SMPL Photo Memory Corded Phone Review: An Ideal Phone for Seniors?

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With its senior-friendly design that includes photo memory dialing, amplified sound, and large backlit buttons, the SMPL Hands-Free Dial Corded Phone simplifies calling for the elderly and those with age-related challenges.

SMPL Photo Memory Corded Phone
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SMPL Hands-Free Dial Photo Memory Corded Phone

from $49.99


  • Oversized backlit buttons with bold print for easy visibility
  • Photo memory dialing helps with dementia and memory difficulties
  • Adjustable amplified sound up to 85dB for hearing impairment
  • Simple intuitive interface ideal for seniors
  • Reliable landline operation works in power outages
  • Lightweight comfortable handset with rounded edges
  • Available in Basic and Premium models


  • Shorter cord limits placement
  • No caller ID feature
  • Small text in owner’s manual challenging to read

The SMPL Hands-Free Dial Photo Memory Corded Phone emerges as the ideal home phone for seniors after thorough testing, providing a simplified calling solution tailored for the elderly with its innovative photo memory dialing, amplified sound up to 85dB, oversized backlit buttons, and intuitive interface.

As you can see in my demonstration video, key benefits include assisting those with dementia, memory loss, hearing impairment, or vision difficulties to make calls independently. Plus, it is a reliable landline that functions even in power outages.

The lightweight, comfortable handset and buttons are designed for arthritic hands. While I found it lacks some convenience features like caller ID, the SMPL phone delivers exceptional value by addressing age-related calling challenges with its senior-friendly enhancements.

If you are a senior or caring for an elderly loved one, searching for the best home phone to address age-related challenges can be difficult. However, the SMPL Hands-Free Dial Photo Memory Corded Phone delivers an intuitive solution for older adults.

After thorough testing and research, this phone emerges as the ideal blend of accessibility, simplicity, and reliability to empower older adults.

SMPL Photo Memory Corded Phone user-friendly design
The SMPL phone’s base design consists of large buttons printed in high-contrast bold text.

User-Friendly Design 

This thoughtfully designed corded landline phone simplifies calling with senior-friendly enhancements. The phone base features large buttons printed in high-contrast bold text. The amplified maximum volume up to 85 dB caters to mild to severe hearing loss.

For those with vision impairments, the bright visual ringer indicator alerts to incoming calls. The intuitive interface only includes essential functions, eliminating clutter.

The phone has a good “feel” to it too. From the lightweight handset to the feel of the soft-touch buttons, every detail aims to make this phone easy for seniors to use confidently.

SMPL Photo Memory Corded Phone dialing
Simply press the photo of the person you’d like to call via its photo memory dialing system.

Innovative Photo Memory Dialing

But the innovative photo memory dialing system truly sets this phone apart. Simply insert printed photos behind the six one-touch memory buttons instead of trying to remember speed dial numbers. Then press the picture of the person you want to call.

These buttons are easy to program too – I show you how in the video.

This visual cue is invaluable for those with dementia or memory difficulties who struggle to recall names and numbers. Tests show even individuals with moderate cognitive decline can successfully use photo dialing.

The owner’s manual provides a template for cutting photos to the right size. Program it once at home, and your loved one can easily make calls independently.

Key Benefits for Seniors

  • Oversized backlit buttons for improved visibility
  • Amplified sound up to 85dB for hearing impairment
  • Photo memory dialing to assist dementia and memory loss
  • Simplified interface for ease of use
  • Reliable landline operation even in power outages
  • Lightweight, comfortable handset and buttons
  • Available in Basic and Premium feature configurations
SMPL Photo Memory Corded Phone hands-on testing
The handset is lightweight and comfortably fits the hand.

Hands-on Testing

In my testing, this phone consistently proved the standout choice for senior calling needs. The video demonstrates the quick setup – simply plug into a telephone jack and begin using it instantly.

Unlike cells, batteries never run out. Buttons produce satisfying beeps when pressed for auditory feedback. The handset has a nice heft while remaining lightweight for arthritis-friendly handling. The rounded edges comfortably fit the hand.

My testing confirms the speakerphone, mute button, volume up/down buttons, and other features reliably function as described. Real-world use shows how the amplified sound, large backlit buttons, and especially the photo memory dial aid seniors in confident, independent calling.

Wrapping Up

The SMPL Hands-Free Dial Photo Memory Corded Phone delivers exceptional value as the ideal home phone for seniors. Combining amplified sound, improved visibility, and innovative photo dialing simplifies calling for the elderly.

Hands-on testing proves this thoughtfully designed landline phone empowers older adults with an easy but powerful communication solution.

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