Gardening Stools and Tools for Seniors to Make Working in the Yard Fun Again!

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Gardening causes back, hip, and leg aches for people of all of ages. Here are the best gardening stools for seniors to make tending to a garden enjoyable again.

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Here are my Top Picks:

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Gardening is a great pastime for seniors. Tending to a garden with a wide variety of plants during warm months gives them great outdoor exposure, fresh air, and important nutrients from the sun. It also gives them a great sense of accomplishment when they can finally harvest their crops or see their flowers/plants grow. It’s a perfect hobby for people of any age, but especially for seniors who are looking for an outdoor hobby but don’t like to go far from home.

Does the senior in your life have a green thumb? Check out some of these awesome gardening stools you can get them to really enhance their gardening experience. Gardening stools provide a lot of support, and relieve a great deal of arthritic knee and back pain that can come with hunching over crops for hours.

Best Gardening Stool for Seniors

There are all kinds of gardening stools, from rollers to seats to foldable kneeler/chair combinations. Here is my overall best pick. Read on for more options to consider.

TomCare Upgraded Garden Kneeler Seat Widen Soft Kneeling Pad Garden Tools Stools Garden Bench with 2 Large Tool Pouches Outdoor Foldable Sturdy Gardening Tools for Gardeners, Green

This one is one of my favorite picks even though it has a similar design. It has an oversized contoured comfort seat, which also acts as an oversized, comfortable knee pad.

At the front of the model, there is a rocker function, similar to the rocking seat, to give your knees and hips some movement while keeping you stable and allowing you to easily reach far away plants or areas.

The handles on this kneeler/seat are also softly cushioned, which is important when getting up from your knees. This feature puts much less pressure on seniors’ wrists and hands. It comes in either green or blue to match your outdoor style as well!

Gardening Rollers

Pure Garden 75-MJ2011 20" Plastic Garden Storage Cart & Scooter

It may look a little childish, but the Suncast Garden Scooter is actually one of the the highest rated garden stool on Amazon and a best seller. It’s straightforward and easy to use, as a mobile 2 in 1 gardening seat and storage area. This gives you easy access to your tools while gardening, while giving you the comfort of a foam cushioned seat. Plus two cup holders!

The seat is removable and doubles as a garden kneeler for the times you need to work a little closer to the ground. The handy strap makes it easy to pull the cart behind you without having to carry it from spot to spot. There is plenty of storage for your tools in the inside bin.

The sturdy resin wheels are great for outdoor maneuvering even in wet dirt. And has a sturdy double wall construction, although it looks a bit flimsy. It’s perfect for seniors because of its versatility, all-in-one function, and great seat that would relieve pressure on knees, but still allow them to roll around to different parts of their garden without issue.

Pure Garden Garden Cart Rolling Scooter with Seat and Tool Tray for Weeding, Gardening, and Outdoor Lawn Care- for Adults and Kids

For a slightly more industrial rolling seat, check out Pure Garden’s rolling seat scooter. Instead of a storage case, it comes with a 12” by 16” tool tray to store your gardening tools and give you easy access to whatever you may need.

It’s heavier than the Sungarden scooter, and not necessarily as portable, but it still gives you great mobility with 3” wide, sturdy wheels and sits you higher off of the ground (13”). It’s also cheaper than the hopper, even though it’s slightly more sturdy.

Either rolling garden stool is great for seniors who want mobility and relief on their backs and knees.

Gardening Seats

Vertex Garden Rocker Original Comfort Seat with Height Adjustable Contoured Comfort Seat with Cushion -Made in USA - Model GB1221-S

This gardening seat is perfect for seniors for many reasons. It has a comfortable seat with a contoured cushion, and the contoured “U” design provides maximum back and hip support, as well as comfort. You can easily adjust the height of this seat to your unique desired height.

What makes this seat unique is its rocking function, which may initially seem unstable and not great for a senior, but it actually gives you a lot of mobility, and is better on hips and knees than a standard stool because it allows the muscles and joints to move around fairly often while working in the garden.

Finnhomy F08YGG9T7196 10 Piece All-in-One, White

This all in one tool is perfect for any senior who is just getting into gardening. It gives you literally everything and anything you’d need in a garden of any size, including a tote bag, 5 chrome steel tools, a pair of pruning shears, a pair of work gloves, and a foam kneeling pad. Best of all, it all fits inside a foldable, portable canvas stool with a heavy duty metal frame.

It has 1 large compartment underneath the stool to house all of your tools and easily access them, and also has side pockets to house them as well, if you’d rather. The versatility of this gardening stool is unmatched, and it’s great for seniors who want it all.

Gardening Kneeler/Chair Combinations

Ohuhu Garden Kneeler and Seat with 2 Bonus Tool Pouches

These two-in-one seat and kneelers are also perfect for seniors because they can work on their knees if they feel the need to, but can take a break, simply flip it upside down, and use it as a seated stool when they need to.

This particular combination product is great because it’s incredibly lightweight and easy to flip, but can easily hold 300lbs. It has a steel frame and rigid construction, and also comes with 3 tool pouches on each side for easy access to what you need while working.

Garden Tools with Ergonomic Handles

Radius Garden, NRGSET, NRGSET Ergonomic Garden Hand Tool Set , Original Green

Ergonomically designed garden tools are another great idea for seniors.  Mainly because they are easier to grip and hold. This is very helpful if you have arthritis or general weakness in your hands. But, they offer other benefits as well.

With the design of some of the handles on these tools, there is less strain on the wrist and arm. They’re also easier to use because they compensate for general weakness. This handy benefit reduces the strain on your entire body while performing difficult tasks.

This set of ergonomic garden tools reduces stress on hands and wrists. The cushioned curved handles also give extra leverage to keep hands from tiring quickly. It comes in several different colors plus 4 piece and 5 piece sets. Individual pieces are also available. Check it out here.

Summary and Final Thoughts

My pick for the best gardening stool for seniors would be the Vertex Garden Rocker Comfort Kneeling Bench. It has all the features you could ask for, short of an actual tool set. You should still review the choices above though, and see what would work for your unique gardening hobby and practices.

If you need mobility help getting to your garden, check out these rollators for outdoor use. These rollators have bigger wheels and are easier and safer to maneuver over uneven ground.

Gardening provides a great sense of the outdoors, peace of mind, and a great feeling of satisfaction when harvesting your vegetables or seeing your plants grow. This is one reason that gardening is a very popular hobby among seniors and the elderly.

You can even garden from your wheelchair!

If you or a senior you know is thinking about getting into gardening, try out some of the stools above and get to digging!

Do you have any more gardening tips for seniors in particular? Please share them with us! If you found this guide helpful, please share on your favorite social media!

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39 thoughts on “Gardening Stools and Tools for Seniors to Make Working in the Yard Fun Again!”

  1. My 67 year old father has been working in the garden like crazy and these would help considerably for his age.

  2. Great article! I was looking for something for my mom for Mother’s Day and this was really helpful! I’ll have to check them out! Thank you!

  3. This is a wonderful win for me! My knees are shot and can’t get up and down like I used too! I really miss gardening, this is an awesome suggestion!

  4. Wow! I wasn’t aware of the options for gardeners with physical limitations. These seats and other devices are great for getting seniors (like me!) and anyone who can’t get close to the earth, figuratively and literally, and who want and need to go gardening.
    My space is small and split into tiny sections, and these aids will make the job easier.

    • Excellent Barrie!That is my goal here – to bring awareness to products that make our lives easier as we get older. No one should have to stop doing activities they love just because of age. Especially gardening! Just a simple change like adding a stool or knee pad can make all the difference!

  5. I love that it is a two-in-one, seat and kneeler. My knees and back would definitely benefit from me using this.

  6. My hubby and I are both seniors, so the Finnhomy Folding Garden Stool Seat with the compartment underneath the stool to house all of our tools sounds perfect for us!

  7. I have a lot of work to do in the yard and these would help. I’ve been looking for something similar. I really miss being able to do all of these things with ease like I could in my younger days!

  8. I love these products! Such a great idea for seniors, or anyone with difficulties bending over, really. Thank you for sharing this! Happy Gardening 🙂

  9. Gardening tip would just be to take frequent stretch breaks (which would be easier to start from a gardening stool than otherwise).

  10. Thanks for the info. Amazing how age creeps up on you and looking for those little ways to make gardening easier is important.

  11. At age 80 I enjoy relatively good health but when it comes to gardening and having to get down a lot it has become more and more difficult therefore ,
    the use of a stool would be a blessing….

  12. I’m not a Senior, although some days I feel like one! But even I could really use one of these stools when gardening. My back gets really sore when bending over when I’m weeding or doing some deadheading.

  13. This is a great stool. I had one once and it was fantastic to quickly pick up and move to another gardening area.

  14. Products like these are so necessary. Gardening is so relaxing and having these sitting tools is a bonus.

  15. I love the Garden Rocker Kneeling Bench. My worst problem in my garden now is the fact that I can’t kneel down any more without some sort of help. This would be fantastic to own.

  16. I recently turned 66, but love gardening. This seat would be a great help and it looks very comfortable. And there’s a great variety of tools! Fingers crossed!

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  18. This is perfect for when my Mom comes over and helps in the yard I would also love using it as I’m not as flexible as I use to be.

  19. At 53, and having a bad knee in need of replacement I loved working in the garden but gave it up a few years ago as bending and stooping got too hard for me to do. I am glad that these stools exist so we can keep active and enjoy doing what we love at our own pace… which is much slower than when I was younger!


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