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Best Bidets for the Elderly (Top Options for a Senior)

Best Bidets for the Elderly (Top Options for a Senior)

Perhaps, surprisingly, bidets can be quite helpful for older adults. Here are the best bidets for the elderly who may need a little help with bathroom hygiene.
Best Bidets For The Elderly
Best Bidets For The Elderly
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Summary & Highlights

  1. The best bidet for older adults is the Bio Bidet SlimEdge Simple Bidet because it attaches to existing toilets with minimal installation, is budget-friendly, and is easy to use.
  2. We recommend seniors and the elderly use a bidet with a wide seat, adjustable water pressure, and simple knob-style controls. More luxury features like heated seats and air dryers are available too.
  3. Bidets are beneficial for elderly people because they improve hygiene and comfort by gently cleansing sensitive areas to prevent skin irritation and reduce the risk of infection. Bidets also offer a more comfortable experience than traditional toilet paper and are an easier way to clean up for people with limited mobility.

Do you or an elderly person you love struggle with bathroom hygiene due to age-related conditions like arthritis, weakness, or even dementia?

If so, I bet it’s a subject you don’t enjoy discussing, right?

If you are looking into options to improve your toileting hygiene, consider using a bidet. Bidets, which use a gentle spray of water to clean up after toileting, have many advantages for older adults. They are easier than wiping, too, because there is no need to reach around behind your body

Here is what seniors and the elderly (and their caregivers!) need to know about using bidets, plus my top recommendations.

Top Bidet Attachments for a Senior or Elder

There are different versions of bidets designed for different needs and specifications. Below, we will focus on the five best bidets for seniors.

Best Bidet Attachment

Bio Bidet by Bemis SlimEdge Freshwater Bidet Attachment for Toilet, White, Non Electric, Easy InstallPin

1. Bio Bidet SlimEdge Simple Bidet Toilet Attachment

from $34.23
Key Features:

Universal Fit

Easy Installation

Simple Controls

Retractable Nozzles


Easy to select the desired wash
Easy DIY installation
The wash features are simple to activate
Durable metal construction


May require additional parts for non-standard plumbing setups.
The off position has a narrow range, making it hard to predict when the jets are off.

The Slim Zero Bio Bidet Toilet Seat is a cleaning-friendly water spray with adjustable water pressure that is simple to turn on. This bidet seat features two built-in nozzles to allow you to select your ideal water pressure.

No need to hire plumbers to help with the bidet installation. Anyone with even basic plumbing experience can install this one. Plus, high-quality installation components are supplied during the purchase too.

No need for electricity either because this manual bidet seat operates by the existing pressure in the water line.

After installation, just use the chrome easy grip knob on top of the extension arm to control the water flow and pressure with a simple turn to the right or left.

The easy-grip knob is the best reason I think this is a great bidet choice for seniors with arthritis. The simple one-button control is easy for arthritic hands to operate and doesn’t require much force to engage.

It’s my top budget-friendly choice too!

Warm Water Washing

LUXE Bidet NEO 320 - Hot and Cold Water, Self-Cleaning, Dual Nozzle, Non-Electric Bidet Attachment for Toilet Seat, Adjustable Water Pressure, Rear and Feminine Wash, Lever Control (Blue)Pin

2. LUXE Bidet Neo 320 Manual Bidet Toilet Attachment

from $54.56
Key Features:

Warm Water Connection

Special Feminine Nozzle

Hygienic Nozzle

Easy Installation


It has a hot water option
Patented sleek design
Gentler second nozzle for feminine cleansing
Hygiene nozzle guard gate keeps nozzle clean


Requires connection for both warm and cold water
Controls may be more difficult to use for those with dementia or arthritis

The Luxe Bidet Neo 320 Non-Electric Mechanical Bidet Toilet Attachment is a great choice for people who prefer cleansing with warm water but also need a budget-friendly option.

It features high-pressure valves, metal and ceramic cores, and twin knobs that work together to provide a powerful but soft stream of water to your tush. You can even control the temperature through these conveniently located knobs.

Are you concerned about keeping the nozzle clean? The NEO 320 cleans itself. It also has a shield to prevent splashing onto the nozzle itself.

Note, though, that you will need to connect this to your hot water connection at the sink. This is no problem if the sink and toilet are located next to each other.

But, if they are not, you might need a plumber to install a hot water connection closer to the toilet.

Best for Luxury Features

The Omigo Luxury Bidet Toilet Seat Ergonomic Quiet-close Heated Seat with Massaging Oscillation, Ion Nozzle Cleaning, Air Dryer, and Wireless Remote (Elongated)Pin

3. The Omigo Luxury Bidet Seat

as of 04/18/2024 2:58 pm
Key Features:

Warm Water Wash

Heated Seat With Nightlight

Self-Cleaning Nozzle

Built-in Dryer


It’s simple to use with an intuitive remote control
Excellent for those who have vision or mobility issues
The adjustable temperature and drier ensure total comfort – and cleanliness
Easy to use at night due to the built-in night light


Not ideal for people weighing more than 200 pounds
Requires a grounded electrical connection

The Omigo Luxury Bidet is a luxurious elongated bidet toilet seat that fits both round and long toilets.

This electric bidet seat costs about half as much as other high-end bidets with comparable features; however, it has all the features of Omigo’s top-tier bidet.

In addition to being an excellent choice for people of all ages, this model has many functions that are especially useful for older adults.

One example is the heated seat (with a nightlight!) which will feel much better in arthritic joints than a cold, hard toilet seat.

This luxury bidet toilet seat also has a built-in dryer, so there is no need to dry off with paper – a great feature for anyone who has difficulty reaching these areas.

The nozzle of The Omigo Luxury Bidet Seat goes back and forth to spray water over a wider area. Users can alter the spray’s width, giving them greater control over the coverage area.

This option ensures they get themselves thoroughly clean without having to follow up with paper.

This seat is the best choice if you want a more luxurious – and warm – hygiene experience.

Best Handheld Sprayer

All Metal Handheld Bidet Sprayer for Toilet – Chrome – Handheld Bidet Attachment for Toilet with 59” Hose & Leak-Proof T-Valve - Muslim Shower for Toilet - Jet Spray for ToiletPin

4. HammerHead All Metal Handheld Bidet Sprayer

as of 04/18/2024 2:58 pm
Key Features:

Easy Installation

Simple Controls

Brass and Steel Construction

Long Flexible Hose


Steel and brass nozzle construction
Easy to install
Comfortable to use
Spray can be directed where it is needed
Excellent customer support that typically replies within an hour


Uses a bit more water so that some paper may be needed for drying
Has a bit of a learning curve and could lead to some messes in the beginning

Seniors can easily clean themselves with HammerHead’s innovative and intuitive handheld bidet sprayer.

Yes, it is a bit like a kitchen sprayer or water hose nozzle, but the advantage of that is you have full control over where the spray goes – and what it sprays off.

This is an easier option for those with mobility issues because they can point the spray where it is needed rather than moving themselves to the spray nozzle.

If a spray type of bidet sounds like a good idea for you, this one is quality made of steel and brass with metal plumbing connections that you won’t have to worry about. Even people with minimal plumbing experience can install this one easily.

Another benefit is that the spray can be directed from the front if reaching around to the back is difficult. It is always best for women to spray from the front to reduce the chance of UTIs.

Easy Controls

TUSHY Basic 2.0 Bidet Toilet Seat Attachment | Modern Sleek Design. Fresh Clean Water Sprayer. (Non-Electric Self Cleaning Adjustable Nozzle), White/Silver KnobPin

5. TUSHY Basic 2.0 Bidet Toilet Seat Attachment

from $79.00
Key Features:

Easy Installation

Single Knob Control

(Nearly) Universal Fit

Adjustable Pressure and Angle


Easy to install on most toilets
Easy to change the angle and water pressure
The control knob is easy to grip


The text on the controls may be too small for older eyes.
Only washes from behind

If you’re unsure whether you’re ready to purchase a full bidet seat, consider purchasing a bidet attachment like the TUSHY Classic 2.0 Bidet Toilet Seat Attachment.

It functions with all regular toilets and the majority of skirted toilets. You can assemble the TUSHY under your current toilet seat in less than ten minutes.

It includes a single self-cleaning nozzle, and the water pressure is adjustable using a knob on the top and a switch on the side.

The one knob controls all functions of the bidet. It is large and easy for older hands to hold onto. The edges of the knob are textured, which helps make it easy to grip.

It doesn’t require batteries and uses no electricity, only a water connection. You should always clean the bidet at the back, not the front.

Best Bidets for Seniors with Dementia

Best for Dementia

Bio Bidet by Bemis SlimGlow Freshwater Spray Bidet Attachment For Toilet, White, Non Electric, Easy InstallPin

Bio Bidet SlimGlow Simple Bidet Toilet Attachment with Dual Nozzle

from $49.96
Key Features:

Ergonomic Grip Knob

Intuitive Controls

Night Light

Dual Nozzle


Ergonomic design that is easy to control
Soothing night light
Adjustable bidet attachment with simple knob operation
Dual nozzle for use by men and women


The plastic fabrication is susceptible to breaking.

The SlimGlow Simple Bidet Toilet Attachment comes with an easy-to-use ergonomic knob that is intuitive enough for those living with dementia to use.

It also has a dual nozzle design so that both men and women can use it. The simple turning of a knob control nozzle pressure.

For journeys to the bathroom in the middle of the night, the Slim Glow has a gentle slope that matches your natural position. While it is always best to turn on the light, it also contains a calming blue night light making things easier to see.

The two cleaning nozzles and the pressure control knob are all a senior needs to regulate cleaning. A plumber is unnecessary as the bidet’s installation is simple.

Everything about this one is simple – which is why it is one of the best for those with dementia.

Best Bidet for Raised Toilet Seat

Best with Raised Seat

Bemis 7YR85320H20 Assurance with Clean Shield Support Arms and Bidet Attachment, Round 3" Raised Toilet Seat, WhitePin

Bemis Clean Shield 3-inch Raised Toilet Seat with Personal Wash Bidet

as of 04/18/2024 2:58 pm
Key Features:

3″ Raised Toilet Seat w/Bidet

Seat Holds Up to 1000 pounds

Built-on Arms for Security

Easy to Install and Operate


Some of the installation tools are provided
Easy to install and clean
Easy and comfortable to use
Highly durable
Multiple spray options


It does not fit some types of elongated toilets.

The Bemis Clean Shield Support Arms and Bidet Attachment features a quality raised toilet seat and an easy-to-use bidet attachment. This product adds 3 inches to the toilet seat height making it easier to sit down on and rise from the toilet.

With its new groundbreaking bidet connection and support arms, the Clean Shield seat is itself one of the best raised toilet seats. Anyone with balance problems and weakness can use the seat’s built-on arms to feel more secure while sitting and standing.

Unlike other raised toilet seats or risers, the shield beneath the ring in a bidet will ensure everything remains in the bowl and is easy to clean. The ring is large and soft with no pressure points to ensure cleaning comfort.

The bidet controls are easy to use. Simply twist the large knob on the end of the arm to adjust the pressure. Installation is easy, too, with basic plumbing connections.

Best Bidet Toilet Seat for the Elderly

Best for Techy Seniors

SmartBidet SB-1000 Electric Bidet Seat for Elongated Toilets with Remote Control- Electronic Heated Toilet Seat with Warm Air Dryer and Temperature Controlled Wash Functions (White)Pin

SmartBidet SB-1000 Electric Bidet Seat

from $249.99
Key Features:

Multiple Spray Patterns

Warm Water Option

Heated Dryer

Easy DIY Installation


Multi-wash function
Adjustable water pressure and spray patterns
Heated seat and water
Warm air drier built into the seat


Controls are operated through a remote control that can be difficult to read

The SmartBidet SB-1000 Electric Bidet Seat is a combination seat and bidet that comes in one matched unit. This seat offers easy DIY installation and has features only found in some higher-end bidets.

Some of the more luxurious features include heated water, a heated seat, and a heated dryer. Sudden bursts of cold water in sensitive areas are rarely pleasant! The dryer eliminates the need for toilet paper even for drying after using the bidet.

The SmartBidet has multiple spray patterns and locations and is designed to work for both men and women. There is even a turbo wash setting for difficult-to-clean bowel movements.

One potential negative of this seat is that you need to use a remote control to operate the functions and features of this electronic bidet toilet seat. Unfortunately, the remote that comes with it has small buttons with tiny text.

This bidet seat is best if you don’t have vision problems, don’t care to replace your existing toilet seat, and want many high-end features.

Why Bidets Aren’t Popular in the US

While many people like to blame the French’s use of bidets in brothels in the 19th century for their lack of popularity in the United States, there are several reasons why bidets are not popular in the US.

  • Bidets are not as common in the US as they are in many other countries. They aren’t readily available at your local hardware store.
  • Bidets can be expensive to buy and install, and many people do not find them necessary.
  • There are also hygiene concerns – some people worry that using a bidet will spread bacteria around the bathroom.
  • Finally, many people do not think that bidet usage is comfortable or convenient. Some even think they are weird!

So, most people in the United States stick to good old TP – because it’s what they know.

Which Type is Best for Seniors and the Elderly?

Bidets have seen numerous modifications and advancements since their first creation in the 18th century.

Here are the different types of bidets to consider:

Types of bidetsPin
Main Types of Bidets


Self-standing bidets are the most typical bidets in European and Asian countries. They stand next to the toilet seat and resemble a large, lowered sink.

It features a stopper to prevent the water from running out and a tap for adding water. More advanced bidets have the option to spray water to aid with cleaning.

This type is best if you are constructing a new bathroom and can add one next to the toilet in your plans.

Handheld Sprayers

A handheld bidet resembles a kitchen sprayer that links to your toilet’s water supply. A bidet sprayer, bidet shower, or bidet is another name for this kind of bidet.

To use this type of bidet, you aim it where you want it and squeeze the trigger to activate the spray.

These are best for people who want a simple option to control themselves completely.

Built-in Toilet Seats

A built-in bidet is a type of bidet that features a water nozzle built onto a toilet seat. It installs as one unit onto existing toilets by replacing the current, standard toilet seat.

Bidet seats work by connecting to the existing plumbing and are controlled by buttons, knobs, or remote controls. Some bidets require electrical connections as well.

The toilet seat with a built-in bidet is a great option for people who want a combo option with more features like heated seats, heated water, dryers, and more.


The add-on bidet is ideal for those who wish to conserve space and avoid installing a completely new unit. It has a fixed or movable nozzle and fastens to the back of the toilet rim. You can use these with your existing toilet seat.

The bidet attachment can be the most economical option because it has the most straightforward installation. These add-on bidets are often easy to use, too, with simple knob and button controls.

These are best if you want a simple solution that can be used with your existing toilet and toilet seat.

guide bidets for seniors and elderlyPin
Important Features of a Bidet

A Few Great Reasons That Bidets Are Good for the Elderly

Any trip to the bathroom can quickly become a complex and distressing challenge for anyone who lacks the strength, flexibility, and balance necessary to do it securely.

Poor hygiene, urinary tract infections, or even falls could result from this. Bidets can make these trips an easier and safer experience when used properly.

Here are the top four reasons that using a bidet is good for the elderly.

1. Decreasing the Likelihood of Falling

Aging adults are susceptible to falling, which primarily causes significant injuries like fractured bones and head injuries. The most common place for these falls is the bathroom.

Twisting, bending, and stooping over to clean up after using a toilet can quickly get precarious.

But, with a bidet, they can clean themselves from the seated position without all these contortions. Bidets enable older adults to use their energy to sit and stand safely rather than expending it all in the clean-up process.

2. Improving Personal Hygiene

Personal hygiene is crucial, but it can be challenging to maintain it due to physical constraints. Often, they aren’t willing to discuss this with others due to fear and embarrassment.

As a result, they are more susceptible to viral or germ illness, especially when they fail to remove all traces of feces by wiping themselves off with toilet paper after using the restroom.

Failing to clean appropriately can also result in unpleasant odors from poor hygiene. This is where adding a bidet to your toilet can come in very handy!

In addition to being more convenient, using a bidet thoroughly cleans the entire perineal area, reducing the risk of infections and other issues associated with poor hygiene.

3. Better for Fragile Skin

Our skin thins and weakens as we age, making skin infections more likely to occur. Skin thinning also makes it more easily injured due to abrasions and tears.

The skin can be damaged and torn when a senior uses toilet paper to rub and wipe the vaginal and anal regions. Cleaning with bidets instead of paper, which doesn’t require rubbing or pressure, is the best option for minimizing this risk.

4. Using a Bidet for Incontinence

Bidets are easier for incontinent people to clean themselves – particularly if they are mobile. After the episode, they sit on the toilet and then use a bidet to clean themselves. This is much easier than getting into bed and using multiple wipes.

This process is easier on the caregiver too. The caregiver can help the senior over to the toilet and let them do the work themselves. No need to get into the shower or bath. Bidets are also a bit more dignified for those who value their privacy.

5. Using a Bidet for Arthritis

People who have arthritis in their hands, arms, and shoulders may find bidets less painful to use. Instead of bending their arms behind their backs to wipe themselves, they can remain seated and use the bidet.

Most of my recommended models above use simple controls that will be easy – and less painful – for seniors with arthritis to operate.

The best bidet for arthritis is one that has large, easy-to-press buttons rather than small dials and switches. My personal pick is the Bio Bidet SlimEdge Bidet Attachment because it is controlled with one large, easy-to-push button.

Are Bidets Better Than Toilet Paper?

Bidets are a more sanitary and hygienic option than toilet paper.

They provide a deeper clean because they use a stream of water to flush away bacteria and other particles. This reduces the risk of irritation, infection, and other medical issues caused by the rubbing motion of using toilet paper.

Additionally, bidets are better for the environment than toilet paper because no paper waste goes into landfills. Bidets are a much better option than toilet paper for personal hygiene, according to rectal surgeons, according to

What Are the Drawbacks?

The primary issue with using bidets is the possibility of disease and infection from bacteria and viruses in the nozzle.

A study of 292 bidet toilets was conducted in 2017 by a Japanese university hospital. More than 254 infections were discovered, including Staphylococcus aureus, Streptococcus spp., and Enterococcus spp.

While using a bidet with bacteria in the nozzle increases your risk of contracting an infection or virus, it does not guarantee it. Senior women can be more vulnerable when using bidets since the vagina is a healthy environment for lactobacillus bacteria to live in.

It’s also best to remember that these studies were conducted in facilities with shared bidets. So, of course, the risk of infection increases if multiple people use the bidet.

It’s less likely that using bidets at home and maintaining them properly according to the manufacturer’s directions will lead to these types of infections.

How Are Bidets Installed onto an Existing Toilet?

While there are several ways to do it, it’s simpler than you might imagine installing a bidet on an existing toilet seat. You will only need a few basic essential tools, very little plumbing knowledge, and just 30 minutes to complete.

A screwdriver, a bucket, a towel, an adjustable wrench, and a bidet toilet seat are all required for installation. Here are six simple instructions that show you how to do it.

  1. Turn off the water supply to the toilet.
  2. Remove the flexible hose that supplies water to the toilet from the tank’s base.
  3. Attach the T-valve to the tank’s base.
  4. Connect the T-lower valve to the hose that supplies water.
  5. Connect one end of the hose that supplies water to the bidet to the T-upper valve.
  6. Turn back on the water supply and check for leaks.

Note that some of the more feature-rich models may require an electric connection to operate those features. Some also require a connection to both hot and cold water connections.

Using Bidets Safely

Using a bidet is quite simple. Just turn on the spray nozzle to your preferred pressure setting or flush the built-in bidet. Here are more tips for using bidets :

  • Find out where the water jets are coming from to get prepared.
  • Wipe the bidet down with toilet paper before using the bidet spray for the first time.
  • You do not need soap to use a bidet. The simple water jet action from the nozzles is all you need.
  • Before activating the bidet jets, ensure that your undergarments, pants, and long-tailed shirts are out of the way.
  • You may need to keep some toilet paper near the toilet to dry yourself after using a bidet.
  • To prevent bacteria from entering a vulva, women should ensure the water flows from front to rear.

Bathroom Hygiene Alternatives

If you are used to using a bidet already or want to know what alternatives you have, here are a few options:

The Water Bottle Trick

A favorite of campers and hikers, you can use a plastic water bottle if you don’t have a bidet. Make a 1 cm hole under the bottle’s lid using a sharp metal object, such as a corkscrew.

You can use it as a temporary bidet by half-filling the bottle with water and squeezing it. This provides a jet of water for cleaning yourself.

Wet Wipes

Wet wipes are still a good option, even if they’re not the most environmentally friendly alternative. Use moist wipes that degrade in the environment whenever you can.

To ensure you always have some on hand, store a tiny box of wet wipes for travel in your backpack or pocket. Flushing wet wipes is not recommended (even if you have flushable ones) as they can block your toilet.


A handheld shower head can be used to clean yourself after toileting. You can either move the shower head over to the toilet or stand up in the shower. If the showerhead can reach the toilet, it’s much more convenient.

But, this method is likely to cause quite a mess. It is best to use this method only if the shower is your next step anyway.

Final Thoughts

I hope you now understand the tremendous benefits that bidets offer seniors and older adults. You should now feel a bit more confident in shopping for a bidet seat or attachment for someone you love.

Choose from my list of the best bidets for the elderly, or use it as inspiration for shopping on your own. Just remember to buy one that is easy to install with a simple control system that these folks will actually use.

Let me know in the comments below if you have any experience with bidets you’d be willing to share or which one you think is best!


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