dementia, you understand how managing daily activities can become a challenge.

I received the Day Hub from Relish at no charge—a digital device that simplifies daily task management for people with dementia through a straightforward checklist with helpful alarms and alerts. I am thankful for the opportunity to try this promising gadget to see how it might benefit you and your loved ones.

My first impressions were positive, starting with the Day Hub’s high-quality packaging. Setting up the device was a user-friendly experience; it even included international plugs for use in various countries, which I found thoughtful.

As I walked through the process of programming tasks and alerts using the simple interface, I appreciated the device’s focus on clarity and ease of use—essential factors for individuals with dementia.

Relish Day Hub Frame At 4m41sPin
The Relish Day Hub shows the full day, date, and time without using confusing abbreviations.

Unboxing the Day Hub

Box Contents

When the Day Hub arrived, I admired the quality packaging typical of Relish products. Inside, I found:

  • The Day Hub device itself
  • A set of extra inserts
  • The owner’s manual and a pamphlet of Relish’s other offerings
  • A quick start guide illustrating button locations and basic setup steps
  • Various power plug adapters suitable for international use
  • The main power charger with a selection of plugs, including the U.S.-style plug I needed

Device Overview

After unboxing, I took a moment to familiarize myself with the Day Hub. It has a bright, easy-to-read screen that clearly displays the full day of the week, with no abbreviations. The screen also shows the time of day in a.m. or p.m. format, the current phase of the day (morning, afternoon, evening), and the full date.

The programming controls are hidden behind a discreet door, out of sight and safe from accidental tampering. On the side, I found the volume controls: an okay button, an undo button, and an options button.

Power Plug Setup

I selected the appropriate plug adapter for my country and attached it to the main charger. Aligning the little tab, I twisted it until it locked securely in place.

After plugging in the charger, I connected it to the Day Hub at the designated spot at the bottom back. The design included a convenient notch for routing the cable.

With the power connected, I began setting up tasks and alerts, a straightforward process made simple by intuitive navigation through the menus.

Relish Day Hub Frame At 1m51sPin
Setup uses an intuitive and simple to follow menu system.

Device Setup

Language Selection

When I set up the device, I chose English as the language. If you speak another language, you select it from the options provided.

Once the language is picked, you simply confirm with the “OK” button.

Wi-Fi Connection

I connected the device to Wi-Fi by manually entering my network details. For a quicker setup, you can also use the WPS button on your router. Ensure your device is plugged in and powered on to start this step.

Task Programming

I programmed daily tasks like washing up in the morning, eating breakfast, and taking medications. You enter the task and the time it needs to be done.

  • 8:00 AM – Wash face and brush teeth
  • 8:30 AM – Eat breakfast
  • 8:45 AM – Take morning meds
  • 12:00 PM – Have lunch

The device alerts you at the correct time to help you remember.

Task alerts are easy to set—you choose a time and the device lights up and plays a sound when it’s time. You can customize the alert sounds and volume to your preference.

After completing a task, just press the task button to check it off.

Relish Day Hub Frame At 3m57sPin
The Day Hub works as a daily task checklist to remind people with dementia to complete their daily tasks especially time sensitive ones.

Using the Day Hub

Alert Setup

I received my Day Hub from Relish with everything needed for a quick setup. After choosing the correct plug and powering on the device, I entered my Wi-Fi details and moved to the alerts system. Below is how I set up the task alerts:

  1. Entered the time for the first task at 8 a.m. and confirmed when the device lit up.
  2. For each consecutive task, I set the alert time using the 5-minute increment option and confirmed it.
  3. I made sure that the time was set to 12 p.m. for a noon task to avoid any confusion between a.m. and p.m.

The process was intuitive—simply following the on-screen steps—and I encountered no real difficulties.

You can follow along with the entire process in the video above.

Task Completion

When a task was due, the Day Hub’s task button flashed an easily noticeable orange check mark. To mark a task as completed, I pressed the same check mark, and it turned green.

Here’s how I customized the alert system:

  • Chose one of the nine tones and set it to my desired volume level.
  • Selected the alert duration, between 10 seconds and 4 minutes, to ensure it’s noticed.

The device automatically resets the tasks each day, ensuring I’m ready to start afresh with no extra hassle.

Relish Day Hub Frame At 3m59sPin
A green check mark indicates the task was completed.

Device Features

Screen and Visibility

I found the screen on this device bright and easy to read.

It displays the full day, phase of day, exact time, and date with customizable colors and no abbreviations. It’s also visible from different angles, even in bright light.

Mounting Options

Mounting this device was straightforward—I could either wall mount it to keep it up and out of the way or use the desk mount option. The built-in stand was handy for setting it on a desk, and there was a neat hook to manage the power cord.

Battery Safety

As for the battery compartment, I appreciated that it has a safety screw. This is important to prevent the risk of someone with dementia accessing it.

The backup battery feature ensures the device continues working even during a power outage.

Relish Day Hub Frame At 5m38sPin

Day Connect Options

Day Connect is a smaller version you can synchronize with for a simpler, easier-to-manage display.

You can also set up alerts throughout your home. Keep your base in one location, and place Day Connect devices in other areas of your home.

Usage Benefits

Independence and Anxiety Reduction

When you use the Day Hub, you’ll find that it greatly supports your daily routine. Its simple checklist, complete with alarms for each task, helps you stay on track without feeling overwhelmed. This device definitely eases your anxiety about forgetting important activities and allows you to manage your day independently.


The Day Hub’s customization options are particularly beneficial. You can choose different alert tones, set the volume, and even adjust the length of an alarm. These features ensure that the device fits your specific preferences, making your daily routine smoother.

Time Accuracy

The Day Hub reliably keeps accurate time, automatically updating for day and night. You won’t have to worry about adjusting the clock, which is a significant relief. The clear display of the full date and time in large, easy-to-read text offers constant reassurance.

Final Thoughts

My personal experience with the Day Hub was overwhelmingly positive. The device was easy to set up and intuitive, with clear instructions and a user-friendly interface. It was an efficient tool for managing daily tasks, with easy-to-program alerts and reminders. Its bright, easy-to-read screen and customizable alert options were particularly impressive.

I found that it could be a highly beneficial tool for individuals with dementia, offering them a sense of independence and reducing anxiety about forgetting important tasks.

Therefore, I highly recommend the Day Hub to anyone seeking a simple and effective way to manage daily routines for individuals with dementia.

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