7 Best Vitamins For Gray Hair [Slow the Progression]

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There are several remedies for gray hair, depending on what is causing your hair to gray. Bleaching or using dye for gray hair causes further damage. Opt for alternatives like eating a well-balanced meal and taking vitamins that contain ingredients proven to slow or reduce graying.

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Best Vitamins For Gray Hair

Is it possible to prevent your hair from graying without dye? Are there other methods of retaining your hair’s natural color? These are some of the questions that may be running through your mind after noticing your hair is graying.

As you age, your hair color will inevitably change, but this process may begin prematurely for some individuals. Deficiencies in Vitamin E, Vitamin D, biotin, Vitamin B-6, and B-12 can cause premature graying. According to Medical News Today, turning to natural remedies, addressing deficiencies, and eating more antioxidants can reverse graying hair. However, these solutions are only viable for people whose gray hair is not the result of aging or genetics.

In 2015, the research journal Development reported different deficiency studies in copper, Vitamin B-12, and Vitamin D-3 and their connection to gray hair. The report found that nutritional deficiencies affect pigmentation and suggest that with vitamin supplementation, color can return.

So, have a chat with your doctor and then read on for more information on some of the best vitamins for gray hair.

Top 7 Vitamins For Fighting Graying Hair

There are several vitamin supplements for graying hair you can select from, so finding one that works for you may be overwhelming. It will be best to read the reviews and the ingredient list to confirm the vitamin contains no allergens that may affect you. Here are a couple of vitamins for graying hair in no particular order.

Anti Gray Hair 7050

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Has the essential B vitamins, herbs, and minerals
Promotes strong and healthy hair
Reduces gray hair
Takes a long while to start working
Where to Buy:

The Anti Gray hair 7050 contains 60 capsules in each bottle to fight gray hair and restore your natural hair color. It is relatively affordable and is plant-based with no flavoring. This supplement has the enzyme catalase and works to reactivate almost dead and dominant cells throughout your body to restore your graying hair to its former hair color.

This product is a relief for anyone dealing with prematurely graying hair as it allows you to defy premature hair graying. The ingredients used to manufacture this hair supplement include Vitamin B-5, Vitamin B-6, PABA, biotin, and catalase.

Aside from restoring your graying hair to its original color, Anti Gray supplements also provide you with hair follicles with essential nutrients. These include amino acids, capsicum, and essential minerals preventing nutrient-deficient follicles, the primary cause of poor hair quantity and quality.


Best Naturals Anti-Gray Hair Solution

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Contains horsetail, which is an excellent diuretic
Has saw palmetto, which can stop the loss of hair
It slows down the graying process
It may take longer to show results in some individuals
Where to Buy:

Anti Gray hair solution is best suited for individuals who do not want to dye their hair constantly. This natural supplement allows you to delay graying while preserving the remaining bit of your hair color. It contains stinging nettle, which has various nutrients supporting hair color and providing good health, and Vitamin B-5, which maintains the color and health of your hair.

This supplement also contains Vitamin B-6 and PABA, which stop the graying. You are guaranteed premium quality when you purchase these hair vitamin supplements.

Heyhair Gray Escape Growth Supplement

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Prevents hair loss and thinning
Supports hair growth
Restores graying hair to its original color
Not suitable for individuals with barley grass or gluten allergies
Where to Buy:

Gray Escape is an anti-graying hair supplement containing biotin, Vitamin B-5, Vitamin B-6, Fo-Ti root powder, L-Tyrosine, catalase, and saw palmetto. These and other unique ingredients work together to support your hair health, prevent graying, and restore gray hair to its original color.

This anti-graying hair vitamin promises to be the perfect gray hair supplement that works.

Dr Vitamin Solutions Gray Hair Rescind

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Restores hair color from the root
Promotes healthy hair growth
Prevents graying
Not for individuals with biotin allergy
Where to Buy:

This anti-graying hair supplement comeswith vital nutrients like biotin, Vitamin B-6, Vitamin B-5, horsetail, PABA, saw palmetto, and catalase, which reverses graying at the root. All these nutrients work in synergy promoting healthier and thicker hair while restoring your natural hair color.

Gray Hair Rescind can make your gray hair look several years younger and stop it from graying. This product does not use any genetically modified organisms. You no longer have to worry about your graying hair as these vitamin supplements restore your hair to its natural color from the root up.

Reminex 60 Anti-Gray Hair Vitamin

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Extensive testing is performed on each batch
Improves metabolism and restores your natural hair color
Promotes healthy hair regrowth
Some individuals may not see results
Where to Buy:

The Reminex 60 is an anti-gray hair vitamin that promises to restore your hair to its natural color. It also promotes hair growth and enhances thickness. Reminex 60 supplements are enriched with Sho-Wu beta carotene, horsetail extract, saw palmetto, biotin, catalase, Vitamin B-6, and other minerals that will bring back your hair’s shine and vitality.

Aside from restoring your graying hair, this supplement also improves your metabolism. Your hair will grow thick and full since these supplements contain biotin, promoting healthy regrowth.

Reminex 60 offers proven quality as every batch is tested to ensure active ingredients and concentration are available within specifications and up to USP standards.

GrayFade Anti-Gray Hair Complex

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Promotes thicker and healthier hair growth
Contains Vitamin B-6, which can restore natural hair color
Great for both men and women
It takes time to see results
Where to Buy:

GrayFade Anti-Gray Hair Complex is a hair supplement manufactured by Compassion Vitamins for all genders to restore natural hair color. These vitamin supplements are made from ingredients like VitaminB-6, biotin, PABA, and L-Tyrosine, which all ensure you keep your natural hair color as long as possible. Aside from getting rid of gray hair, these supplements also support hair thickness.

GrayFade focuses on the root of your hair to ensure that you grow thicker hair. It has no harmful chemicals like most dyes but is made from quality and natural ingredients that work with the organic processes in your body.

These supplements are convenient to use as you only need to take two per day. They are a long-term solution to your graying hair as they resolve the problem starting from the root. It is worth noting that the graying fades off gradually.

Best Naturals Anti Gray Hair Formula

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It is a third-party lab tested
Restore gray hair to its former color.
Fairly affordable
Does not have enough catalase
Where to Buy:

Best Naturals Anti Gray Hair formula contains the enzyme catalase and reactivates your dormant body cells to restore your gray hair to its regular color. According to two European researchers whose findings were published in the FASEB journal, having a low level of the enzyme catalase in your body can cause your hair to turn gray.

This product also contains saw palmetto and horsetail and offers your hair maximum strength. It also contains vitamin B-6, which can restore graying hair to its original color, and PABA, which belongs to the complex B-Vitamins.

So, Does Taking Vitamins for Gray Hair Do the Trick?

Well, the answer may vary from individual to individual. Generally, some individuals may see results faster than others. But the fact remains that vitamins can prevent graying and restore hair to its natural color. So go ahead and try fighting graying hair with vitamins, but do so only after talking to a doctor and thoroughly researching vitamins for gray hair.

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