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Best Color Depositing Shampoo for Gray Hair [And How To Evaluate the Best]

Best Color Depositing Shampoo for Gray Hair [And How To Evaluate the Best]

Is that brilliant, gleaming color you adore fading or turning brassy? What should you do? How about some color depositing shampoo for gray hair to add vibrancy and color to your tresses without spending time or money at the salon!
Best Color Depositing Shampoo For Gray Hair
Best Color Depositing Shampoo For Gray Hair
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Going to the salon every few weeks to have your greys tinted can be a real pain.

But one thing is certain: whether you get your hair colored at a salon or do it yourself at home, a new color job can help you feel more confident.

Many people are turning to color-depositing shampoos to delay – or eliminate – trips to the salon. If you think this is an option for you, here’s what you need to know:

6 Best Color Depositing Shampoo for Gray Hair

Based on my research, here are some of the top-recommended color depositing shampoos for gray hair.

Best for Silver & Gray Hair

Celeb Luxury Viral Colorwash, Professional Semi-Permanent Hair Color Depositing Shampoo, Extreme SilverPin

Celeb Luxury Intense Color Depositing Colorwash Shampoo

as of 06/20/2024 12:22 am

Available in 22 colors, including silver and diamond

Create a new color or maintain your existing one

Plant-based and sustainably sourced

This celeb luxury product can be used for multiple purposes – from cleansing to coloring to maintaining your color or refreshing your existing color. It’s a great way to get fresh color at home. And you have 22 colors to choose from.

If you have choose to embrace your gray and are wearing a full head of it, choose their silver or diamond colors to enhance your existing hair. Or, choose another color if you are looking for a change.

This color depositing shampoo is semi-permanent and safe for daily use. It hydrates with plant-based palm and coconut and conditions with plant-based sugars. The ingredients are plant-based and sustainably sourced.


Matrix So Silver Purple Shampoo | Neutralizes Yellow Tones | Color Depositing & Toning | For Color Treated, Blonde, Grey, and Platinum Hair | Packaging May Vary | 10.1 Fl Oz | VeganPin

MATRIX Total Results So Silver Color Depositing Purple Shampoo

from $20.00

Use with all hair types to neutralize yellow tones

Formulated for platinum and silver/gray hair

Use twice per week to maintain color

For platinum blonde to grey hair, this is the greatest option.

It’s regarded as one of the best color depositing shampoos for a variety of blonde-dyed hair, including platinum, frosty blonde, gray, and silver.

It thoroughly cleanses your hair while removing redness, brassy tones, and yellowness.

Your hair will be vivid and revitalized as a result of this treatment. The nicest aspect is that it’s reasonably priced and has a beautiful flowery mossy scent that isn’t overpowering. This shampoo, however, does contain sulfates.

However, this has an upside; the purple pigment is too powerful and lowers brassiness in your hair in just one wash. It’s also long-lasting, vivid, and has some conditioning properties, albeit minor ones.

Punky Redilicious 3-in-1 Color Depositing Shampoo & Conditioner with Shea Butter and Pro Vitamin B that helps Nourish and Strengthen Hair, 8.5 ozPin

Punky Colour 3-in-1 Color-Depositing Shampoo + Conditioner In Redilicious

as of 06/20/2024 12:22 am

For bold colors, including red, purple, yellow, and silver

Vibrant colors in one wash

Keratin amino acids, hydrolyzed quinoa, and Verbascum flower extract

This one is for boldly colored hair. Sure, most color depositing shampoos available conceal grays, reduce brassiness, and give you a natural-looking color. But what if you don’t want the hue to be natural?

This one is a must-have if you enjoy experimenting with different hair colors. There’s a Punky color shampoo for every hair color you wish to try: blonde, lilac, aqua, pink, red, name it!

Even better, the brand’s exclusive blend contains healthy components, including shea butter and pro-vitamin B5.

The best part is that this shampoo is completely safe for your hair. It’s free of sulfates and contains shea butter, which moisturizes the hair.

During application, allow up to five minutes for color renewal and up to ten minutes for optimum color deposit. However, keep in mind that the color fades quickly.

Remember to use this product sparingly, as a little amount of red can go a long way.

Fekkai Technician Color Shampoo - 8.5 oz - Extends Vibrancy of Color-Treated Hair - Salon Grade, EWG Compliant, Vegan & Cruelty FreePin

Fekkai Technician Color Shampoo

from $21.60

Pleasant tropical, peach scent

Proprietary formulation with Vitamin B5, special rice proteins, and edelweiss flowers

Ideal for most hues

This is the one to use if you have color-treated hair. It helps to protect hair from the inside out, ensuring that the quality of the hair remains excellent and the color remains vibrant.

Protect your favorite color with a salon-quality shampoo designed to help extend the life of your hair color. It’s ideal for all hair colors, including black, platinum, red, brown, blonde, and anything in between.

It includes a Sulfate-free technician color solution that reduces color fading by reducing friction between strands. It’s also infused with Mirabelle plum seed oil for long-lasting color and increased vibrancy.

Moreover, it contains additional plant-derived extracts and solar protection polymers that protect strands from UV rays, brassiness, and color loss.

As if that’s not enough, it’s also sulfate-free, gluten-free, phthalate-free, paraben-free, and silicone-free. As a result, it’s cruelty-free and vegan.

It can be used in conjunction with the technician conditioner to achieve the gentlest results. Finally, if you like your products to smell well, this one is a winner with its tropical peach and red fruit combo perfume!

All hues of brunettes, especially golden and honey-hued brunettes, should use Joico’s color-depositing shampoo. It enhances gold and honey-colored strands while preserving rich black tones. The “wonderful” aroma of this product is also very well-known.

The cleanser’s violet pigments act as semi-permanent hair colors, coating the hair strands in bright colors. This is great for removing yellow tones from bleached hair and replacing them with a clear silver tone. It also makes hair silky and healthy thanks to the paraben-free recipe.

According to some reviews, women and men with a couple of straying white hairs can also use this shampoo. In just one or two washes, you can turn those grey locks into a lovely shade of brown. It does contain sulfates but has a long-lasting effect.

What Is Color-Depositing Shampoo?

Color-depositing shampoo is a type of shampoo that contains pure pigment that briefly increases hair color.

It can make minor adjustments to your hair, such as reducing undesirable greys, or major adjustments, such as turning blonde hair bright pink.

Note that color-depositing shampoo will not lighten your hair. Instead, the pigment is added to your hair to make subtle color changes and make it appear brighter.

In essence, such shampoos are supposed to get you through until your next color session so you can retain the vibrancy or tone of your hair color.

Features to Look Out for When Choosing the Best Color Depositing Shampoo for Gray Hair

Here are the important features and options you should know about when shopping for color depositing shampoos.


Does the shampoo have long-lasting effects? Color depositing shampoos are easy to wash off. So look for shampoos that show effects for a long time.


The pigment’s vitality – When it comes to tone shampoos, see how well they neutralize brassiness on grey hair. Simply look at how brilliant your hair looks after applying additional pigments.


The best color depositing shampoo for gray hair keeps your hair soft and smooth by moisturizing it.


Sulfates, such as SLES and SLS, are damaging to your hair. Gray hair, by its very nature, is prone to damage as it ages. Sulfates can also take the color from gray hair that has been colored. As a result, these ingredients should be avoided.

UV Filters

UV filters will protect the color of your gray hair from fading if you have colored gray hair. They protect your hair from further sun damage if you have naturally grey hair.

As such, choose shampoos with UV filters, your hair needs SPF too!

Purple/Violet Pigment

Violet pigment is maybe the most important component in a color depositing shampoo for gray hair. These pigments make gray hair brighter and more lively by removing brassy or yellow overtones.

Your Hair Tone

You should match the color of your hair to the best color depositing shampoo for gray hair when making a choice. Here is a quick guide:

Blonde, grey, or silver hair – A purple shampoo is your best bet if your hair is naturally pale blonde or if you want to get the golden, brassy tones out of colored grey/silver strands.

Black hair – For really dark or ethnic hair, a color depositing shampoo that turns grey hair black is the best option.

Brunette, chestnut, or honey blonde hair -A blue shampoo is great for hiding greys in deeper hair tones.

Red, strawberry blonde, or ginger – For Caucasian hair that is red, a red shampoo is the finest option.

Bottom Line: Best Color Depositing Shampoo for Gray Hair for Both Men and Women

After reading reviews and looking at ingredient lists, the best shampoo will differ from person to person because everyone’s hair has different needs. With any of these products, however, you are a winner.

Remember to assess the factors to consider before making your decision. Parabens, gluten, sulfates, and harsh chemicals should all be avoided.

Also, shea butter, natural oils, and other healthful ingredients are recommended. Boost your confidence today!

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