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What To Do If My Toilet Seat Is Too Low? (6 Possible Solutions)

What To Do If My Toilet Seat Is Too Low? (6 Possible Solutions)

If your toilet seat is too low, there are lots of options. From raising your toilet seat to making the entire toilet taller, learn about each option below.
Toilet Seat Too Low
Toilet Seat Too Low
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If you suffer from leg, hip, or back pain, weakened muscles, balance issues, or are recovering from knee or back surgery; you might find it hard to stand up from the standard toilet.

A low toilet can present a considerable safety risk to such individuals. But there are lots of solutions ranging from installing taller toilets to adding an elevated or raised toilet seat and they can all make a big difference.

Fortunately, if your toilet seat is too low, you can use the following solutions to overcome this issue and achieve enhanced safety and independence when using the bathroom.

Ways To Increase Toilet Seat Height

Comfort Height/Tall Toilet

A tall toilet can be a straightforward fix to the problem of a low toilet. A tall toilet is normally higher than a regular toilet by up to 4 or 5 inches.

These toilets, designed to be a seamless solution to the problem, come with spacers on the underside, which raise the seat to the desired height.

However, it is worth noting that installing a tall toilet is costlier than other solutions listed below – the main reason is that it entails replacing the existing toilet entirely. As such, a tall toilet is mainly recommended for long-term use.

Another closely related alternative to a tall toilet is a wall-mounted toilet. Since these toilets mount directly to the wall, they can be raised much higher – where necessary.

toilet seat is too low elevated toilet seatPin
Make sure to find a toilet seat riser that matches the shape of your toilet bowl.

Elevated Toilet Seat (Toilet Seat Riser)

If the above solution is out of your reach budget-wise, or you are simply looking for a temporary solution, consider getting an elevated toilet seat.

As the name suggests, a toilet seat riser installs in place of a regular toilet seat making an elderly person’s toilet seat higher – some can be placed right over the existing toilet seat.

These gadgets can raise the height of the toilet seat by anywhere between 4 and 6 inches. In addition to increasing the height of your toilet, a toilet seat riser also acts as a toilet seat.

When shopping for a toilet seat riser, take the time to find one that matches the shape of your existing toilet bowl (oval or circular).

These gadgets are attached to the toilet bowl using different methods, including bolts that fasten to the back of the seat, a clamping mechanism that attaches to the toilet bowl, or a lip that nestles inside the toilet bowl.

Each attachment method features varying levels of stability and safety.

Some toilet seat risers come with handlebars designed to provide additional support.

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Toilet Riser

Another excellent option for enhancing the height of a low toilet is a toilet riser. Unlike the above-described toilet seat risers, a toilet riser rises the entire toilet.

Available in various heights, these attachments fit underneath the toilet seat at the point of installation.

In addition to being affordable, toilet risers are stable when installed correctly. These attachments are also available in various shapes and colors, making them inconspicuous once installed. However, the installation of toilet risers may require some basic plumbing skills.

toilet seat is too low elevated toilet framePin
Toilet frames usually come with adjustable height legs that extend downward.

Toilet Frame (Commode)

Toilet frames typically come with adjustable height legs that extend downwards. These gadgets can raise a low toilet seat to between 18 and 23 inches. You can also place a commode/toilet frame over your existing toilet to increase the seat height.

Most commodes usually come with a hard plastic liner between the toilet bowl and the commode. This liner keeps all toilet bowl contents from splashing out the sides.

To make it easier for wheelchair users to slide from their chair onto the toilet and back, some models come with drop-away armrests. Others also come with a padded seat for added comfort and to prevent irritation of sensitive skin.

Mechanical Toilet Seat Lift

A mechanical toilet seat lift is another excellent option for enhancing your toilet’s height. These toilet attachments help users stand up from the toilet by providing a gentle push from behind.

Some models use a pneumatic or spring-loaded lifting mechanism to provide additional support as you stand up from the toilet. Others use a battery or electrical powered lifting mechanism to get you to a standing position.

In practice, some electric models can lift up to a height of 26 inches.


Thankfully, there are many options for fixing a toilet that is too low. It is important to consider longevity, price, and ease of installation.

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