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How the BenQ treVolo U Dialogue Speaker Improves Voice Clarity for Seniors

How the BenQ treVolo U Dialogue Speaker Improves Voice Clarity for Seniors

The BenQ treVolo U Bluetooth speaker optimizes audio quality for seniors with technologies like a specialized microphone, human voice enhancement engine, and built-in hearing test for audio customization. By boosting sound clarity and comprehension, the treVolo U enables elderly listeners to comfortably enjoy conversations, music, TV, and other media through simplified Bluetooth connectivity with smartphones, computers, tablets, and more.
Benq Trevolo U Bluetooth Speaker
Benq Trevolo U Bluetooth Speaker
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BenQ treVolo U Dialogue Speaker

as of 05/29/2024 6:55 pm
  • Seniors with age-related hearing loss should consider the BenQ treVolo U Bluetooth speaker for its ability to optimize audio comprehension.
  • The treVolo U enhances speech, music, TV, and other media with technologies like a microphone that captures vocal nuances, a proprietary engine boosting human voice frequencies, and a hearing test-based audio customization app.
  • Users report significantly improved clarity for phone calls, YouTube, and audiobooks. The angled speaker design projects sound directly to the listener while reducing echo and ambient noise.
  • Quick Bluetooth connectivity and easy setup facilitate use. With the treVolo U, seniors can finally hear media and conversations without constant adjustments or repeatedly saying “what?”.
  • The treVolo U provides a hearing-optimized experience to keep seniors engaged and entertained.

As a Senior Home Safety Specialist who has reviewed tech products for the elderly for over 7 years, I know the struggle many seniors face hearing audio from their devices.

Age-related hearing loss makes distinguishing dialogue and music frequencies challenging. But in my testing, I’ve found the BenQ treVolo U speaker provides an excellent solution.

Designed for voice clarity, the treVolo U enhances speech to help you hear conversations, TV, and media easily. This works better than just cranking up the volume, in my experience. Let me walk through how its features can benefit you or your elderly loved ones.

Video Guide: Full Walkthrough of the treVolo U

Watch the video to see an unboxing of the product, a demonstration of the speakerphone vs and iPhone speakerphone, and more details on the various uses of a Bluetooth speaker for older adults.

How the treVolo U Dialogue Speaker Improves Voice Clarity for Older Adults

Hear Phone Calls Clearly

This Bluetooth speaker minimizes background noise that obscures speech. It produces dialogue that is clearer and easier to hear than the speakerphone built into mobile phones and landline phones. Watch the video for a demonstration of this.

Plus, the treVolo U’s high-quality microphone picks up nuances smartphone mics miss.

You won’t have to say “what?” constantly during calls anymore.

Enjoy Crystal Clear Computer Audio

With Bluetooth connectivity, the treVolo U paired easily and seamlessly with my mobile phone, computer, and tablet.

The proprietary treVolo Voice Engine optimizes audio from video calls, YouTube videos, audiobooks, and more for vocal clarity.

Music that Doesn’t Strain to Hear

Age-related hearing loss often impacts music appreciation, but the treVolo U tailors audio frequencies to the listener via a quick hearing test in the app.

Its duo driver system enhances treble and bass for a rich, balanced sound. You will finally make out melodies, background harmonies, and instruments clearly again to truly enjoy the nuances of good music!

Understand TV Dialogue Better

The Trevolo U’s Acoustic Echo Cancellation removes distracting echo from TV audio. Its angled design projects sound directly to your ears so you can turn up the volume without disturbing others.

You won’t have to strain to hear the TV anymore. Setup is quick and easy by syncing via Bluetooth or connecting the 3.5mm audio cable.

Audiobook Clarity

As an audiobook lover, I was thrilled with the treVolo Voice Engine’s optimization for natural, human-like voices. Soft-spoken narrators and accents become crisp and discernible.

You can fully immerse yourself in audiobooks and podcasts now.

The Struggle is Real: Common Hearing Challenges

In my experience working with seniors, age-related hearing loss affecting high frequencies makes distinguishing dialogue difficult, especially children’s voices. Background noise also complicates things by masking primary sounds.

On top of this, some device speakers don’t deliver sufficient clear, loud sound for the hearing impaired. Understanding speech requires picking up specific frequencies that decline with age.

The app also lets you customize the sound profile to improve areas you personally struggle hearing, like high or low frequencies. This personalization makes a big difference.

Simple Setup, Immediate Improvement

I found the treVolo U very user-friendly. Its Bluetooth connectivity and conferencing platform compatibility facilitate a quick, simple setup. It connected to my phone in less than 1 minute after turning it on.

There are no complex menus or controls – just crystal-clear audio in minutes.

Optimize Your Listening Environment

To complement devices like the treVolo U, you should also optimize the listening environment in your home.

  • Background noise from appliances, traffic, or chatter can interfere with audio clarity.
  • Turn off unnecessary electronics and close windows to reduce noise distractions.
  • Position yourself close to speakers and elevate devices to ear level for direct sound delivery.
  • Avoid placing speakers in corners or confined spaces, which creates an echo.
  • Utilize sound-absorbing furnishings like curtains and rugs to minimize audio reverberation.
  • Take advantage of audio cues and enhanced subtitles on TVs.
  • And invest in a pair of comfortable, noise-isolating headphones to further diminish ambient distractions.

With some simple environmental tweaks, you can enhance the benefits of the treVolo U.

Use Caution with Volume

While the treVolo U allows you to increase volume to comfortable hearing levels, take care not to overdo it. Excessive loudness can be dangerous for your ears. Set volumes to the minimum level needed for clarity and comprehension and use the treVolo’s Safe Volume Detection feature for your safety.

Take regular breaks and limit headphone usage to safe time periods. And get your hearing checked annually to detect any changes requiring adjustment.

By optimizing volume combined with smart listening habits, you can protect your ears while making the device audio ideal.

Infographic: Optimizing Audio for Seniors

Optimizing Audio for Seniors infographicPin
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Age-related hearing loss doesn’t have to prevent seniors from enjoying media and conversations. With innovative audio solutions like the treVolo U, they can continue engaging independently.

Let’s help our elderly listeners hear clearly again.

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