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tonenail clippers for the elderly

Toenail Clippers for the Elderly for Safe Senior Foot Care

Old age restricts many elderly people from being able to do simple activities of daily living which we take for granted in our young days. One such activity is personal grooming, and specifically, clipping toenails. In their advanced years, many seniors find it difficult to handle small tools like toenail clipp in their hands and fingers. However, there are many special toenail clippers that are now available which the eldery can easily use for taking care of their personal foot hygiene. In this post, we will learn more about buying toenail clippers for the elderly for safe, independent foot care.

Why do Seniors Need Specialized Nail Clippers?

Taking good care of the feet is very important, especially for the elderly people. Aging feet suffer from many problems, including poor circulation. Other conditions like dry skin cause bigger issues such as constant irritation, pain and even infection. One of the key aspects of proper foot care is ensuring that toenails are clipped regularly and safely. However, many elderly people find this is one of the hardest tasks to do as they cannot easily bend over due to the following reasons :

  • the toenails become thick and hard or dry and brittle, making them difficult to cut.
  • trouble bending the body in such a way that they can reach the toes
  • inability to grasp the clippers in the hand properly
  • deformed or misshapen toes, due to arthritis

In most cases, the elderly people continue to use the same ordinary nail clippers they have been using all along, often without realizing that even a small cut or a nick could result in in a painful and troublesome infection. For these reasons, elderly people must carefully trim their toenails and should use specially designed tools to take care of their foot care.

bare foot with toenails on grass

Key Features When Shopping for Toenail Clippers

When choosing toenail clippers for senior citizens, it is important to keep in mind some very basic points regarding their design and how they work. Then, choose the best toenail clippers that match your needs. Consider the following questions before making a selection:

  • Are the clippers sturdy enough for ease of use, without needing to apply too much pressure?
  • Are the handles ergonomic and long enough to allow easy use without the need for bending over?
  • Do they have long enough handles, with a soft grip, to allow easy handling?
  • Are the clippers wide jawed to cut thicker nails?
  • Is there a safety tip cover for the protection from accidental pokes and cuts?
  • Do the clippers have a cover to catch clipped nails?
  • What material are they made of? Are they prone to rust or corrosion?

Answering questions like these will help you find the best toenail clippers for the senior in your life.

My Recommended Toenail Clippers for Elderly and Senior Citizens

There are quite a few tools available which cater to the specific needs of the elderly. It is quite obvious that any clippers marketed for the elderly should be easy to hold and use, while also reducing the chances of any injury or discomfort. Here are a few of the toenail clippers I recommend for use by the elderly.

1) Soft Grip Toenail Clippers by Fox Medical

These clippers are a great choice for thick, tough toenails. They are designed to give the user more leverage to easily trim ​hard to cut nails. The handle has a soft grip and works more like scissors which may be easier for some seniors. Made of durable stailess steel and includes a tip cover to reduce the chance of accidental injury.

The Original Soft Grip Toenail Clippers by Fox Medical - no more Battling Stubborn Thick or Ingrown...
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2) Large EasyComforts EZ Grip Nail Clippers

These clippers feature loops on the ends like a pair of scissors. This lets the senior use their entire hand to control the clippers instead of just their finger tips. Helpful for people with arthritis in the fingers. Folds for easy storage and travel.

EasyComforts EZ Grip Nail Clippers, Large
  • Keep nails in salon Condition
  • Unique ultra-sharp EZ grip clippers
  • Won't slip's slide like ordinary clippers

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3) Precision Toenail Clippers, Lifter Set for Thick and Ingrown Toenails

These clippers are designed for people with thick, ingrown toenails but who also have limited hand strength. The larger handles are covered in soft foam to help the senior maintain their grip. They also give them more leverage and control while trimming the nails. Includes a lifter to help reach the ingrown part of the nail. This one is a good choice for people with arthritis or limited hand strength.

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4) Happy Healthy Purple Long-handled Toenail Scissors

Longer handled clippers like these are good for seniors and elderly who have trouble bending over to reach their feet due to arthritis in the hips or back, poor flexibility, and loss of balance. This style of toenail clipper is recommended for thick, small, ingrown and other types of nails.

Happy Healthy Smart Purple Long Handle Toenail Scissor Unique 8 1/4 Inch Perfect Ergonomic Design...
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  • Thick, Small, Ingrown or any type of nails, small build, large build, pregnant or just about anyone...

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5) Rotary Nail Clipper

These nail trimmers are ergonomically shaped with a cutting head that turns toward the nail. This creates a more natural cutting position. Instead of the senior having to manipulate their arms and shoulders to get the right cutting angle, the trimmers themselves adjust. Large handle allows the full palm to control the clippers. Another good choice for those with arthritis or poor hand dexterity.

Rotary Nail Clipper
  • Nail trimming is easy again!
  • Say goodbye to awkward twisting and painful handling while cutting your fingernails or toenails.
  • Ergonomic trimmer with stainless steel blades has wide, easy-grip handles with smooth swivel action...
  • Perfect for those with arthritis and limited dexterity.
  • 3.5" long.

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EXTRA: Tips for Seniors on Taking Good Care of Feet

Maintaining the hygiene of their feet can be a daunting task for many seniors. However, foot care should be given due importance as inadequate care of minor issues can eventually lead to bigger troubles. Diabetics especially have to be very diligent with their foot care. Here are some simple tips for proper foot care for the elderly:

Clip Nails After a Warm Bath

Try clipping toenails after a bath or after soaking them in water, as this will soften your toenails, and make them easier to cut.

Inspect Feet Frequently

Keep checking your feet on a regular basis, to ensure that there are no unusual places or sores/scrapes on them. If you cannot check them regularly, ask for help from your family or professional caregivers.

Ensure Your Feet Stay Dry 

After a bath, dry your feet completely. Moisture can lead to fungus and infections. Wear clean, dry and breathable socks. Wear a moisturiser to keep your toenails from splitting.

Cut Your Toenails Regularly 

Trim your nails on a regular basis to ensure that any debris doesn’t get trapped below them. Be careful when clipping nails to ensure that you don’t cut or nick yourself accidentally.

feet in the water

Summary and Conclusion

Caring properly for the feet is an important part of an elderly person's care. It is important to have the right tools for the job as well. Especially for seniors who do their own foot care. Using the right toenail clippers for the elderly will reduce the chance of injury.

Do you have any experience taking care of a senior's feet? Please share your experience below. Questions are also always welcome!​

About the Author Scott Grant, ATP, CRTS®

I work daily with seniors and the elderly in my position as a wheelchair specialist at a home medical company. I see the struggle they have maintaining their independence and living their daily lives. Most are completely unaware of the options and products out there that can improve their independence, mobility, and safety in their home. I created this site to help seniors, elders, and their caregivers make smart buying decisions about the many independent living aids on the market.

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