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15 Tips To Keep Your Hair In Place While Sleeping

15 Tips To Keep Your Hair In Place While Sleeping

One key step to keeping your hair in place while sleeping is to prepare your head and hair for a night of rolling and rubbing against bedding. These tips will have your hair all set and ready for the battle.
Keep Your Hair In Place While Sleeping
Keep Your Hair In Place While Sleeping
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Imagine going to bed with that excellently done blow dry and waking up with your hair looking like you have been dragged through a cornfield all night.

At one point or another, everyone has suffered from a bad hair day. The truth is, if we do not take care of our hair at night, we end up with bad hair days.

Ways to Keep Your Hair in Good Shape While Sleeping

So how do you take care of your hair before sleeping? Do you have a nighttime hair care regime? It is important to note that at night while you catch your beauty sleep is when your hair restores itself. Below are tips and points to note on how to catch your sweet sleep without ruining your hair.

1. Ensure your hair is dry before bed

Sleeping on wet hair makes it prone to breaking because your hair is weak when wet. Although it may be time-saving to wash your hair at night, it is very important to allow it to air dry after doing the wash and blow dry procedure.

It is also good to apply a heat protectant treatment to your hair ends during the blow dry to prevent damage from occurring to those hair ends.

2. Untangle your hair before bed

Brushing your hair to untangle it before you sleep makes it less susceptible to breakage, unlike when it’s messy and tangled. It is best to gently brush it with a paddle brush from the bottom to the top. You may also consider using a boar bristle brush which is highly acclaimed for spreading your scalp’s natural oils onto your hair.

3. Avoid tying up your hair before bed

You may think it’s harmless to have your hair in a bun at night but imagine the strain on your scalp when you have the same hairstyle for a few hours during the day.

It is better to have your hair down for the night or at least tie it back loosely, hanging at your neck’s nape. Instead of a high ponytail or bun, a soft fabric scrunchie would be better.

4. Use a fabric scrunchie

Scrunchies can barely cause your hair damage since they are not tight. Scrunchies are also a great way of tying your hair overnight if you are looking forward to a natural-looking voluminous hairstyle for the next day.

5. Avoid over-shampooing your hair

Over-shampooing your hair removes its natural oils, thus leading to hair breakage. It also means that you have your hair wet for a longer period of time, thus leaving it vulnerable. Investing in dry shampoo and using it at night is ideal for helping your hair absorb natural oils while you sleep comfortably.

6. Invest in a silk or satin scarf

A silk scarf is very ideal for keeping your hair in place and off your face. It is a better way to have your hair back than tying it using a rubber band. Additionally, the scarf does a great job of maintaining your curls. If you are not a fan of a scarf, you can try a silk or satin bonnet or turban too.

7. Sleep on a silk pillowcase

Although you may find them a little bit more expensive than cotton pillowcases, silk pillowcases are a perfect companion if you wish to wake up with your hair looking as glorious as it was the night before. Just like the silk and satin scarf, the fibers of the silk pillowcase ensure your hair ends are better protected from damage caused by pulling while you toss in bed.

8. Applying hair treatment overnight

This routine is usually very helpful in ensuring your hair, especially the ends, stays hydrated and conditioned. It works best when applied to dried hair and washed in the morning.

9. Do a daily scalp massage

It is crucial for you to mind the health of your scalp even as you endeavor to care for your hair. As a matter of fact, the health of your scalp is a huge determinant of how healthy and strong your hair is.

A three minutes scalp massage every day just before bed would be very ideal. This process does not require you to have a professional masseuse, though, because it is simple. You start by letting down your hair and gently massaging the hair roots like shampooing.

In addition, this process is a great way for you to stimulate blood circulation in your scalp.

10. Do not sleep with hair extensions on

Do not get too attached to your hair extensions because of how good they make you look and feel! You must remove them because they are known to cause excessive hair tangling. This damages your hair and your hair extensions, too, in the long run.

11. Baby powder or cornstarch around your hairline

If you are not a fan of washing your hair at night, a little baby powder or cornstarch applied to your hairline before going to bed will help absorb perspiration moisture from your scalp. Avoid using a hairspray that will not hold your hair in place all night: Its heaviness will damage your hair when used over time.

12. Braid your hair

You will love this hair care tip if you are a curl person! Braiding your hair overnight allows you to achieve curly hair once you undo the braids. The more you tighten your braids, the tighter your curls will appear. To achieve the curly look the next day, you can also use hair rollers to keep your hair in place.

13. Use a hair serum or hair mask that is safe for overnight use

While you consider this option, you have to bear in mind that the intention is not to have your hair wet but to seal in hair moisture. You should consider using a lightweight hair mask to avoid adding weight to your hair overnight.

It is advisable to note the components or ingredients that make up your hair serum or hair mask and avoid the ones with acidic components. Botanical ones like aloe vera would be more appropriate.

14. Leave a humidifier or fan on in your bedroom

Regulated hair moisture is very important. Too much heat in your bedroom strips your hair of its moisture. It is very crucial to keep a moving air current, and a fan does this best. Leaving a humidifier in ensures that your room has regulated moisture levels in the air.

15. Avoid metal hair clips

Whether your hair is short or long, you must avoid sleeping with metal hair clips. Not only can they hurt your scalp, but they can also damage your hair by causing breakage.

Wrapping Up

Although there is no perfect way how to keep your hair in place while sleeping, trying the above round-up of insider hair care tips one at a time will definitely land you on the method that suits you best.

However, you must consider several factors while choosing any of the above methods. For example, you may need to consider if your hair is already damaged by using other hair products.

Again, combining some of the above hair care tips would be harmless, for example, using a scrunchie and a silk pillow. It’s all up to you! If your hair causes you concern due to issues like breakage, it would be great to consult a hair care expert for professional advice on how to take care of it.

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