The Best Heated Blankets For Wheelchair Users

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Winter can be a brutal season for people who use wheelchairs. Fortunately heated blankets like these keep wheelchair users warm all winter. The best ones are also cord-free and stay in place!

Best Heated Blankets For Wheelchair Users
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Wheelchair users find it difficult to brave winter weather without a high-quality heated blanket.

Portable heated blankets come in different styles, including corded and cordless blankets. But many wheelchair users don’t want to deal with tangled cords or oversized blankets.

If you are shopping for the best heated blankets for wheelchair users, keep reading this article to learn more about your options and to see my top picks.

Examples of the Best Heated Blankets for Wheelchair Users

Nekewe USB Heated Shawl Heated Blanket Plush Flannel Blanket with 3-Setting Heat Controller Cord for Car Office Home(100x65 cm)

USB Heated Shawl with 3-Setting Heat Controller Cord

as of 09/23/2023 5:44 am

Just plug this into any USB port and wrap it around your shoulders. It even has a button to keep it securely around your shoulders. It can also be laid in the lap to keep your lower half warm. Heats up in just minutes.

The Thermogear heated lap blanket /shawl is ideal for keeping your loved one warm and comfortable in the wheelchair during the cold winter months.

The soft fleece material is friendly to the skin of your senior. It provides warmth when your loved one is indoors or outdoors.

The product is specially designed with buttons that keep it in place so that your senior can wear it on his/her body to free their hands.

It has multiple heat temperature settings to adjust the temperature levels depending on the outside temperature. The built-in thermal protection module guarantees your loved one’s safety. Once the blanket overheats, it will automatically switch off until the heat returns to the standard temperature.

The blanket is powered by a 5V/1-2A USB outlet to be used indoors and outdoors.

Eddie Bauer | Portable Heated Electric Throw Blanket-Rechargeable Lithium Battery with USB Port-Water Resistant Weather Smart Fleece for Travel, Camping, and Outdoor Use, Green/Black

Eddie Bauer | Portable Heated Electric Throw Blanket

as of 09/23/2023 5:44 am

This cordless portable USB power heating blanket goes everywhere you need it to be. Great for activities such as camping, hiking, outdoor activities, or office. Plus, it is just the right size for a wheelchair. Hand washable for easy clean up too!

The Eddie Bauer heated blanket is made of a cozy polyester nylon blend to trap heat close to your senior’s body. You only need to tightly wrap up the blanket around the body of your loved one to keep him/her comfortable during the cold season. Plus, there are large pockets to keep the hands warm.

It’s a cordless, portable, USB power heating blanket that can be used indoors and outdoors. There are three temperature adjustments such as high (red), medium (blue), and low (green).

This heated blanket is hand-washable for easy cleaning. The product can be easily rolled up and folded compactly for storing purposes. There is even a carrying sack for easy transport and storage.

Cozee Battery Powered Heating Blanket with Surge Technology

Cozy Winters Cozee Battery Operated Heated Blanket


The Cozee blanket uses SURGE TECHNOLOGY to go from cold to Cozee in just a few minutes–no more preheating! The water and the weather-resistant surface of The Cozee are designed to outlast wind, snow, and even light rain! For ease of use, The Cozee has three convenient temperature settings: high, medium, and low.

The Cozee Battery Operated blanket is ideal for wheelchair users who are active and outdoors frequently.

The battery pack will last for more than 5 hours of continuous heat. It has 2 USB ports to easily charge your mobile devices whether you are indoors or outdoors.

The blanket has three temperature settings: High, Medium, and Low. It has a weather-proof exterior shell and is Mylar insulated for extra comfort.

There are hand pockets, too, for comfort and ease of use.

lomitech Electric Heated Warm Blanket, Cozy & Snuggy Electric Heated Shawl, Multi-Purpose Wearable Blanket with 5V2A USB Fast Heating Technology, Navy Blue (Battery Pack Not Included)

Ignik Outdoors Heated Blanket

as of 09/23/2023 5:44 am

Ignik’s Heated Sleep System is designed as a simple-to-use heat source that is also safe to use. Provides heated comfort at the ball game, increases your core temperature in winter conditions, or just keeps you a bit cozier.

No bulky wires like traditional heated blankets provide a lightweight, portable heat system that delivers maximum warmth and comfort.

The Ignik Outdoors blanket has a lightweight synthetic shell to bring cozy and reliable warmth wherever you are.

The rechargeable batteries guarantee continuous heat to keep your senior comfortable during winter. There are three heat adjustments to control the heat depending on the outside temperature.

The product includes a sack for easy carrying and storing too.

Stalwart 75-BP1010 Electric Blanket-Heated 12V Polar Fleece Travel Throw for Car, Truck & RV-for Cold Weather, Tailgating & Emergency Kits (Gray)

Stalwart Electric Car Blanket

as of 09/23/2023 5:44 am

This lightweight but very warm auto blanket has thin wires that keep you warm and comfortable without even knowing they are there. It also folds easily so it can be stored in a car trunk or close by in the backseat without being in the way.

Keep people who use wheelchairs warm while on the go this winter with the Stalwart Electric Car Blanket. This heated blanket is a great choice for keeping people warm and toasty while sitting in a car or van.

It comes with a 96-inch cord that can be plugged right into the cigarette lighter in the car. The lightweight blanket folds easily so that it can be stored without too much space.

The product is made of 100% polyester and is ideal for your loved one.

Electric Heated Blanket for Household, Flod-able Blanket Bed Throw, 12V2A DC Adapter Fast Heating Super Soft Micro Mink Blanket with 3 Heat Level & 3 Timer Setting, Dark Grey

Lomitech Heated Lap Blanket

This Super comfortable, warm blanket can be used folded or unfolded, so you can make it the perfect size for your wheelchair. Adjustable heat with low, medium, and high settings and a built-in LED controller. Auto-off setting improves safety and keeps you from getting overheated.

The Logitech is a super comfortable, warm blanket that can be used as a throw blanket and folded pillow.

Depending on the outside temperature, you can adjust the heat easily between high, medium, and low settings. The LED controller lets you set the auto-off time to 15/30/60 minutes as per your needs.

The product is made of super soft plush material with breathable fiber and has a USB power connector and an extended cord that make your user experience freer.

Types Of Portable Heated Blankets

If you want to keep yourself or another wheelchair user warm this winter, you should invest in a high-quality portable heated blanket.

Large blankets can pose a safety risk for paralyzed patients. so choosing the right size of blanket is important to guarantee your safety.

If you or a senior you love doesn’t want to deal with cords getting tangled, you can always opt for a battery-operated heated blanket. There is a wide range of heated blankets for wheelchair users to choose from too.

There are basically three types of portable electric blankets to choose from such as:

  • Fitted – A fitted blanket is easy to put on and take off and fits snugly to reduce the chance of the blanket getting entangled in your wheelchair wheels.
  • Non-Fitted – Non-fitted heated blankets are also known as tie-down blankets. These blankets have ties (usually velcro) to keep them in place so that the blanket doesn’t easily move or slip off.
  • Throw Blankets – A throw blanket is quite similar to a regular blanket. It sits over your lap or shoulders to keep you warm during the winter months.
man pushing his father in a wheelchair with a blanket on his lap
When shopping for a heated blanket for someone in a wheelchair, look for soft, cozy, rechargeable blankets for cord-free operation. Getting the right size is important too.

What To Look For When Buying Wheelchair Blankets?

With numerous wheelchair blanket products on the market today, choosing the right one isn’t easy. There are many things to consider when investing in a high-quality heated blanket for wheelchair users.

Here are some of the most important factors to look for when investing in a quality heated lap blanket for seniors:

1. Fleecy Soft But Durable Material

Blankets are made of numerous materials. Most electric blankets are made of synthetic materials, while some of these products have wool as an underlay for an extra comfort layer. Throw blankets also come in faux fur and fleece materials.

2. Big Enough to Cover But Not Too Big

The right blanket should be wide enough to cover the user but not too wide to pose a safety threat. A large blanket can get tangled between the wheels of the wheelchair and cause injuries to the user.

Today’s wheelchair blankets are made to fit various wheelchair brands and models. Opt for the right size depending on the make and model of the wheelchair.

3. Lightweight or Weighted?

The perfect weight is important when choosing the right blanket for your wheelchair-using senior. You can choose between a traditional blanket, a lightweight product, and a weighted blanket.

The extra weight of a weighted blanket may help relieve anxiety and joint pain and is ideal for seniors with such conditions.

4. Low Maintenance

Some blankets are easy to clean and maintain since they have removable controls. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions when cleaning such a blanket. If not, you can use a slightly damp cloth to clean the blanket while the heat is off. Don’t forget to leave it to dry after cleaning.

5. Quick Heating Time

Older blankets take time to heat. The latest models heat up in 5 to 10 minutes.

6. Hypoallergenic Materials

If your senior suffers from asthma or other allergic conditions, look for a hypoallergenic blanket.

7. Safety of Overheat Protection

Look for a product with overheating protection so that the heating automatically turns off when the blanket is hot enough to maintain a comfortable environment for your senior.

8. Durability

Wheelchair blankets take a lot of abuse: they are frequently used outside in bad weather. Choose a quality heated blanket that should last for at least six years with regular maintenance.

Can’t I Just Use an Electric Blanket With a Wheelchair?

Electric blankets are not ideal for use with wheelchairs. First, even the best electric blankets for seniors in wheelchairs must be plugged in continuously to generate heat. As soon as you unplug them, the heat dissipates.

Second, the cords will easily get tangled in the wheels, axles, and casters of the wheelchair. This could cause damage to the blanket, which usually has fine wires on the side. It could also cause the wheelchair to get bound and stop suddenly.

Finally, most electric blankets are too large for use in a wheelchair for the reasons above. Even electric throw blankets, smaller than bed blankets, are too large to use in wheelchairs safely.

Wrapping Up

Choosing a high-quality heated blanket for wheelchair users isn’t easy.

There aren’t many products on the market specifically used with wheelchairs. But many of these choices can be easily adapted for wheelchair users.

So, look for high-quality, safe, durable, and low-maintenance lap blankets when shopping for the best heated blankets for wheelchair users.

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