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How To Keep Gray Hair Healthy [9 Easy Tips]

If you have decided to embrace the graying process and wonder how to keep your gray hair healthy, you have come to the right place. Here’s how to identify the unique hair care needs of gray hair and what you need to do to keep your gray hair healthy.

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8 Simple Tips on How to Look Younger With Gray Hair

Aging gracefully is something that we all strive for, and while gray hair might be seen as a sign of aging, it doesn’t have to mean you look old. Here’s how to keep your youthful appearance – even with gray hair!

seniors in adjustable bed

The Best Adjustable Beds For Seniors: An In-Depth Guide

This guide will provide you with everything you need to know about adjustable beds for seniors, review the best adjustable beds for the elderly, and look at the different factors that may make one adjustable bed better or worse for older adults.

senior sleeping on side

The Best Mattresses for Seniors/Elderly Who Sleep On Their Sides

Side sleeping is a popular sleeping position for older adults so it’s important to choose a mattress that properly supports and comforts senior and elderly bodies. Here is important information on selecting a mattress for side sleepers plus a recommendations.

elderly sleep so much

Why Do Elderly People Sleep So Much? 8 Common Reasons

If you have been noticing that your elderly relative is turning into a confirmed sleepy head the following article can help you understand why that is and why it is so important for your aging loved one to balance their need for sleep with more frequent napping.  

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The Best Lighted Magnifier For Reading

As we all age, reading small print and intricate crafting tasks like jewelry-making, embroidery, and sewing becomes a challenge for older adults. That is where high-quality lighted magnifiers like these come in handy.

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The Best Reading Pillow For Seniors

Whether you want to read your favorite book or use your laptop before going to sleep, the bed is probably the most likely place where older adults prefer to sit back and relax. Reading pillows like these provide great support and comfort for seniors with neck, shoulder, or back pain when sitting in bed.