The Best Jobs for Seniors Over 60 (for Socialization, Health or Financial Reasons)


Many seniors find themselves wanting to work, or maybe needing to work, after retiring from their primary career. Here are some of the best jobs for seniors over 60 who need to fill the time... or their wallet!

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Retirement can seem like a dream. Especially after an entire lifetime filled with school, work, and caring for a family.

It offers you precious time to rest, pursue new or old hobbies, and spend time with your loved ones.

Many seniors enjoy the free time that retirement provides. But, it’s not for everyone. You might look for things to do to fill your day. You might even get bored!

Some baby boomers might genuinely enjoy work and feel most useful when employed. Or, you might still need to work to make ends meet. There are many reasons that seniors find both full time and part-time jobs a fulfilling part of life.

Benefits of Working in Your Senior Years

Having a job in your senior years can increase confidence. It also increases independence because you support your self financially.

Keeping a job makes it easier for healthy seniors to stay active. It also helps you resist the temptation to stay in a recliner all day watching TV. An active lifestyle, in turn, improves overall health and happiness.

The Best Jobs for Seniors Over 60

It is true that there are many jobs that might be considered unsuitable for seniors. Especially if those jobs require a high level of physical activity and fitness.

But, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t any jobs available for seniors over 60.

On the contrary, there is a wide range of full-time or part-time jobs you older workers can perform easily.

Read on to find out what are the best jobs for seniors over 60.

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Ask Around at Your Old Job

If you worked a job for a long time before retiring, you might be able to go back to it. Even on a limited or reduced basis.

You could also ask about a part-time position. Or, you might find jobs within the same company.

It’s always good advice to consider how much work you can manage. Compare that with the skills that you used in your job before.

Keeping these things in mind, ask your boss or superior and discuss what options you have. It’s a great idea to have this conversation before you actually retire too!

This is one of the easiest ways to keep working after the age of 60. Because you work at a familiar place with familiar people in a familiar role, your job satisfaction will be higher.

Assuming you liked working there in the first place, that is!

senior woman working in bed with a laptop

Work from Home in Your PJ’s as a Freelancer

Over time, freelancing has become a more popular employment option.

There are tons of websites that allow you to promote your skills and resume. Some examples are,, and These sites help you find new clients and projects to work on.

Many job skills easily translate to a freelancing career – from typing to web development. You also an extremely flexible schedule because you choose which projects to take on. And, you set your own schedule. 

Freelancing is one of the best jobs for seniors with limited mobility. Many of these jobs can be done at home. Most are computer oriented so if you can sit at a desk, you can make these jobs work.

It’s also a great option if you live far from other workplaces. Because you just need a computer and internet connection, you can always find new jobs.

Are you are uncertain about what skills you can offer as a freelancer? Forbes published a list of some of the more popular options. Go through the list and see what sounds familiar to you. Then, take action and get started. 

senior man and woman taking a tour with a tour guide

Show People Around Your Town as A Tour Guide!

Do you live in a city or town with touristic landmarks? If so, then becoming a tour guide can be a great option for older workers.

Being a tour guide will give you social interaction while performing a flexible job that doesn’t require strenuous physical activity. If you love history and culture, you will enjoy this job even more.

A job like this will give you the opportunity to have a positive impact on the way other people see your town. An enthusiastic tour guide makes it easier for visitors to fall in love with your city!

By memorizing facts about landmarks and history, you will also give your brain a workout. Learning these new facts and sharing them with your customers will help keep your cognitive skills in great shape. 

In many cases, tour guides have to walk around for some time while running the tour. This provides light but beneficial physical activity. However, if you have mobility problems, you might still be able to become a tour guide! Depending on your location, there might be bus, boat, or even Segway tours where you could find employment.

senior man over 60 working his job at the library

Use Your Love for Books as a Library Assistant

This might be the perfect part time job for you if you love books and literature. And if you like to shush people.

A library assistant is in charge of keeping the library in order. These duties include organizing books and helping patrons find the book they need.

As a library assistant, you will not need to perform heavy physical tasks. You might even be able to work out a flexible schedule with your bosses. This job lets older workers socialize with all sorts of people while helping others through your work.

Becoming a library assistant can be one of the best jobs for seniors who love to read. Being surrounded by books can encourage you to pick one up during your free time and learn something new.

Thanks to your lifetime of experience, you can also make specific book recommendations to others. This will give you a wonderful sense of independence and usefulness!

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Tell People How to Fix Their Problems as a Consultant

Did you come from a career in a technical field? If so, turn your old career into a new consulting job. Even if you can’t manage a heavy workload anymore, your years of experience can be invaluable to many employees. And someone might be willing to pay you for that knowledge.

In many cases, consultants find jobs according to their own schedule and decide which projects to take on. You will also have the freedom to set your own rate. Part time or full time is up to you!

Consulting is a great option for those who have lots of experience in a specific area and love what they do. It simply has the added benefit of working lighter hours and being able to rest more. But, you still put your knowledge to good use.

Discuss this option with your old employer or approach other companies that deal in the same field as you.

senior woman over 60 teaching a class as her job

Teach People What They Want to Learn as a Tutor

Becoming a tutor can be one of the best part-time jobs if you love teaching other people.

This job is a really great fit for former teachers. But anyone with ample knowledge on a subject can be a tutor. Engineers can be great math tutors, just like doctors or nurses can teach biology or chemistry. A history enthusiast can be a great tutor. Or you can simply help others learn English as a second language.

Tutoring allows you to set your own schedule and rates while socializing with other people. Teaching someone else has many cognitive benefits for you. Having to remember old knowledge and learn new things will keep your mind sharp.

Knowing that you are teaching someone also keeps you updated on the subject. You can tutor students of all ages from young school kids to college students. Your student might simply be someone who wants to learn something new.

Tutoring can definitely be one of the best jobs for retirees!

senior man helping a customer in a retail hardware store

Show Off Your Customer Service Skills as A Part Time Retail Associate

As a retail associate, you can work in part time most local stores handling the cash register, helping clients, and sometimes stocking shelves.

You will reap the benefits of working under established guidelines and alongside a team of co-workers. Many retail stores also accommodate lighter working schedules if that is what you need. Working in retail can provide older workers a simple and light job that can still be very fulfilling.

Many seniors it satisfying to work as part time retail associates since it allows them to help people find what they need. Many older workers enjoy the part time customer service aspect. Plus, there are many stores where you can work so you have lots of choice.

One drawback for a retail job is that you will probably be on your feet most of the day. This job might also require a lot of walking. Another negative is that you won’t be able to set your own schedule in retail. You might also have to work holidays.

It’s very likely that you can find a retail store near your home where you can work well into your retirement.

senior woman walking a dog as a job

Play with Puppies All Day as a Dog Walker

This can be a marvelous option for dog-lovers.

It’s a simple job that doesn’t require any specific skills. And, you get to set your own flexible schedule to fit your needs.

Everyone knows that walking has many benefits for your health and mood. It’s also pretty commonly known that being around pets decreases stress and even blood pressure. So, becoming a dog walker allows you to stay physically active while hanging out with neighborhood dogs.

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Start small by offering your services to family, friends, and neighbors. To improve your skills (and rates!), consider taking classes in pet obedience, CPR, and first aid.

You also need to make sure that you are fit enough to keep up with your new friends!

Summary and Conclusions

These are only some of the best part-time jobs for seniors. There are many other jobs that you can perform after turning 60.

Finding the perfect fit for you will depend on your particular skill set and physical condition.

Working as a senior has many health and mood benefits. Many seniors choose to keep working even if they don’t need the money. In fact, the number of older workers has steadily risen over the last decades.

As medical science progresses, elderly people are healthier and more independent than ever. So, it is only logical that many keep working into their 70’s, 80’s and beyond.

So, if you want to keep working after the age of 60, now you know that it is perfectly possible to do so! 

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