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The Ultimate Guide to the Best Wheelchair Gloves

The Ultimate Guide to the Best Wheelchair Gloves

Propelling yourself in a manual wheelchair all day can be brutal on your hands. You risk injuries to your fingers not to mention all the dirt and grime. So, here are the best wheelchair gloves to protect, comfort and warm your hands.
Best Wheelchair Gloves Featured Image
Best Wheelchair Gloves Featured Image
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Wheelchair gloves are designed to protect and shield the hands of wheelchair users. These helpful products can also help keep hands stable when operating a wheelchair.

Many gloves on the market are specifically made for propelling manual wheelchairs. There are other types as well that can reduce the risk of injury. For example, athletic gloves are a popular option.

But what are the best wheelchair gloves for wheelchair users? Here are my top picks!

Why Do Wheelchair Users Wear Gloves?

Manual wheelchair users often develop blisters and calluses when pushing their wheelchairs around. The right gloves can protect that. In addition, they can reduce the amount of pressure that’s placed on nerves and joints.

Using a wheelchair regularly can cause a great deal of damage to your hands. It’s crucial for people who use wheelchairs to find protective gloves that are suitable for their medical needs.

You wanted the best wheelchair, so you should use the best accessories, right?

Buying Guide

Before you can purchase wheelchair gloves, you’ll need to know what to look for! Here are a few factors you should consider when shopping for the perfect pair. 


Leather, lycra, neoprene, and spandex are all popular materials for wheelchair gloves. Materials like foam and cotton are also popular options.


Since wheelchair gloves are often worn for an extended period, it’s important to select ones made from softer materials that are comfortable to wear.

Materials that cause itching and irritation should be avoided. Leather and lycra are terrific options for comfort.


Wheelchair gloves should be made from durable materials that will protect hands. Products that include some sort of padding against the hand will give wearers more support. 


It’s important to be able to move your hands freely while propelling a wheelchair. Materials like spandex and lycra, which provide plenty of stretch, are a great choice. 

Durability and Maintenance 

You won’t want to replace your gloves anytime soon, so sturdy materials like leather are a smart choice. Machine-washable materials are also an excellent option.


If you wear gloves made from a material that isn’t breathable, your palms will sweat, which can be uncomfortable. Mesh or mesh-like materials like cotton work will let your hands breathe.

Padding and/or Gel Inserts 

Not all wheelchair gloves include extra padding, but it can be a wonderful way to cushion your palms. But you should also remember that pads can make gloves bulkier. Weigh the pros and cons when selecting your gloves.

Adjustment Closure Straps Options

You’ll want to make sure your gloves stay in place when they’re being worn. Closure straps are an excellent way to keep gloves secure. Velcro closure straps are a popular option, but straps can also be made from other materials.


It’s crucial to find gloves that fit properly. Find a product that is available in a range of sizes. Check to see if gloves run large or small before placing an order. 


  • Full Finger: These over the entire hand – fingers and all. They’re the best option if you want to protect fingers from calluses. 
  • Fingerless: Also known as cut-off or half gloves, these give you extra mobility and better control. 

Wheelchair Glove Reviews

Looking for the best wheelchair gloves? Here are my top recommended products to protect and comfort the hands of wheelchair users.

Arthritis Gloves- Half FingerPin

Copper Compression Copper-Infused Half-Finger Gloves


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*Discount Off Regular Price

Are you tired of dealing with hand pain when propelling your wheelchair?

Then, the Copper Compression fingerless compression gloves may be exactly what you need. These gloves contain a high concentration of copper ions in a breathable fabric.

The FDA recognizes copper as a known antimicrobial agent and the compression fabric aids with inflammation and swelling by providing a gentle squeeze that promotes better circulation.

That’s why athletes use them for recovery from sports-related injuries and overuse.

Additionally, these gloves are extremely comfortable and provide great support and stability.

The fact that they are fingerless gloves will help you to easily wear them as long as you need to since you’ll be able to feel, touch, and use your hands as usual.

These gloves are also extremely well made with smart stitching, reducing irritation and making them more comfortable and durable.

To aid your grip when pushing your chair, rubber grips in the palm make it easier to hold onto those metal handrims.

My Personal Experience with Copper Compression Gloves

The folks at Copper Compression provided me with a few gloves to try out myself. While I don’t have a lot of hand pain, my hands will fatigue and ache after too much typing of blog posts or garden work.

I wore the gloves most of the day (8 hours+) for several days to get a feel for them, and I, surprisingly, liked them. They are extremely well-made and much more comfortable to wear than you might think.

I also used them to propel myself in several of the wheelchairs we have at the office in my day job as a custom wheelchair specialist. They made the aluminum handrims of standard wheelchairs much easier to grip.

I noticed an even better grip when using the gloves on a wheelchair fit with rubber-coated handrims. And, a better grip means less energy is needed to propel, which means you won’t tire as quickly either.

You can check them out on the Copper Compression site if you’d like to learn more – be sure to use my discount GWG20 to save 20% off of the regular price.

LiquiCell Wheelchair Gloves - Full Finger MediumPin

Liquicell Wheelchair Full Finger Gloves

If you’re interested in Liquicell technology but prefer wearing full-finger gloves, you may need this option! They have all of the features of the gloves above but will keep your fingers fully covered. They also include a hook and look closure so wearers can get the perfect fit. 

Because the gloves are so lightweight, they can easily be worn throughout the day, even when the weather is hot. Many padded products are uncomfortable in warmer climates, but Liquidcell technology allows these gloves to provide extra padding without adding too much heat. 


  • Durable, comfortable, and highly breathable
  • Can keep your fingers and palms free of calluses
  • Easy to adjust for a better fit


  • Might not provide enough warmth in colder climates
  • Some reviewers report that the pinky finger of the glove is too long

Rebz Wheelchair Full Thumb Fingerless Gloves Ideal Choice for Active Lifestyle Wheelchair Gloves for Men Non Slip Grip to Boost Mobility Breathable Wheelchair Gloves for Intense Sports- RacingPin

Rebz Fingerless Wheelchair Gloves

as of 06/20/2024 12:22 am


Easy to put on and take off
Machine washable
Foam provides extra padding


Don’t provide additional warmth
Aren’t adjustable

These padded mesh gloves will protect your hands without making them sweaty. They’re made from leather, cotton, and foam, making them durable, comfortable, and breathable. 

They are available in black and tan colors, which means you can use a style that appeals the most to you. These small and simple gloves can protect palms from rubbing, blisters, and other injuries thanks to the lightweight foam padding.

Prime Sports Mesh Leather Padded Fingerless Weight Lifting Training Cycling Driving Wheelchair Gloves-054 (X-Small)Pin

Prime Sports Fingerless Wheelchair Gloves

as of 06/20/2024 12:22 am


Plenty of stretch
Palms offer great grip


Some users report tearing
The design doesn’t appeal to all users

Many of the gloves on this list were designed for other purposes, but these are specifically made for propels who use a wheelchair all day long. The palms are made from real leather, which makes them durable, comfortable, and easy to remove. 

They have a strong strap for great support on the wrist, so they won’t ride up when worn. The backs of the gloves are made from a moisture-wicking fabric that can keep your hands from getting overly sweaty. 

Care+Wear Unisex Mobility Gloves Black MD One SizePin

Care+Wear Mobility Gloves

These durable gloves are made from neoprene, rubber, and spandex. The thumb section includes microdots, which help to protect against calluses. They also include a zipper and velcro tabs at the wrists, so you can get the perfect fit. 

Since wheelchair gloves are often worn daily, they must be easy to keep clean. These are machine washable, which means you’ll be able to clean them as often as you like. They’re comfortable and breathable, protecting your hands all year. 


  • Excellent grip
  • Features night reflective technology
  • Zipper makes them a breeze to remove
  • Touchscreen conductive material for smart phone use


  • Zipper can rub against the skin if they are too tight
  • Tends to run a bit small

Kango Fitness Real Soft Leather Mesh Net Fingerless Driving Weight Training Cycling Wheelchair Gloves W-1037 (Medium) TANPin

Kango Fitness Fingerless Gloves

as of 06/20/2024 12:22 am


Made from highly durable weather
Plenty of padding
Lightweight and breathable
Attractive, fashion-forward design


Might be too lightweight for some people
Doesn’t offer extra grip

These gloves, made from 100% real leather, may look like a fashion statement. However, they’re also incredibly functional!

They are soft enough to wear all day long, and the breathable crocheted mesh around the back makes them perfect for people in warmer climates. 

Even though these gloves won’t make your hands sweat, they do provide plenty of padding. The double-padded palms can help to prevent rubbing and other injuries.

Although these gloves were designed with bikers in mind, they’re a great choice for people who use wheelchairs as well. 

RIMSports Workout Gloves for Men and Women - Breathable Weight Lifting Gloves for Gym, Exercise, Weightlifting, Cycling, Rowing, Training Leather Palm Padded Thumb Protected Against Calluses BlisterPin

RIMSports Gym Gloves


Available in a wide range of colors
Made from highly durable materials
Come with a customer satisfaction guarantee
Provide plenty of padding without being bulky


Some reviewers have issues with the velcro straps
The thumbs don’t have a lot of give

These gloves are made from premium materials, including lycra, leather, and spandex. This combination protects while still allowing wearers to move their hands freely.

They also have extra padding in the palms, so you can grip wheels comfortably. 

Because these gloves are machine washable, they’re easy to care for, even when worn daily. Since the gloves were made for weightlifters, your hands won’t get sweaty when you wear them, even if you keep them on all day!

Hatch FLG250 Shearstop Cycle Glove, Black, LargePin

Hatch Shearstop Cycle Glove


Cutting-edge design makes them stand out from other options on the market
Designed to fit hands of all sizes perfectly
Full-finger and half-finger options are available


May not be warm enough for colder climates
Grip wears down over time

These state-of-the-art gloves are made with LiquiCell technology, which means they are filled with a low-viscosity fluid.

Because of this cutting-edge design, they can significantly decrease the discomfort wheelchair users experience when their hands grip the wheels of their chairs throughout the day. 

The gloves are primarily made from Lycra, which provides wearers with a perfect fit. At the back of the thumbs, you’ll find terry cloth, which helps to reduce sweating. They also have grippy pads, so you can get the level of control they need. 

Anvil Fitness Size XX-Small - Black - Weight Lifting Gloves for Cross fit, WOD, Exercise & Fitness - Ultralite Perfect for Weightlifting, Bodybuilding and Power LiftingPin

Anvil Fitness Ultralite Weight Lifting Gloves

as of 06/20/2024 12:22 am


Made from durable materials and are designed to be long-lasting
Even though the gloves aren’t padded, they provide plenty of protection from calluses
The thin fabric is resistant to tearing
Breathable material keeps your palms from getting sweaty


Not suitable for people who prefer padding
Might be too lightweight for cold climates

These gloves may have been designed for weightlifters, but they’re a wonderful choice for wheelchair users too.

While many protective gloves feature pads, straps, and other features, these lightweight gloves keep it simple. They are made to protect your hands without adding extra bulk. 

Although these gloves may be simple, they do offer several appealing features. For example, they come with an integrated clip to carry them around throughout the day easily.

If you’d prefer a minimalist option, you may find that these are everything you want. 

Rebz Wheelchair Disability Mobility Full Finger Gloves Breathable and Non-Slip Material for Good Grip Lightweight Adjustable Strap for Men and Women (Medium)Pin

Rebz Wheelchair Gloves

as of 06/20/2024 12:22 am


Lightweight and comfortable to wear
Adjustable fit
Affordably priced
Provides plenty of extra protection


Some reviewers have complained about the durability of these gloves
They aren’t water-resistant

Wearing gloves doesn’t have to reduce the mobility of your hands! These gloves, made from nylon, cotton, and polyester, are designed to allow your hands to move freely.

The back is made from Wintex, which protects you from strong wind gusts. 

Along the fingers, you’ll find silicone gel grips that will give you the level of control you need. You’ll also find silicone along the thumbs, which can reduce your risk of injury when the wheels of your chair are in motion.

The cuffs are elasticated and feature a closure strap, allowing wearers to adjust the glove until they get the right fit. 

Summary and Final Recommendations

With such a wide range of wheelchair gloves on the market, you will surely find a product that will work for you. It’s important to consider what matters to you when choosing wheelchair gloves.

Are you looking for gloves that you can wear in the summer? Are full-finger or fingerless gloves a better choice for you?

While the best wheelchair gloves will vary based on your preferences, my top recommendation is the Liquicell Wheelchair Gloves.

They’re made from various quality materials, provide comfort, durability, and flexibility, and are even available in multiple colors. These athletic gloves deliver all of the qualities you need in wheelchair gloves at an affordable price.

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