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Can You Use a Bidet with an Elevated Toilet Seat? (Probably!)

Can You Use a Bidet with an Elevated Toilet Seat? (Probably!)

Yes, you can use a bidet with an elevated or raised toilet seat. But, not just any model will work. Learn more about using these two helpful bathroom aids together.
Elevated Toilet Seat With Bidet
Elevated Toilet Seat With Bidet
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A bidet can be a hygienic and easy way for elderly people to clean themselves after using the restroom.

Due to safety concerns, some elderly people need a raised toilet seat to avoid falling or injury. Can a bidet be used with a raised toilet seat?

The answer to that question is “Yes!” You can see some examples on my list of the best bidets for the elderly. Or, keep learning more about how to use these two help products together.

What Are Elevated Toilets and Bidets?

An elevated toilet or raised toilet is a thick toilet seat mounted on top of a toilet bowl to position it higher than standard seats. They come in three heights: 2, 4, and 6 inches. They help seniors sit and get up from the toilet easily and safely.

On the other hand, a bidet is a bathroom fixture that gives a stream of water that rinses your bottom after using the toilet. This rinsing action is more sanitary than using toilet paper which is especially important for older adults.

They were originally used in France, but they are slowly gaining precedence in Europe, South America, and Asia – and even the US.

bidet with an elevated toilet seat usePin
Keep in mind that not all bidets can attach to raised toilets.

Can You Use a Bidet with an Elevated Toilet Seat?

Most bidets easily fit into standard toilets, but can they fit on raised toilets? Seniors who use elevated toilets may also have difficulties reaching back to wipe after using the bathroom.

It, therefore, warrants the question of bidet and elevated toilet compatibility.

Fortunately, the answer is yes, but not all bidets can attach to raised toilets.

Most bidets that are made to attach to standard toilets are not recommended for elevated ones, but the good news is that there are a good number of bidets that attach to elevated toilets.

My favorite is the Clean Shield Elevated Toilet Seat With Personal Wash Bidet (learn more about it here) made by Bemis. Bemis is widely known for their toilet seats – chances are you already have one in your home.

Attaching a Bidet to an Elevated Toilet

Things you’ll need: Bidet that’s compatible with your raised toilet seat, raised toilet seat kit, screw diver, and safety rails (if you need them), and this guide.

Step 1: Remove the Toilet Seat

First, check to see if your original toilet seat has removable bolts. If it does, unscrew them and take the toilet seat from the bowl.

Given that it will be challenging to clean the toilet after the riser is in place, you can also clean your toilet at this point.

Step 2: Install the Safety Rails if You’ll Need Them

The second step involves placing the safety rails in position. Put them in place but don’t screw them just yet. This step is only applicable to those using them.

Ensure your handrail arms are detachable as they could interfere with the water line when installing and mounting the bidet.

bidet with an elevated toilet seat placePin
Make sure that the elevated toilet seat is properly aligned when placed.

Step 3: Place the Elevated Toilet Seat in Position

Next comes the elevated toilet seat. Ensure that the holes at the back of the seat align appropriately with the safety rails and the toilets.

Step 4: Place Bidet System in Position

Before placing your bidet, ensure it’s assembled and hooked up to the water lines to ensure the line is long enough. Place the bidet on the elevated toilet seat, ensuring the holes align with the rails.

Step 5: Place Back the Toilet Seat

After everything is in place, install the toilet seat, then mount the bolts down to position. To do this, slide the bolt down till all items are aligned, then tighten them.

These bolts are larger and typically come with the raised toilet kit. Before leaving, double-check the stability of the toilet seat and safety rails to ensure they’re held securely in place.

Ready for an Easy Upgrade to Your Senior’s Bathroom

Many seniors experience problems using the restroom as they age for various reasons. Loss of mobility, frailty, and mediation effects are but a few. Both raised toilet seats and bidets have significant benefits for the elderly.

Furthermore, seniors and caregivers may find it difficult to broach this delicate and sensitive subject.

That’s where elevated toilets and bidets come in. High toilets help reduce the risk of slips and falls on and off the toilet. They also reduce the impact on joints, enhancing both support and comfort.

On the other hand, bidets are more comfortable for seniors with mobility issues. They’re also said to be cleaner, healthier, and reduce the risk of hemorrhoids. If you’re an environmental steward, they also minimize deforestation.

Would you like to enhance your senior’s bathroom experience? Perhaps save them from embarrassment? Bidets may be the way to go!


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