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Finally Stop Annoying Robocalls With The imp Call Blocker

Finally Stop Annoying Robocalls With The imp Call Blocker

The imp call blocker effectively halts nearly 100% of robocalls and scams targeting your landline using customizable allow/block lists and advanced call screening, providing seniors relief and caregivers peace of mind with its simple setup, intuitive app controls, and remote management access. imp empowers users to take back control of their phone line by blocking precisely the calls they want to avoid while continuing to receive the ones they want.
Imp Call Blocker
Imp Call Blocker
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Tired of constant robocalls interrupting your day and night? Concerned about you or your aging loved one falling victim to ruthless phone scams and harassment? You’re not alone.

Unwanted calls plague millions of Americans daily, leaving stress and frustration in their wake. But there is a solution – the imp TM Smart Call Blocker. 

Ironically, imp wasn’t created specifically for older adults. I had the opportunity to chat with Rory Hennessey, head of marketing for imp, and he shared:

“About two months in, we started receiving these “love letters” from caregivers. Completely unsolicited. They would email or call us and share how imp transformed their parent’s home in a way that was tangible.” 

imp – A Review for Older Adults & Caregivers


imp(tm) Smart Call Blocker

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  • Blocks nearly 100% of robocalls and scams from ringing through
  • Very simple 5-10 minute setup with no technician needed
  • Easy ongoing use for seniors with an intuitive mobile app
  • Allow and deny lists to customize exactly which calls come through
  • Works with any existing landline system and analog phones
  • Caregivers can access remotely to manage settings


  • Requires user or caregiver to have a smartphone
  • Must have a WiFi connection in the home
  • Monthly subscription fee of $10 after 1-month free trial
  • Might occasionally block a new legitimate caller by mistake
Use the imp to Stop Annoying Robocalls and Telemarketers!

For seniors and elderly individuals plagued by robocalls and telephone scams, the imp call blocker offers a powerful solution. imp stops nearly 100% of unwanted calls using advanced call screening technology and customizable allow/deny lists.

In testing imp myself, I found it has the ideal combination of effectiveness, ease of use, and flexibility to provide seniors and caregivers peace of mind.

Setup only takes 5-10 minutes with simple plug-and-play installation. The intuitive smartphone app enables basic call management and remote access.

Imp represents an excellent option for protecting the elderly from disruptive and deceitful calls while allowing wanted calls from loved ones and doctors. The only potential barriers for tech-averse seniors are needing a smartphone and WiFi.

Overall, imp delivers extremely effective call blocking tailored to seniors, with remote access features that give caregivers peace of mind. It empowers the elderly to take control over unwanted calls.

Stop Robocalls Completely with imp

I’m sure you feel bombarded by the constant robocalls, spam calls, and scam calls plaguing your phone daily. It’s an endless source of frustration.

Rory explained to me in our interview that their internal data shows that: “seniors, especially those with cognitive decline, receive more than 200 unwanted calls per week/1,000 calls per month. This is 3x as many unwanted calls as the average household.”

This staggering volume underscores the need for effective blocking.

But imp provides a nearly impenetrable barrier to halt the disruption. The proprietary Greenlist TM technology at the core of imp allows it to accurately identify and block nearly 100% of robocalls and telemarketers.

It cross-references your contacts, call history, and allow/block lists to make smart decisions about which calls should ring through and which should be stopped.

This advanced call screening happens in real-time to keep robocallers from ever disturbing your day. No more dinner interruptions or anxiety when your phone rings. Imp ensures that only calls you want to receive actually come through.

Specific features that enable imp to block robocalls:

  • Proprietary algorithm and regularly updated databases to identify robocallers
  • Allow/deny lists let you customize approved and blocked numbers
  • Urgent call override setting ensures priority calls connect
  • 100% call blocking guarantee for total protection

With imp guarding your phone line, you can rest assured nearly every robocall will meet a dead end before it has a chance to bother you. Next, let’s look at how surprisingly simple it is to set up and use imp.

imp Call Blocker maintain total controlPin
imp allows you to adapt and maintain total control over your call management preferences.

Experience Effortless Setup and Use

One of the biggest hesitations when considering a call blocking system is the concern that it will be difficult to set up and manage. However, imp breaks the mold with straightforward plug-and-play installation and an intuitive app for control.

Smooth Plug-and-Play Setup

Getting started with imp couldn’t be much easier. The step-by-step process is designed to be senior-friendly:

  • Download the imp app and create an account
  • Plug the imp device into your landline and power outlet
  • Connect the imp to WiFi and grant it access to your contacts
  • Follow in-app prompts to get your allow/block lists configured

Within about 5-10 minutes, you can have imp fully set up and ready to start blocking calls. No technician visit required. See my video above for the complete process.

And the included quick start guide provides guidance if you do get stuck. But chances are, you’ll find getting imp installed is as simple as setting up a new television.

Intuitive App for Ongoing Management

The imp app makes it simple to manage your allow and block lists, adjust settings, access voicemails, and monitor performance. Key features include:

  • Dashboard to monitor blocked calls and listen to voicemails
  • Allow/deny list management to customize approved numbers
  • Easy activation of “Do Not Disturb” when needed
  • Ability to set quiet hours for uninterrupted sleep

Whether you want to add your new doctor’s number to your allow list or block the pesky car warranty robocalls, just a few taps in the app can handle it. No need to memorize complicated instructions or menus.

And for those who want an extra level of support, imp offers onboarding and ongoing customer service to help you master the system. Convenience and ease of use are baked into the entire experience.

Maintain Total Control over Exceptions

One common concern with call-blocking systems is that they are too rigid and may accidentally block wanted calls from family or important contacts. Imp provides extensive customization to maintain total control over exceptions and nuances.

Allow and Block Lists

The allow and block lists at the heart of imp give you the unmatched ability to specify precisely which calls should be permitted or blocked.

  • Easily add family members, doctors, and other approved contacts to your allowed list so their calls always reach you
  • Block unwanted numbers like telemarketers to create a personalized blacklist
  • View call history within the app to help inform your lists
  • Automatically allow contacts from your phone to simplify list creation

With these robust tools, you can ensure vital calls always get through while restricting unwanted interruptions.

Urgent Call Override

Even with rigorous allow and block lists, there is still the potential for important calls from unfamiliar numbers to be blocked. Imp’s urgent call override prevents this issue.

By setting the urgent call threshold, any number that calls back twice within a short period will trigger imp to allow the call through.

This safety net ensures you don’t miss urgent calls from numbers not already in your contacts, providing an added layer of protection.

Ongoing Control and Updates

The ability to tweak and update imp’s settings through the app means you have ongoing control from anywhere. If a pesky new robocaller emerges, you can quickly block them. Or if your home healthcare aide gets a new number, you can instantly add them to your allowed list.

No matter how your needs change over time, imp allows you to adapt so you retain total control over your call management preferences.

imp Call Blocker empower caregiversPin
Caregivers can now have peace of mind knowing that imp ensures only wanted calls to come through.

Enjoy Seamless Compatibility

Unlike some call-blocking solutions, imp integrates seamlessly with your existing home phone system and devices. There’s no need to get a new phone number or replace your current equipment.

Works with Any Landline Service

Imp can be used with traditional copper landlines, VoIP systems like Vonage, and even cloud-based phone services. Mine is connected to my Magic Jack and works without any problems.

The setup process will be the same as plugging into the wall jack, regardless of your provider. Imp universally works by screening calls at this connection point.

So keep using the same reliable landline service you’ve had for years and add imp for robust call blocking.

Use Your Current Phones and Numbers

You also don’t need to change your phone units or numbers. Imp works inline between your wall jack and phones, so simply connect your existing phones to the imp device ports.

Continue using the same comfortable desk phones, cordless handsets, or wall jacks you already have. And rest assured, your numbers will all remain the same.

By integrating seamlessly with your current system, imp makes adding call-blocking protection simple and stress-free.

imp Call Blocker key considerationsPin
To enable remote app management, imp must be connected to a home WiFi network and paired with a smartphone.

Enjoy Affordable Peace of Mind

While your sanity and security are priceless, imp provides robust call-blocking protection at very reasonable costs.

Cost Effective Premium Call Blocking

At just $10 per month after the initial free first month, imp is one of the most affordable and effective premium call blockers available.

Unlike some competitors, there are no hidden fees or complex pricing tiers. Just one transparent monthly fee that covers:

  • Real-time call screening
  • Regular robocall database updates
  • Ongoing customer support
  • Full functionality of the system

For less than the cost of a few cups of coffee per month, you can take back control of your phone line.

Risk-Free Trial

You can try imp for an entire month completely free of charge. Test out the call-blocking effectiveness and ease of use with zero obligation.

If you don’t feel imp is providing sufficient protection after the first month, simply contact support to cancel the service.

But we think you’ll find imp an indispensable shield you won’t want to be without. The peace of mind is worth the modest monthly investment.

Empower Caregivers to Protect Loved Ones

As a caregiver, you understand how vulnerable seniors can be to disruptive and deceitful calls. Imp provides tools to help keep your loved ones safe.

Rory shared this real-life caregiver testimonial:

A daughter in California is a remote caregiver for her mother in Florida. Mom was scammed over the phone 3x before her daughter discovered imp. Daughter called to tell us she was grateful that since getting imp protecting her mom’s phone, no more scams can get through.

Features That Empower Caregivers

Rory explained that the system is designed to function like a shared home phone, providing useful benefits for caregivers.

First, imp ensures only wanted calls come through, affording caregivers peace of mind knowing seniors are protected from phone scams.

Second, the app’s remote access capabilities allow caregivers to monitor calls and messages from anywhere. As Rory explained, this visibility helps extend protection when caregivers can’t be local.

Finally, features like shared voicemail makes coordinating care easier for multiple caregivers. If the pharmacy calls about a prescription, any sibling can pick it up after being notified.

By filtering out disruptive calls, providing remote oversight, and facilitating coordination, imp empowers caregivers to protect seniors and deliver attentive care.

Remotely Monitor and Manage Calls

One of the most useful features for caregivers is the ability to remotely monitor call activity and manage allow/block lists.

With the imp app, you can observe calls your loved one receives and listen to voicemails, even when you are not local. 

You can seamlessly add trusted numbers like doctors to their approved list and block unsafe callers to provide extra protection from anywhere. No need to make trips to handle call management.

Screen Out Scams Targeting Seniors

Unfortunately, scammers frequently prey on the trusting nature of the elderly. Robocalls, in particular, can harass seniors and manipulate them into falling for schemes.

With imp, you can set up aggressive call screening to stop these scams dead in their tracks before they ever reach your loved one. Fraudsters won’t have the chance to sink their hooks in.

Customize Settings for Their Needs

Every senior has unique needs and capabilities when managing disruptive calls. Imp allows you to customize to fit their specific situation.

For a senior with minimal technical skills, you can handle allow/block lists yourself via the app. For a more tech-savvy senior, provide guidance to manage their own preferences.

Imp provides the flexibility to adapt the system to the abilities of your loved one so they can maintain independence while staying protected.

Key Considerations Before Purchasing

While imp provides effective call blocking for most users, there are some important factors to keep in mind.

New Contacts Get Blocked Initially

Until a new contact is added to the allow list, imp will block them on the first call. It’s up to the user or caregiver to monitor blocked calls and update the allowed list.

This means legitimate callers not already in your contacts will get blocked on the first attempt. Ongoing management of the allow list is needed.

Requires a Smartphone and WiFi

Imp must be connected to a home WiFi network and paired with a smartphone to enable remote app management. For tech-averse seniors, this could present challenges.

But, caregivers can use their smartphone with setup and ongoing use. But WiFi is necessary to utilize imp’s full functionality.

Monthly Subscription Fee

There is a recurring $10 monthly subscription fee after the initial free first month of service. Users will need to determine if the value justifies this regular cost.

For those receiving very frequent robocalls, this fee may be well worth the peace of mind. But infrequent callers may find it unnecessary.

Caller ID Required

Imp relies on caller ID data to identify and screen incoming calls. If your landline service does not include caller ID, imp will not be able to function fully.

Check that you have caller ID enabled before purchasing to leverage imp’s full capabilities.

Infographic: Strategies to Halt Robocalls for Seniors

Strategies to Halt Robocalls for Seniors infographicPin
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Finally, Peace and Quiet Thanks to imp

In conclusion, if you’re tired of having your days and nights interrupted by unwanted robocalls and telephone harassment, imp provides a powerful solution tailored for seniors and caregivers.

With advanced call-blocking effectiveness, remote management for peace of mind, and ease of use, imp gives you back control over your phone line. 

The ability to customize precisely which calls come through and which are blocked makes imp a robust ally in the fight against disruptive and deceptive calls.

For a relatively low monthly fee, imp can help restore the peaceful enjoyment of your telephone while empowering you and your loved ones. Reclaim your phone line and say goodbye to unwanted calls for good with imp.

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