getting tested for hearing aids

Cheap(er) Hearing Aid Alternatives that Actually Work

Let me state the obvious. Hearing aids are expensive. Learning that Medicare and other insurers do not pay for hearing aids is frustrating. Why is age-related hearing loss not considered a medical condition? It is important for having an enjoyable … Read more

senior woman taking her medicine

The Best Automatic Pill Dispensers for Elderly and Seniors

The automatic pill dispensers help seniors take the right medicine at the right time. The best automatic pill dispensers are programmable, lock securely, have loud alarms when it is time to take the medicine, and notify you if a dosage was missed.

nurse assists an elderly woman with putting on lotion at home

Best Lotion for Elderly Skin

As we age, our skin care needs change over time as well. We may not need as harsh ingredients to deal with acne or scarring, and our priorities shift to wrinkle prevention or a way to treat sagging. This is … Read more

desert road in a mountain climate

Best Climates for Arthritis: Time to Start Packing?

You may not realize it, but the climate you’re currently living in could be seriously affecting, or even increasing, your painful arthritis symptoms. Moving to a milder climate could actually help ease your arthritis symptoms, along with medical treatment, of … Read more

senior woman with lower back pain

The Best Seat Cushion for Sciatica Pain Relief

The best seat cushion for sciatic pain distributes weight off of the tail bone to relieve pressure on the sciatic nerve. They do through U shaped foam cutouts, memory foam, and gel layers.